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sneak peek: kate bingaman-burt

by anne

for those of you lucky enough to be in portland, oregon (and have tickets) tonight you can catch kate bingaman-burt (obsessive consumption) at the portland premiere of handmade nation at the museum of contemporary craft (she’s the one behind most of the film’s illustrations after all).  for the rest of us, we’ll have to be content enough to have a sneak peek into her fun 600 sf south east portland home – a LEED certified live/work plus commercial space designed by landlord/portland architect kevin cavenaugh. kate and her husband – clifton burt (another talented graphic designer) – love the space that cavenaugh created, and quickly managed to fill it with their stuff (those are kate’s words ;) ). but it’s the stuff that continues to inspire and act as wonderful reminders of their friends and the supportive community they are a part of. [thanks kate and clifton!] CLICK HERE for the full feature, and don’t miss the great video featuring kate after the jump. –anne

[image above: I want an entire wall of books. I wish we had more.]

My workspace! I draw, prep for my classes, ship orders and make zines all in this corner. Someday I will have my own studio, but this works pretty well for now.  I love piling layers of great visuals on my walls. Surrounding myself with stuff that hurts my gut because it is so good is so important to me. It keeps me working and inspired.

Even though our space is small, Kevin did a great job utilizing the space. Everything has its place and we find it incredibly efficient. We might think differently if we cooked 8 course meals and hosted dinner parties, but we don’t really do that. at all. ha!

Over our moves we have really scaled our collection of objects that we love down to our favorites.  Vase was purchased at The Grass Hut and was made by Scott Barry aka sacred mountain. This was a Christmas present for Clifton this year.  The wooden smile rattles are from the Moma store when I was in NYC earlier this year.  Trophies and paperbacks are from SMUT down the street.  Talking Paintings by Justin Richel (we have a thing for FACES).  Caveman Video game was something that was once given to me by my Dad (my first video game when I was five) but lost long ago. I was talking about it during a lecture at Maine College of Art and an audience member later gave me his! People are amazing. LOVE IT.  Lady pencil sharpener was my grandmother’s when she was in elementary school.  The ceramic cupcakes were made by our friend Kari Radash. They held our wedding rings. Kari was also the other bride in our double wedding a few years ago.  Bad Ass Zine by Mark Todd.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Kate’s peek and a fantastic video after the jump!

Again, we love faces. Newspaper clipping about my grandmother from the 1960s, found painting from SMUT, thrift store ceramic horse heads, Leg etching by Kristen Martincic and a Face etching by Kyle Olson.

Another collection of GOOD! some zines by:Soft Smooth Brain by Bwana Spoons, A4 by The Archivalist, Labs with Abs by Andrew Jeffery Wright, and Heavy Humans by Niles Armstrong. When we lived in Mississippi, my favorite place to purchase zines was online at Little Paper Planes. Now that we live in Portland, I can get my fix in several places like Reading Frenzy, Grass Hut and Tender Loving Empire just to name a few.

Check out the great video below put together by Local Director Byrd McDonald and his production company Porter Panther for [free!] for the Museum of Contemporary Craft.

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  • Is there any way to enlarge these images for a closer look?
    These pictures deserve the best viewing possible!! Wow!!

  • what a great space! i have been a fan of kate’s work for a looong time and i got to meet her at a MSU AIGA event a couple years ago. she is super nice. keep up the awesome work, kate! and thanks for featuring her here, grace!

  • When I saw Handmade Nation at MAD in NYC I made a special note of Kate, who was incredibly vivacious and well, just plain art smart. I love her passion, and her home is just another example if her love for all things handmade as well as her amazing personal aesthetic. She would totally be someone I would look up to as a design student, and now that I am out of school I would probably have a girl crush on her and want to be best friends…wait maybe I already do.

  • Wow! I’ve been there and these photos make me want to see it for the first time with new eyes. Ahhhh Kate & Clifton are AMAZING!

    Fantastic feature!

  • Kate, I loved you interview. I wish that I could have made it to the screening of Handmade Nation. I will be eternally grateful that you were my typography and graphic design teacher at Mississippi State. I remember when you first launched OC2! And now it has evolved into so much more. By the way I love what you have done to your space. Wouldn’t have been nice to have had a space as cool as this in Mississippi?
    Miss you!

  • Kate’s my older sister and I’ve always envied her great design sense, especially when it comes to living spaces! She’s the coolest. :)

  • I had the awesome pleasure of having Kate as a teacher. Her office space was pink and orange, and filled with all sorts of interesting things to look at and tons and tons of books. She was an awesome teacher, she introduced another side to graphic design that most of us never knew about. She really is an inspiration.

  • What a great space! I love the kitchen and desperately want those living room windows. Kate is so talented and it was great to take a peek inside her home and work space- Thanks!

  • jdw, sometimes we artists like to be surrounded by things we like. If this is clutter to you, then TOO BAD. It offers a constant source of inspiration for the occupants. No need to rag.

    It’s a fantastic place — i’m lucky to say that I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to visit Kate & Clifton’s loft and it’s the perfect setting for creativity and energy. I love the wall of books.

  • To answer a couple questions:

    The Credit Card and Money pillows are by Kate (visit her website to see more of her work and you’ll understand)

    Also, Maybelle the dog, is a boxer/blue heeler mix


  • WOW! thanks everyone for the supreme outpouring of awesome. I really appreciate it so much. We love living and working in our space so it is nice that we were asked to share it with design*sponge and you all. Again, thanks for the kind comments. Really amazing.

  • We’re currently doing our house up at the moment, we haven’t yet got to the painting stage but I am truly inspired by the use of colour in all the rooms shown here. Love the image composition to.

  • It’s as awesome as one would imagine! I’m coveting those trophies, the turntable, the pillows, the couch, the bookshelves and the endless graphic inspiration.

  • thanks again all!

    to answer a few questions: the green sofa is just from ikea! We bought it a few summers ago and it is the Kramfors model. It was on sale because they were discontinuing the color (win!).

    My desk chair is a Steelcase Think chair. I spent way to long NOT getting this chair. I sit in front of my drawing table/computer so much that is was a little ridiculous that I wasn’t sitting in a good chair. I just purchased it a few months ago and love it.

    Tina – the apartment next to us is going to be for rent in may! ha!

    thanks again!

  • Oh my gosh- so many treasures everywhere to look at! I need to visit and look through all your zines and books. Some drool just hit my keyboard.

  • THANK YOU for posting this! I love these home and design blogs, and so many times the mods post houses that are beautifully decorated and sleek, but I always wonder “does anyone actually LIVE here? Where have they put all of their STUFF?” It’s awesome to see an artist’s home and the living space of a person who actually owns and uses THINGS. :)

  • Thanks immensely for the terrific post & info about such a talented woman. My eldest children live in Portland. One in the ad business & the other graduating in June with a graphic arts/journalism degrees. I am passing on your story to them both. Kate & her husband are fascinating/talented individuals. Thanks!!

  • this is probably my all time fave sneak peek in the past few months. i love when i see spaces that look really lived in and full of stuff! haha. one question, where are the shallow white book/display shelves from? i love them!

  • I love your site!!! It truly truly gives inspiration. Now, that I discovered it I will surely have more encouragement to decorate my house. More power to you!

  • Nice rooms, it’s good to see ‘lived in’ rooms that look nice rather than the ‘ideal rooms’ that are often portrayed as designers’ normal homes.
    Very interesting cactus!

  • I want to live here and I want to own all of those wonderful pieces of art. Sneak Peek maybe the best thing since sliced bread.

  • I love this house. You’ve inspired me to make my own space in the world a little more inspirational and fun.

  • I was playing around on my computer….and found Kate (same last name) loved the photo’s, and all of the art. Let me know if you ever come to Indiana! By the way, we have to be related …you have my nose…