before & after: daniel and devon’s suitcase

this fun before & after project comes from daniel genser and his wife devon. daniel had a collection of small, vintage suitcases and decided to use one of them for an office project. in need of a push-pin board, daniel and devon attached one of their suitcases to the office wall, attached a rubber band (to hold file folders in) and it now serves double-duty as an office organizer and pin-board. so fun! click here for more images. [thanks, daniel and devon!]

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What a great idea! I’ve been on an old suitcase refurbishing kick lately, and I’m adding this to the inspiration files.


I would rather have just used the suitcase-it was cute!

Heather H

Wow! This looks so much better than my stack of papers on my desk or an regular filing cabinet.

Painted Pony

I LOVE THIS!!! how clever.. I would love to use an thinner briefcase though so it doesn’t come off of the wall into the room so much. I can see an aluminum case being used for a man’s office.


i just bought a suitcase like that at goodwill the other day for a few bucks. now i know what i’m gonna use it for! awesome-ness supreme.


Wow! I wouldn’t dare put holes in that gorgeous piece!

Joe in Indiana

This isn’t bad, but..

Now I’m utterly convinced that I could slap anything on my wall, and get the majority of people on DS to say it’s way cool!

Mark my words, I’m going to try it soon and see how many people I can suck in.