sneak peek: lark press


after traveling to portland, oregon in february for a friend’s wedding i’ve become quite fond of the city and love checking out all the portland sneak peeks that keep popping up. while so many of the homes we feature showcase independent artists, there is something about portland that seems to focus on local artists and shops even more. the trend continues today with the home of letterpress printmaker, jean sammis of lark press. CLICK HERE for the full post (including additional images), and don’t miss her etsy shop (i love the “summer is coming” coasters). thanks, jean! -anne


Girl and sassafras leaves [red silkscreen] by two sarahs on etsy.


I discovered this calendar by the Wild Unknown on Design Sponge, of course. The letterpressed gun is by Nik Bresnick, my Lark Press cohort and artist of Bittersugar.

for the rest of the Lark Press sneak peek and additional, full-sized images after the jump!

Oh Charley Harper! I thought this Michigan Audobon Society poster would fit in well as my husband is a Yooper.

Oh, little treasures can be hard to find! I found this tiny sea urchin on a secluded beach on Lanai, Hawaii. And I found this sweet dish at the lovely shop, Una, in Portland.


We built this small house/mother-in-law quarters last summer. . . Sarah Landwehr, obviously one of my favorite artists and storyteller extraordinaire, silkscreened these two characters and turned them into planter decor. In the late afternoon when the sun shines through the effect is magical! My ficus tree seems to like them too.

My favorite space in the house is the kitchen.  The light in the breakfast nook is the best! I purchased this owl from the lovely folks at Noun: A Person’s Place for Things in Portland.


Such a great house, the light in the breakfast nook is really wonderful. I love the shower curtain, I have it too.


wish i could see more of that bed.
is it locally made?


This is lovely! I will also send a link to this post to my mom who is moving into an 800 s.f. in-law unit in my brother’s home later this year. She’s gathering ideas for the newly-constructed unit and this will help her tremendously!


This is one of my favorite sneak peaks! Beautiful home. Love the bedroom walls!


Fabulous, I love your paint colors! Can I get the swatch name of the bedroom blue? I’ve been planning on painting my dining room something like that.


This is beautiful. I love the window film in the bathroom – would you mind sharing where you got that from?


What is the wall color of the room with the print Girl and sassafras leaves [red silkscreen]?


Love this sneak peak! Thanks for an inspiring look at your home.
The bird prints in the first photo are from a book called “Traveling With The Birds” and coincidentally…..I have one on my etsy site if anyone is interested. Published in 1933 and has some nice color plates.


Yay for all the Portland shout outs! Noun is a favorite of mine, too. They have amazing things every time I go in there, and they always find cool old furniture to fix up.


Does this mean you’ll make a Portland design guide??? I’m going there this summer, and I thought you’d have one for sure, but I was mistaken. Pretty please??


Jean or Abby, I love that shower curtain. Where is it from?


I really like your shower curtain — can you tell me where its from? thanks!


I love this house! All the details are perfect. I really like the color of every wall and the kitchen seems magical. What color is the bedroom walls? I am thinking of painting my bathroom a color similar to that. Thanks!


Ooh, what are you using as your coffee table? The corner of it that’s visible is so intriguing!

Sarah Landwehr

Jean’s house is this gorgeous and more…thank you Jean for including me. I love the way your beautiful design sense surfaces in every area of your life, from your prints and shop, all over your home and garden, to your awesome dinners. I’m yours.


I’m so happy to see an IKEA Poang chair in a nice setting. So many of us have then since they’re so affordable and comfy, but they scream IKEA and tend to look college-y. This one is definitely all growns up! Way to go!


Can anyone tell me what those blinds are called in the second photo? (They appear to open up and down.) I’d like to find some for my apt. but I’m not even sure what to Google.

Lovely house!


Where is the shower curtain from? I can never find a good one!

jean sammis

thank you all for your sweet words! The bedroom color is a dark purple! But in the sun it isn’t so bad….it was already painted when we bought the was the grey wall with girl and sassafras leaves by Sarah. The shower curtain is a marimekko that I found at Anthropologie (I don’t think they have it anymore). The ooffee table was a find at Urban Outfitters for $20!(they were used for display).
Thanks again!!!!


lovely! sometimes (most times!) I’d like to see a floor plan so I can get a sense for how the space is used.


love the cute own pillow and the black board.

It’s ‘hard rubbish’ week in our area and everytime i drive pass a busted chair or coffee table I want to take it home and do a ‘before and after’ then decorate my house like these sneak peaks…


Wow! This house is so lovely! I love the cladded exterior just as much as all the wonderful stuff inside. I too would love to see more of the bed.

shoshona snow

I love Lark Press. Great house. Wish I could see the rest of the bed as well. I have that same circular wire rack in my bathroom :)


can you tell me about the window covering/contact paper(?) in the 6th photo? i love that!

macy dawn

I love the color combination in this home! We’ve been working around a similar scheme in our new home. Love it! Great inspiration!


I love the patterned orange-and-white rug (the one the cat is lying on). Where did you get it?


I LOVE Lark Press! Great to see it featured. Love Nik and Sarah’s prints too!


I love it all! Where did you get that cute print with the woman potting herbs? That would look lovely in my kitchen.


GAH! there’s my ‘birds & words’ book again! i blew up and framed several pages from that book for a wall collage. (totally ripped it off of another sneak peek).
i’m in LOVE with the wall color in the living room. its such a cool grey shade, makes me think of and look forward to the smell of sweet summer rain.
GREAT sneak peek!


Minimal without being boring or completly white….my sorta room.