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sneak peek: rinne allen

by anne

to round out our day of southern peeks by the fantastic ladies behind beauty everyday, we have photographer rinne allen. her 100 year old home was refurbished in the ’60s by the previous owner. rinne describes it as it having old bones, but a mid-century feeling due to its linear lines & windows & use of wood throughout, and natural materials that make it feel cozy and warm. add in rinne’s love of textiles, pieces with stories, pattern and color, and the house really comes to life. click HERE for the full post and more great spaces inside rinne’s home. [thanks, rinne!] anne

[above: the interior has a mix of patterns and colors, and most of the furniture is old, from family or found at flea markets, etc… most everything has a story or memory attached to it, which to me is important. it makes our house a home. i have a strong love of textiles, so there are many in use throughout the house. i do not have a favorite color, so you will see lots of them thrown together. and i love bringing the outside in, whether in flower arrangements or photographs or found objects. the view to your left as you walk in the front door. many patterns and a mix-match of found furniture fill the sitting room. there is hardly a new piece of furniture in the house- most of it is antique or from flea markets or thrift stores. the swedish bench on the left came from our friend’s shop, and the gold sofa was found by brother at goodwill in boston 15 years ago. a mix of art with a bird theme hangs on the far wall- some cyanotypes i made and audobon print of goldfinches. a ‘seed’ of karen gelardi‘s sits on the back on the sofa, as does an otomi textile that my sister lucy brought back for me. a brahms mount herringbone throw hangs over one of the armchairs- i have visited their studio in maine, they make beautiful things. now that we have a baby, we are trying to keep the toys under control, but a few are always out for easy playing.]

the other side of the sitting room shows the swedish bench in full, with hable pillows, and old englsih club chair some of my photos, a still life painting by good friend margie spalding , and two old engravings of egrets that my mom gave me years ago. i have a thing for garlands- i drape them here and there to add a little sparkle or color.

i found this bronze birds-in-flight sculpture at local spot, agora, years ago. it fits the house. and the peacock sitting on the ballroom chairs i by tamar mogendorff. a karen gelardi collage sits on a table my aunt, suzanne allen, designed. this room feels very light and airy because of its tall ceilings, but also because of the clerestory- it lets in a lot of light while giving some privacy. all of the ceilings throughout the house are pine board-and-batten which add to its warmth. the luan plywod walls are very 60’s, but are very liveable.

in my son’s room, the mix of colors and patterns continues. bolivian rugs from hable construction
add color to the floor and a soft landing for crawling knees. scandinavian fabric covers a found chair, and a goldenrod victorian rocker is a comfy place to sit and read. i found the vintage screenprinted burlap curtainsand carved wooden horse at flea markets.

this french blue chaise came from my aunt suzanne. we sit here and read every day. the pomegranate painting is by margie spalding . the primitive pine cupboard has cycled through my family for many years- we keep passing it back and forth. the lamp used to sit at my grandfather’s desk. the large windows overlook the garden and face east- we wake up with the sun every day.

the daybed in my son’s room has a mix of hable & john robshaw pillows. my mom collects old quilts- this aqua and red starburst is my favorite. bla bla makes great toys for kids, and i love this old map- my sister gave it to me. oh, and my friend wendy made our baby album that sits on the top shelf.

CLICK HERE for the rest of rinne’s sneak peek– and additional, full sized images– after the jump!

above the painted dresser hangs a print by hugo guiness, a photograph of mine, and a photograph by my college professor pradip malde. a gown i made for our baby hangs on the wall.

the view of our room from the blue chaise- again, the house has great storage. these three identical closets line the far wall, with the clerestory above it letting in light. on the bed, a kantha quilt sits atop a woven coverlet from brahms mount. the oriental rug and old painted chest were loaners from my mom when we first moved in- i guess they are here to stay.

on your right when you walk in the door is a credenza that friend david graves made for us when we got married. it is made of locally sourced magnolia wood (very rare to see it used in woodworking) and walnut. inside, a stereo hides… the painting is by a former art student at UGA. the good thing about having a university here with a good art program is that we get to see some great work, year in and year out as the students come through and move on. the painter’s name is caroline higgs. and i have a habit of creating little vignettes all around the house- usually with things from the garden- branches, flower heads, seed pods…some of them rest here in vases. i think there is a huge sea fan i found once in this one here…

my son’s crib is borrowed from a friend who raised her now 20-year old son in it. a kantha quilt hangs over the edge, providing warmth, and color. friend tamar mogendorff’s swan and bird mobile compliment the bird garland my friend wendy made, and the old red gingham giraffe my sister found at the 26th street flea. the lily lamp by the bed was a gift from nancy.

tamar’s bird mobile was a gift from my sister, lucy- so were the pom poms that i hung from it. my friend wendy made the bird garland out of veneer and silk ribbon. the colored flags are from selvedge dry goods.

a view towards the wall.  a hable mum pillow sits in a flea market chair, with pyrocantha and evergreen clematis growing up the wall.

i photograph for hable construction. i so enjoy it, not only because they are great women to work with,
but also because i really love their fabrics. each season i get some pillows, but every once in a while something needs recovering- such was the case with these two old wingchairs- hable’s bark ‘ropes’ looks so good! we are lucky to have a great fireplace- it was original to the house but was reworked when the house was refurbished in the 60’s. the mantel holds my collection of woodfire vases rebecca made. i treasure them.

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  • This is simply stunning. I love the structure itself… and what she has put in it. I would also love to see some images that better show the old house and later renovations… such as exteriors, or full-size room views.

  • THANK YOU for showcasing some houses from Athens! i have lived here for six years and love the people and the homes. Plus I love RWood Studios, so getting a sneek peek into Rinne and Kristen’s homes is a special treat as well. Thanks!!

  • WOW!!! This has just become my absolute favorite sneak peek yet. Perfectly eclectic and sophisticated at the same time. Simply beautiful.

  • I love it. My favourite thing hands down was the bronze birds-in-flight sculpture, so beautiful. But there’s so much to swoon over, sigh..

  • Wow, very nice. I love the patio with the clematis, and that blue chaise is stunning. I’ve been dying to find one just like it, and now I am quite jealous.

  • This place is awesome and she is so talented. To put all those “things” and colors together and make them look so good together is amazing. It looks so effortless. It takes true talent to do that!

  • This is amazing. The best sneak peek I’ve seen. Is it possible to get the name of the yellow paint that you used in the living room. I’ve been looking for something like it.

  • Everything looks amazing! Now I know what all those years of collecting have added up to, sheer genius!Great, eclectic pieces!

  • I like how ‘undecorated’ this home is. nothing is forced or put there for style only. it looks like it functions well and is a reflection of the family that lives there.

  • Wow, this is a real favorite for me! I love the bold juxtaposition of lots of patterns and eras… it looks well-curated and well-loved!

  • This person has got it going on style wise! To marry all those colours and themes and to pull it off really beautifully – I think they are some sort of genius!

  • Refreshingly unusual house, great mixing of styles, love the way you can sense it has evolved over time and reflects the characters that live there.

  • just dreamy….i am lucky to visit often and am always inspired by the decor, the garden and the house’s inhabitants

  • I am so fascinated by the combination of wood/paneling with clean white lines and windows. What an interesting house. I would love to see the exterior. Did you find it this way architecturally or create it yourself?

  • hi everyone,
    thanks for your great comments,
    and thanks to grace & anne for providing this venue so we can all exchange inspiration!

    i wanted to answer a few of your questions—

    let’s see…
    arroyo & allyson- there were not many images taken during the renovation in the ’60’s, but you can see a ‘before’ & ‘after’ pic here:

    the house is hard to photograph now from the exterior because of all the flora around.

    we pretty much found it this way, but we did do a little bit of work to it when we moved in 12 years ago. we now renovate / rehab houses in our neighborhood, so we learned alot from house how this house was done!

    the paint color in the yellow room, heather, is close to benjamin moore’s ‘marblehead gold’. we painted it 12 years ago, and i must say i was not organized enough to save the name back then…!

    and sara, no i did not make the globe mobile- a friend gave it to us. but it would not be hard to make yourself!

    and .v.-
    the cake print in the kitchen was made by angela nichols- it is actually a watercolor…but she does prints too:

    and finally, paul- the publisher of the map is rand mcnally, but it is not dated so far as i can see…

    thanks, everyone,
    have a good day!

  • I’m from Athens originally, and I’m so thrilled to see my hometown featured. Agora is the best; the last time I was home I had to buy a pair of chairs which are living with my parents until I find a good way to get them up to New York. What a fun house!

  • ok, I have to comment again––please post more things like this! less white and teal paint! more authenticity.

  • rinne! i absolutely love your home. i never want to leave! your collections and art are stunning…xx

  • Love your style! Any idea on the manufacturer on the beautiful borrowed crib? I’m in the market and would love something worthy of passing to the next generation.

  • I used to live a few door down from her! Always loved how overgrown the exterior of her house looked. There are some gorgeous little homes on that street!