sneak peek: oscar and emma


when my karly depew (of oscar and emma) and her husband, judd, moved to columbus, ohio from boston they knew they knew needed to be an area with downtown charm – historic german village with its brick streets lined with gas lamps was just the place for them. when house shopping there was long list of requirements which included good lighting, open floor plan, tall ceilings, a fireplace, and most of all it just had to feel right – this house had it all! it was the perfect base for karly to build from – starting with a white or muted palette while adding bold color and pattern (and a good way to mix and match several styles throughout the house to match their tastes). make sure you CLICK HERE to view the rest of the post where you’ll meet the real oscar and emma! thanks karly!-anne

[above: The painting above the mantle is by Jules Cannie, a dear friend of mine from my days living in Boston. It was my wedding gift from my husband. The pillows on the couch are by Dwell Studio and purchased online via Design Public]

The large beams are original to this 1850’s house. They used to be the floor to the very tight sleeping quarters above. The floors are new throughout the entire house, but each plank is a different width and length to maintain a more rustic aesthetic. I fell in love with the double-sided fireplace and skylights the moment I walked into the house.

To give the stairway to our master bedroom a more modern, open feeling, Judd knocked out the banister with a few strong karate kicks. The Nantucket ice bucket on the bottom shelf was handmade by my mother-in-law. The wood carving was purchased while on our honeymoon in Bali. We almost canceled our trip as the 2005 bombings took place 3 weeks before our honeymoon and were 500 yards from our hotel. We decided to go anyway and it ended up being the most amazing trip ever. The Balinese are the nicest people you will ever meet.

Our bedroom gets a lot of light which is very important to us. I love waking up on a sunny summer morning listening to the birds chirping outside our windows.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the Oscar and Emma sneak peek (including additional, full-sized images)

When we moved into the house, this bathroom was completely white and very sterile. We had the walls painted with stripes and replaced a large mirror with individual medicine cabinets and light fixtures from Restoration Hardware. We painted the vanity to match the walnut finish of the medicine cabinets.

This table was purchased at American Furnishings and is practically impossible to move. It is made from old industrial machine parts found in abandoned factories.

This is our little Emma in her favorite spot on our bed. . . I always have a notepad and pen at my bedside to jot down all of the design ideas that come to my mind right before I fall asleep. The best ideas sometimes come in the wee hours of the night. I made the coptic bound journal myself. I am usually not one to collect things, but I have found myself gradually building a collection of vintage earrings and brooches. The dogwood earrings on the journal are my absolute favorite find. Perfect for a spring wardrobe.

Oscar, in his favorite position.

A sampling of my favorite vintage jewelry. Whenever we travel I am always looking for a new pair to add to the collection.


The lightness of the house is fantastic! I especially love the white suspended beams in the living room.


love the orange carpet in this sneak peek. noticed that the lark press house features the same carpet. anyone no where i can get this? thanks

Carrie S.

Oh, Karly! Your house looks absolute fab! I love that orange rug – it’s so you. ;) Send my love to the kitties and karate-chopping Judd!


very clean design, yet eclectic & tasteful. great mix of old/new modern/classic…love it!

love the blue wall & the light fixture over the dining table, too! striking!


Beautiful house!

P.S. Is it just me, or are the pictures from different houses getting mixed up in the thumbnails at the end of the posts?


Your house is amazing Karly, just like you! So nice to see the kitties behind the name.


Such a beautiful home! I am curious about the wall hangings in the dining room and above the bed. I have been looking for something like these! Are they fabric? wallpaper? Do tell!

Jess LC

I love the idea of fabric as art on the walls. I might just do something similar in my own apartment.

Great idea!


Those ceiling fan blades look clear. That’s really cool! Where did they find a fan like that?


Karly & Judd, fellow OWU alums, congratulations, your house is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)


I love the seagrass basket with the handles. Where is it from?

Jen @ Primed4Design

Beautiful house! I especially love the large bedroom with lots of lighting. I have white furniture/window trim, and sky blue walls in my bedroom. I love white furniture and a nice color on the walls, it’s very soothing!

Cristin Wilson

I live in Columbus too, but in a cookie-cutter 25 year old condo. Someday I hope to own a fun hundred year old home near Worthington or German Village. You have a LOVELY home – truly inspiring! Well done~


I love so much about that house, the white original beams, the fireplace area, and that table! I love other stuff too but those stick out the most.


Beautiful home, Karly! Truly inspiring. Love the earring collection.


Will you share where you got your lovely rugs? The seagrassish ones, in particular?


Looks good now!
I feel like my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I can swear that I saw pics from last week’s “enormous champion” sneek peak here!

Karly Depew

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments! Here are the answers to a few of your questions ;)

LIVING ROOM RUGS – The orange rug is from West Elm. The rug underneath is from Pottery Barn.

SEAGRASS RUGS are from West Elm.

WALL HANGINGS are Amy Butler fabrics wrapped around a canvas. It is such great way to add color and pattern on a budget.

SEAGRASS BASKET with HANDLES is from Pottery Barn.


When I get a pied-a-terre of my own, I’ll call on you for decorative advice!

Jacklyn King

Karly – your home is magnificant! Clean lines, fresh colors, very inviting and cheerful – it’s gorgeous! And I too am a fan of vintage jewelry…you’ll have to tell me where you’ve had some good finds.


Wow, what a gorgeous home. Karly, if you’re still reading, would you mind sharing where you got the light fixture above your dining table? I’ve been looking everywhere for something very similar! Thanks!

Heather Kintner

I love every detail in this beautiful home! The mix of patterns and neutrals and various furniture styles is all so seamless and wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


Will you decorate my home now?? I should have known your house would look like that – total perfection and I am so jealous! Cheers!


i love all the skylights and bursts of color on the white pallette of the space. it all just look so nice and peaceful. the orange wallpaper in the smaller bathroom is fantastic.


I glanced at the last picture of the bedroom and noted the modern clean lines and then my eyes turned to the ruffled duvet and that brought the room together for me. The contrast of the ruffle and the clean lines appealed to me. I think we all need to remember to add an element of classicism to our newfound modern interiors to make them something more than the trend of the moment and to make them more appealing in a classic sense!


Karly worked for me for WAY to short a period of time. Her new hubby stole her away to Ohio and away from Boston but boy did she have style and elegance! Karly-I can see you haven’t lost your touch. Hope you’re keeping up with your amazing designs and that your personality is still warm and inviting!


Am I the only one to notice that the two sneak peeks today feature the same wonderful orange west elm rug??

Soft Spoken

Tall ceilings and lots of natural light are the two most important features of any house. This has both and looks spectacular.


Nice pictures of your home, they do German Village justice. How come you didn’t feature the guest room or patio? Both of which are also excellent!


Another to bookmark under “inspiring homes”. that makes three today! so fab! i love all the light with the punches of color. and that’s the most elegant use of that orla kiely wallpaper i’ve seen in awhile. nice to make that the statement and the rest of the room subdued. just lovely!


It seems like beautiful vintage, so you may not be able to point out a source, but where did you get the two smallish luggage pieces on the bottom shelf of the black table?

Your house is absolutely beautiful and calming!


Wow. *almost speechless here* I love the airiness, the colors, the patterns, the bedding…. pretty much everything.


laura @ the shore house

I am in love.

If you check back in I’d love to know where the light over your dining table is from? I’m having a tough time finding something in a similar size (that’s not round).


Looks very sweet and homey. Love the lightness and brightness. Love the big fluffy white bed. Both my bed in my current place and my old house had a big fluffy white duvet. Currently the bedsheets are lilac – at the old house they were light greyish blue (both matching the walls). My roommate and her friends say it looks like I sleep on a cloud.

kate Endle

What a space! Thanks for sharing. I went to Columbus Collage of Art and Design and used to live in German Village- great neighborhood. Don’t forget to visit the most AMAZING sandwich shop- Katzinger’s. I used to work there in collage. Lindey’s is also a great eatery.



That is my articulate reaction to the open stairs and the amazing table. I love it.


glad to see ohio in such gorgeous form.
go buckeyes.


Beautiful House Oscar & Emma!

Love the dining area especially the huge light hanging from the ceiiling between the old beams. very well set. and the yellow bedroom walls look cool and bright :) soothing to the eyes.

excellent work done.

Karly Depew

Martha, thanks for your question! The luggage was purchased at a little shop while on our honeymoon in Bali.


Lovely. Added every photo to my inspiration folder.
Wondering where you found the wonderful spinning rolodex?


Karly – I’m in LOVE with your home! The kitties are just precious and make me want one! I love your table…you said it was from American Furnishings…which style is it? I couldn’t quite figure it out online. It looks fantastic. BTW, I grew up in Columbus and now live in Boston! I miss Ohio! Enjoy…thanks for sharing your gorgeous home.

Angie K

Love the the ceilings! Gorgeous place, everything looks striking!

Karly Depew

Everyone has been so kind with their comments! Thank you so much for taking the time to post :)

heather, I don’t believe the table has a style name. The size was custom ordered so they just found the vintage parts and created the table based on our dimensions. So no two are exactly alike. We really had no idea what it would look like before we got it. We just knew from seeing the other items that it would be just right ;) Thanks for your question!

Jennifer Derrick

What paint and color is the Ivory/Cream color in the living room and dining room? It’s the most delicious neutral ever.

Karly Depew

Colleen, the rolodex is from Pottery Barn.

Cassidy, I think you might be right about the designer of the table. We were only given the first name of the designer and Jason sounds about right.

Jennifer, the paint color is linen white by Benjamin Moore. It really is delicious in person ;)



Did you use Linen white in the room with the desk and lap top as well. I love love love that color and am about to repaint.



Also, what color did you use for the trim in the room with the desk?

Karly Depew

D, we used Linen White (Flat finish) throughout the studio, living room and dining room. The trim is also Linen White (Semi-gloss). Good luck with your project!


I’d love to know where your couch is from in your living room. It is beautiful!


Beautiful! Where did you get the lights on the sides of your bed? The one’s that swivel out from the wall?

Karly Depew

Sarah, the duvet is from Pottery Barn.

Greta, the couch was purchased from a FrontRoom Furnishings in Ohio, but he couch is by Flexsteel. Not sure of the model no. or if it is still available.


Beautiful space! What is the paint color in the bedroom? It is a lovely warm shade that brightens up the room.

Peter M

I had to squint to look at this. Is it just me, or the photos, or is this place impossibly bright? I can picture some old testament prophet sitting down with Lee Marvin in DEATH HUNT, wearing his grooved googles to prevent snow blindness.


A truly stunning home! I love all the light and the subtle use of color. Thanks for sharing!

Mariam Naficy


I love your house, it is absolutely beautiful and very inspiring. Not surprising, given the gorgeous designs that you have submitted to us at Minted!



hey karly, do you know the name of the amy butler fabric hanging in the dining room? love it!!

Karin Grow

Ooooooh! So bright and airy. Those kitties are so adorable and lucky to be able to lounge in that abode.

Karly Depew

chris – the amy butler fabric hanging in the dining room is gold/morning glory from the Lotus collection ;)

Frances Conwell

Found your link on Moderncat. Love your home and your beautiful cats. I love the clock on your bedside table, can you tell me where you purchased it?


Love the elegance and atmosphere of your place…not to mention your beautiful kitties. Thank you for sharing.

Karly Depew

Frances, thank you so much for checking out the post ;) Unfortunately, the clock was given to me as a gift. I am not quite sure where it was purchased and there is no brand name on the clock. Sorry!!