weeder’s digest

wedding season is officially upon us and it seems I’m not 21 like I used to be. i’m in bed by 11 and up by 6. I’m building chuppas in my sleep.

in a desperate fog i take a yoga class and fall out a headstand. i eat cheese for dinner. in bed. then dream about making flowers for janet jackson’s wedding. leather roses. and she’s topless. whatev’s.

exhausted as i am, an undeniable beauty abounds in the bounty of the spring flower market…

searching for a topic to write about tonight, it strikes me to share with you some recent quince that i grabbed yesterday. quince rarely looks good…

usually i would not suggest or promise quince to an April bride. It’s late for quince, and by the last weeks of April dogwood and Cherry are usually out-shining Quince (a flowering branch that normally graces the market in late winter). But fate had it that some unusually gorgeous Quince found it’s way into my hands this week. Quince with flowers and leaves. Quince to make doves cry.

I grabbed this bale yesterday just as it was being unloaded off the truck. I cradled it all the way home to Brooklyn. I thought of our short future together. Laughing, making plans…and then, our wedding. But there was no wedding for this quince. (this week’s events happen in shades of red and purple.) a chilly wind blew through the workshop and i sat down alone with all this quince and considered a sudden shotgun wedding. for my dog.

but my dog seems uninterested, so instead i make a few selfish arrangements and lock up for the night. i share them with you here.



I LOVED this post. First off, the photos are gorgeous. You’re obviously very talented. Secondly, I love your writing style! Keep it up!


the quince is just beautiful! if I can find silk quince branches, I’ll have it all year long . . .


GORGEOUS arrangements – they have me so excited for summer to finally arrive!

and lol at your Janet Jackson dream..I think that’s one image i’d like to pass up.


I also love quince and cannot wait until the three in my garden bloom. I live in Michigan–so we’re just barely out of winter!

Soft Spoken

I love spring flowers and the combination of white and pink flowers. Sometimes I wish I could start my own flower shop just to be around the beautiful flowers all day. Maybe I will…


I couldn’t pronounce quince, let alone pick it out of a weed bed; there isn’t a green pinkie to my name. But I DELIGHT in reading this column. Bravo on sharing your passion for flowers with such entertaining, colorful wit!


the compositions, the photographs, the vases, the wall color, and the flowering quince – it’s all enough to make ME cry! just beautiful!


oh my goodness that pink and white arrangement is making me cry from the sweetness.
but janet jackson topless…why did you have to make me go there?


What a fun post and such beautiful photos! I want those arrangements in my house! Living in the southeast now, I do miss flowering quince!!


I never thought I’d look forward to an article about flowers, but the tone is just PERFECT. Thanks for making me laugh. (the flowers are gorgeous, too)


Oooo. I think the note card in the first image has my name on it! :) heh heh.


Just heavenly.. aren’t the colours of the quince so delicate and serene.

I adore your posts so much, maybe less cheese before bed to avoid those jackson wedding nightmares!!


I look forward to this column every week now, and feel (in the the least stalker-creepy-ish way possible) that you would be a fantastic friend if I met you in person.

Nope, that still sounds creepy. Sorry!

Anyway, thanks for the weekly witticisms and lovely images!


That quince is freakin’ fantastic!

The flowering branches were really lacking in our area this year. Your arrangements are so beautiful!


Once again beautiful photos of gorgeous flowers. Very soft and gentle colors. Peaceful to look at and so lovely.


i love ranunculus! we used those in our wedding, and they are just so beautiful and unusual.


hey – still dont see any pics on your beautiful blog – boo hoo!! something wrong?


Hey – am I the only one not seeing pics on this beautiful blog – looking at the comments it does seem so!


Oh! I needed that post today – funny & beautiful… and I would totally leave my husband for that quince.


Those are beautiful. I made headbands the other day with silk flowers that looked like those!!


The quince is lovely. But the wall color, the wall color! I’ve been itchin’ to know for week, what paint color is that? Me loves!


was gonna tell you i’m swooning but someone actually beat me to the word “swoon.” what are the odds? It must mean something…
ps. my cat’s farts really stink! (just fyi


Hahahaha hilarious!
just the edge i needed to read this arvo- witty and left of centre!!
i want my house full of flowers when i get home now too!

Emily Caswell

Simply loverly! Stunning photos…thank you for sharing your love of quince. I think we’re ALL believers! (Selfish? I think not!)

Olha Pryymak

ahh, so beautiful! I would love-love to paint some of these arrangements in watercolor and ink! how do normally people go about using your images for their own work?