before & after: christie’s nursery

this first space is a beautiful nursery transformation completed by one of our sneak peek favorites, christie chase. christie redecorated this office/storage space to create a cool, modern baby nursery. i love the colors she chose (those pale green shelves on the dark blue wall are so sweet) and the curtains that act as the door- they’re so chic. click here for more images of the room- great work, christie!

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That is so cute! I love the bird paintings! Makes me want to have 1) a house that could have a nursery and 2) a kid. :)

Anne Bryant

Very cute but not your typical baby room syrupy cute. I like the rug and would love to know where it’s from. I also spy a couple of the Denyse Schmidt quilted cats—I’ve made a few of those myself! Good job! :)


Very nice! The roman shades are so cute. Can you share where they came from?


the rug is urban outfitters. i have the same one. the 60″ was on sale for 30 bucks i believe


Nice room for baby, love the colors! I like the choice of fabric. Paintings brighten the place up.


Color choices are smart, thoughtful & different. I like the organization too.
It would be a pleasure to be woken up every couple of hours to enter this wonderful nursery each time my hungry baby needed another feeding.


I love this room! The orange roman shade is perfect with the navy and white walls. Thanks for sharing!


I love this nursery! The colors are modern, but at the same time, are soothing and serene for a new, little one. Perfect!!

Christie Chase

Thank you all for the lovely comments about the nursery! You can read more about the projects I completed in there on my blog.

Yasmin, the crib wall is painted Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore, and the changing table and Elfa shelves are painted Paladium Blue by Benjamin Moore.

nh, I painted the artwork that is hanging above the crib myself. If you are interested, I do paint on commission.

Paf, I made the Roman shade for the window. Roman shades are fairly easy to make, and the fabric is Lotus by Amy Butler.


love the curtains as well. I checked out her blog. She says, “I made a curtain to partition off the grown-up room out of a Jonathan Adler duvet cover, and a Roman shade out of an Amy Butler print, to brighten up the color palette while functionally letting them control the light coming into the room. “


Ahhh I love it. I have totally gone off baby rooms that are all baby pink/ blue/ yellow.

This is so much more tasteful and sophisticated.


What a beautiful room! This would work both for a girl and a boy. May I ask where the bird paintings are from? They are just too cute! :)


lovely makeover! i just impulse purchased that urban rug after seeing it here :)


Oh, I like the navy! I always think primary colors for kid’s rooms, but the navy and yellow is a sweet look!


wow that room is so so lovely. however, i give it a week and a half before they opt for a real door. that fabric is incredible, but i’m guessing leaves a lot to be desired in terms of soundproofing.

Bethany Rose Hildenbrandi

The retro window shade is my fave!


Oh wow. Beautiful color choice and I love that it doesn’t scream, “This is a child’s room!” besides the whole crib and everything.


Beautiful! Once she/he becomes mobile (standing, reaching) the shelves may have to be rearranged (that arrangement makes me a bit nervous altogether). Lovely design, though!


I hope they don’t live in an earthquake zone- those shelves could be really dangerous so close to the crib!

(But the room is still amazing!)


I love it! And how cute are the sock monkey kitties!?! Did anyone notice those!?


you are so talented – it’s such an amazing room! i bet the new parents are excited to put it to good use – i know i would be!


I LOVE those curtains. . . beautiful yet simple fabric pattern. The combo is what makes it!


Being from California, I thought the same thing as Julie at first about the dangerous shelves over the crib.

But I love the combination of colors/fabrics, everything!

katie Stephenson

WOOOOOOWWW!! These are just fantastic. That color scheme for the nursery is divine, and the couch looks magnificent. Good work, Grace.


What paint did you use for th neutral wall? The whole room looks great!