under $100: wedding edition

well, tomorrow is the big day so i figured i’d make this friday’s under $100 about…well, anything i thought was cool. my brain is full of a million different things i need to get done so finding a theme just didn’t happen this week. but i did find a ton of cool pieces under $100 that would be perfect for a home in need of a little extra something. i hope you’ll enjoy the selection. next friday my head will officially be done thinking about wedding planning so i’ll be able to pull together a more cohesive theme.

[image above, clockwise from top left: emporium soap bar $18, coat rack $50, modern quill pen $28, rabbit in wonderland candlestick $42, retro pen set $6, driftwood boxes $90, steamer basket $45, chisel vase $30, gold sunburst mirror $70]

[image above, clockwise from top left: lucienne day tea towel $40, broccoli card holder $20, palace glass $22, feather pin $40, neon vinyl card holder $16]

[image above, clockwise from top left: rainbow bird tile (sorry, this just sold out!), patterned sphere lamp $99, distressed wooden oars $29+]

[image above, left to right: galvanized metal key cabinet (love this!) $49, woven decorative lights $99]


I love that rabbit candlestick. Congratulations Grace – enjoy your wonderful day !


Can’t wait to hear about the wedding! I’ll be dying for pics! Good luck and congratulations.

jackie hoving

These gifts are amazing! I think I will have to get the key cabinet and coat rack for myself! Thank you for the great ideas.


Congratulations. I originally clicked through to look at the coat rack closer, but then i noticed tomorrow is the big day. Should have posted this earlier and then made it part of your wedding registry.


Congrats to you and thank you for all the fabulous ideas!! I’m in love with that patterned sphere lamp!


Has anyone seen that sunburst mirror in person? I really want a sunburst mirror for my bedroom, but I’d like to know if it looks as fabulous in reality as it does in the photo.

And congrats on the big day!

Jenna Lang

I make flower girl dresses…and I try so hard to use quality fabrics and keep the price reasonable for brides. It is so nice to see the article with items shown for people on a budget. Good luck with the wedding!