sneak peek: dutch door press {studio}


in 2006, friends mara murphy (an experienced letterpress printer and lifelong stationery connoisseur) and anna branning (an illustrator and letterpress printer) decided to team up their individual and complimentary talents by launching a unique letterpress line based on their mutual love of pattern, nature, and vivid colors. dutch door press is based in the lower level of a victorian house (with a dutch door), just steps away from san francisco’s haight-ashbury district. their line ranges from birth announcements to wedding invitations, personal stationery, greeting cards and limited edition prints, blending modern design with patterns and icons inspired by the traditional folk art of northern europe. i love how today’s sneak peek into their studio shows integrates their folk iconography and little touches in a liveable (well, workable) space.  click HERE for the rest of the peek (and additional images) and stay tuned for two sneak peeks into their wonderful homes. thanks mara and anna! -anne

[above: the entrance to our studio, a dutch door. ]

This is our Vandercook Simple Precision 15 Proofing Press from circa 1950. It doesn’t have a motor- so we use a hand crank to distribute the ink on the rollers. This is the press that we print our large scale limited edition prints and many of our wedding invitations on.

our little vintage couch with several of our prints framed above it.

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Our colorful cards and envelopes are on display in this built-in shelving unit. When we founded our press, Mara went on a ebay frenzy searching for all things Dutch. These figurines were the result.

Dutch clogs and tulips.

The table where we meet with our clients if they are able to come to our studio.


I love the idea that setting up a studio is an excellent excuse for an ebay splurge on all things dutch. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone designed their workspace with such joie de vivre. (I’m looking round my own workspace where the main motif is cardboard boxes and resolving to do better. After all, I spend at least 8 hours a day here…)


As a Dutch gal by blood, I am so pleased Dutch stuff is so darn pleasing to the eye! Your etsy shop is a “favorite” of mine.

ann mcguire

I love the grey-blue trim with the red clapboards. It’s traditional with a really fun fresh feel to it.


I love this studio!! I am a big fan of the light blue and red poppy color combo!

shona~ LALA dex press

Oh, the presses! I am drooling over the Vandercook. I have never actually seen one with the motor or self-inking mechanism in working order. The ones I’ve worked on have all required hand cranking & rolling out the ink.


That’s my neighborhood! I passed by the door all the time and try to peek through the window. I was so amazed the decor in there.


What an inspiring little gem this press is! I too am drooling over the press. Nice nice nice


I am also a nederlandse meisje (dutch girl) and my first etsy purchase was from Dutch Door … so it’s a thrill to see inside their studio and home. I understand a bit more about who made my lovely tulip print and what their life looks like. Thanks DS.


Love the product.. love the space. beautiful and inspiring!


I sell Dutch Door Press cards in my bakery and everyone LOVES them!
Way to go gals! (Hi Mara and Anna!!!) Love y’all!!!!


It has to be great working in such a bright and colorful workspace! Jumpstart the creativity!

blue bicicletta

What a great little space–just what I’d hope for in a studio–the Vandercook+the bright folksy pattern=inspiration


i love your studio (and your vandercook!) i would be so thrilled to have such a bright studio like that someday.


Have bought things from your shop so was delighted to see where they came from – what a bright & welcoming place to work!