sneak peek: jeremy mcelwain

last week we got a peek into the beautiful boston home of brad dufton of colortheory. today we’re getting a peek into his business partner, jeremy mcelwain‘s lovely home. originally from massachusett’s north shore, jeremy came into the design world at age 13 via carpentry with his father. now he runs colortheory with brad, specializing in home renovation and interior painting. in addition to his design work with colortheory, jeremy has been a realtor with keller williams for the past 10 years in boston. when he’s not working in home design, jeremy spends his time with his wife mary and their two children, lol and lucca- and they’re pup ketel. today they’re sharing their home with us and i hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i did! click here for more information on brad’s work with colortheory.


CLICK HERE for the rest of Jeremy’s sneak peek (along with additional, full-sized images) after the jump!


Soft Spoken

colorTHEORY has absolutely gorgeous interior designs. I love not only their use of beautiful colors, but their ability to use many different styles in their designs.


What a great house tour! I love the high chair railing! The blue in the top portion of the dining room is amazing; what color and paint brand is it?


Lovely home! Please share the paint colors for the dining room and living room.


Gorgeous rug in that first photo! And I love the green dresser–very Cargo (in Portland).

That bright green, like the rocking chair, is electrifying things all over the place. New trend?


The wallpaper in the first (two) images is wonderful! I would love to know where it’s from. I also love how he kept what I am assuming is the existing tile in the bathroom and made it look fabulous with a clean and colorful matching shower curtain.


What a great combination of pieces! I love how they worked the rustic accents in. My fiance loves the rustic wood pieces, and I am not a fan, they look great here though! Maybe we can figure out a nice compromise!
Thanks for the insight!


Ahhh, I love all of these. SO lovely. I especially love the kitchen with the red chairs. Beautiful colors.


this could very well be my favorite sneak peek ever. such a fab mix of youthful fun and grownup sophistication.

where or where is that crazy flower chandelier from?!?


lovely. thanks for sharing.

to virginia @ where you hang your hat:

i think that rug looks like one available through ikea.


I love it all — The living room walls and window treatments, the furniture, the dining room chairs and light fixture and the colors — turquoise and red!!

Jeremy: Colortheory

THANK YOU !!!! For all the great comments I am blushing :)

To answer some of the questions:

– I am lloking for the dining room color (it is C2 brand paint)

-living room color is: Silver Sage (resoration hardware paint)

-the chandelier is a custom piece that a store in Boston used to commision an artist in Europe for but they no longer work with them (It is our favorite peice!)

-the dining rug is IKEA

thanks again!!!!!



Dang, what a great use of color and mix of textures. I have a feeling that being in this space would reveal more and more treasures.

Jamie Wood

Yes, the high chair rail is very unique and the use of color is so inspiring! I want to move in!


Simply, springily lovely. The whole house came together with grace and character.

Miss Jess

Absolutely gorgeous. The colors just pop all over the place, in such a pleasing way. I’d live there in a heartbeat, what a happy and smoothly energetic home. Great job!!!


I got a nice jolt just looking at all the beautiful colors and how well they’re used in each room. Your house is amazing. If I could, I would kidnap your dining room!


That foyer is awesome! The wallpaper is amazing! Love the red chandelier too!

Jeremy: Colortheory

the wall paper is by Cole and Son and I can not remember the design. If I think of it I will post. It was in Domino Magazing a few years ago


Wow, the combination of deep purple wallpaper + green chinese cabinet + orange plastic chairs is so original,
Love it!!


Original Cool Design – Love it and not filled with the typical design cliches found on most of these sneak peaks. The owls and deer antlers are a bit tired and dusty. thanks for something fresh and inspiring


now, that’s a great house! i absolutely love it! excellent colour choices, beaituful furniture and deco objects and everything very harmonious. a soft touch in everything and a personal feel to every corner. really cool!


(gasp!) I. LOVE. YOUR. HOUSE. Lovely! Very inspiring.

Peter M

Ooooh… Ahhhh….. so much gushing from the design lemmings. Gross.


i love that black tufted chair. what kind is it? where did you purchase it?

jeremy McElwain

The black chair is an original mid-century piece from a small maker. I am not sure who made it though.

THANKS again for all the amazing comments. They have motivated me to finish more projects!!


I love your house, Love the colors, You have a Great Talent .

Nick Mitchell

wow. what barnd are the red chairs? they are amazing!!!

jeremy McElwain

The red chairs are from Anthropoloie but they were discontinued. Thanks again for all the compliments. I was hesitant to put my home on the site and everyone has made us feel so great about our space…THANKS!!!

Kasey Marie

Congratulations. I am inspired by your turquoise and red dining area. What are the colors? I appreciate it.


I love the white and turquoise shower curtain. Where can I buy one?