diy idea: kellie’s fossil wall

i love hearing about people who’ve taken inspiration from catalogs and recreated the look in their own home. i got inspired by an anthroplogie catalog a few years back and today i’m happy to share this fun diy idea from kellie, who found her inspiration from a fossil catalog. faced with her ‘dreaded long hallway‘, kellie decided to take action. so at 7pm she grabbed an old gold paint pen she had lying around the house and decided to recreate the fossil pattern she loved with her own two hands. all it took was a paint pen, a footstool, and a lot of guts. i LOVE the way her walls turned out and think they’re great inspiration for anyone who needs a little push to try painting or drawing something by themselves on their walls. click here for more info from kellie on the project.

[stay tuned for lauren and derek’s diy project at 2pm!]



Oh, fabulous!!! I love paint pens and their crafty usefulness. That is just gorgeous! And the possibilities are endless!

We’re just moving into a new house and I’ve been looking for a glam treatment for the powder room – I think I found it! Well done!


What a brilliant idea! I love that she started at 7pm, and didn’t measure anything. Some of the best ideas are done spontaneously!


Cool design. Love the not-measuring. It makes it look like something FOUND.


what a great idea! i love to see what people can do with their imaginations and what they already have at home. these are always my FAVORITE projects.


this is great. how do people think this will look in a bedroom?


GORGEOUS!! I think the gold really works b/c so many of the cool new wallpapers have a metallic element. As someone who just had to hire a paper hanger and order my Cole & Son wallpaper from England, the leftover paint pen is THE WAY TO GO!

heather smith

I’m thrilled that you featured my dear friend Kellie! I adore what she did with her long hallway and knew that her idea belonged somewhere with heavy web traffic! Thanks for posting and sharing her brilliance with your blog audience!


excellent idea and execution! i’m going to be trying this sometime very soon for my bedroom walls, since i couldn’t decide on a paint color. gold will do!

karin Lidbeck

Ok,…. come on how many paint pen,100 pens at least…. and how many weeks ..


Wow! Guts is right. I don’t think I’m brave enough to attempt that and get it right. Kudos to Kellie. It looks really fantastic; she should be very proud!


stellar! i think people forget that it’s just a wall; try something fun if you want and just paint over it if you mess up. it’s not like tatooing your 2 year old.


That’s an amazing example of a little bit of inspiration. I tried something similar a few years ago, a dismal failure, but you never know until you try.


Loveeee these diy ideas! Can you do one on how to decorate a plain wooden door? Or how to decorate a wall that has wallpaper without ruining it? Keep it up guys :)


wow!!! That looks great…I was actually one of the designers on that Fossil catalog shoot!….It makes us feel special at the Fossil Team that people are being inspired from o ur catalogs!!!


An inspired solution born of desperation that turned out spectacularly!….really, how many pens, which ones, and are those walls already perfectly smooth?

And for Nicole’s question about wallpaper, I’ve seen line drawings in paint done very effectively over existing wallpaper with great results…might have to be a similar experience…desperation=great inspiration!


Awesome. Everyone is passing the link around the office here at Fossil. I love that someone was inspired by something I designed. Super fun!


PAINT PEN? Genius!!! This has inspired me to get started on my own project. Thanks for sharing!


That looks totally amazing! I’m inspired!