weeder’s digest: visual feast

sarah is up to her ears in flowers right now so she’s sent over some beautiful spring bouquets to keep our eyes occupied this week. stay tuned next week for regular weeder’s digest content- and a how-to video soon!



Gorgeous flowers. If you say they’re from your garden, I’ll throw myself onto the compost heap.


in a future column would love to hear how you got started in this business. took classes? apprenticed with a florist? just had a natural talent?

blue bicicletta

ooh, gorgeous–I wish I knew the names of the flowers so I could say something more intelligent, but I love the wide open blooms!


These flowers are sooo beautiful. And the arrangements. Just magical.


Someone has gardens that produce this many wonderful flowers this early in the spring?! Now I’m jealous! :)


Beautiful. Did we ever find out what paint color that is???


Just a quick note to say how much I’m LOVING the weeder’s digest posts–they’re some of my favorite! Each week I get a boost of creativity when I examine how the arrangements are made.


I must confess, I often save some of your flower photos for my desktop wallpaper using the “center” position with black as the frame. Fabulous!


That “fringy” flower in the second picture is so neat! I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I often use the photos as desktop wallpapers as well! :-)


SO beautiful. Sarah’s doing my 4th of July wedding and her posts make me so excited! I can’t wait to see what gorgeousness she createss!


Sarah, your posts are so wonderful and such an inspiration. I’ll miss your witty writing this week, but business must come first. Thanks for the lovely photos.


These are gorgeous! This year I am committed to planting a section of garden that’s hidden from the house to use as a cutting garden. And I’ve never tried bleeding hearts as a cut flower…must file away that idea. :)


i don’t know that i’ve ever noticed parrot tulips in white! they are DIVINE for a wedding bouquet with their fun texture! lovely.


alix: the paint color is based loosely off benjamin moore’s DIOR grey. we mixed a bunch of old paint together to get it (we’re cheap). I tell people this, and they think i am just hiding the color. but in fact it comes quite close to Dior, a color that my old boss in the art world swore by. DIOR man. i’m telling you.

Gloria / Mom / gg

WOW… Sarah These are great !!!!
You and your flowers are beautiful and I am so very proud of you ! Can’t wait to watch you bloom even more !!!


Oh my goodness, my sense of smell came alive just looking at these gorgeous arrangements. Note to self, must plant more Bleeding Hearts.


Very lovely! It’s the first time I see some “fringy” flowers, I thought they were fake ones (beautiful fake I mean); tulip you say, I’ll have to find some, they’re so elegant!
I admit to take your images as wallpaper, me too ;o)


I just HAVE TO KNOW…your pictures are always so beautiful. What camera model are you using to take such stunning photos?