before & after: ben’s dresser + devin’s room

i think it’s so sweet when parents make over furniture or rooms for their children. i grew up with parents that were cool with me wanting to repaint or redecorate my space and it really did a lot to make me feel at home. so i was happy to hear from parents ben and ian about projects they did for their children.

first up is ben, who remade his son’s dresser using paint and a little old-fashioned elbow grease. the hardware update combined with the folkart chalkboard paint makes for a fun and cheerful piece that would be great in any child’s room. great work, ben!

next up is ian, who just finished this room for 2 year-old daughter, devin. ian explained that, “the design on the wall actually came out of choosing too dark of a green the first time round and not realizing it was too dark until it was on the walls.” but after a little tinkering, they are thrilled with the results. there’s just something so sweet and so special about parents making things for their children with their own two-hands. thanks so much for sharing, ian.

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Heather H

I love this for a child’s room but I’d love it even more for my own! Is there any way Ian could give a step-by-step of how he created this design and made it perfectly symmetrical on each side??


That green mural is beautiful. Devin can pretend she is a pixie fairy!


I love that mural!! I want to know how to do that for my hallway!


I, like Heather H., would LOVE a guide to the creation of that wall mural! HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO?


I love this, I wish I had the patients to do something like this! Great job turning an “oops” into a “wow”!


I love this idea! Thinking of doing it in my girls’ room. Keep the before-and-after’s coming…they’re such an inspiration!


I am uber jealous of that green room. That must be an amazing room to grow up in.


in response to a comment above…

is the bed frame even pink? if so, it’s such a slight pink, far from “garish”! at least in my humble opinion…

this turned out to be a pretty brilliant mistake!


Wow! This is really cool! I love seeing what people come up with in these before and afters!


That dresser is AWESOME. I love the color choices, very nice! (these make me wish I were a little kid again and my parents had just a little more style!)

grace wieber

Like a Secret Garden. Your bedding with the Bird is right at home . The room is darling and sophisticated.


I LOVE that room, its soo nice, and it’s sophisticated enough so she’ll enjoy it through many stages in life I would have liked the dresser redo had he kept the original handles. They could have been painted blue and contrasting maroon just as easily. To me, the new ones feel generic and throw the scale of the piece off.


That is just spectacular. Please share with us how you did it.


beautiful room! i’m going to do two tone green in my kids’ room (boy and girl bedroom) and i’m about to pick the colors. would you mind sharing these color names? thanks!


I also would like to know how the walls were painted. Please tell us! I think we are all dying to know because we want to do the same in our house :)


Normally I’m not a big fan of the oversized painted graphics. but this one looks great. I love the symmetry and the colors. Great job.


wow. thank you for all the great comments. i’ve been offline for a few days, but i would be happy to write up how i did it. i’m a graphic designer and in order to ensure it was symmetrical i cheated and used a projector hooked up to my laptop, but there is a little bit of a trick to it.

Jody (Mitchell) Powell

Amazing! I love it! Ian your hired to do all my painting jobs! So if your ever in Ohio …. :)


Yes! Please, a how-to on creating beautiful designs on the wall like that! We are buying an old farmhouse with some wonderful funky angles upstairs and I’d love to do something like that in my daughter’s room. :)

paper olive

i love this! the transformation, the color…especially the color. green can sometimes be too much, but here’s it’s spectacular. and i adore the pattern. had to comment!


I love the colors and the did you do it? how did you do it so perfec?
i want that in my room tooooooooo..but i`m not so sure i can paint that perfect…