sneak peek: barbara rourke

i always love seeing into the home of designers and today we’re getting a special peek into the home of barbara rourke, part of the three-person design team at all the bells and whistles. i’ve been a fan of their team’s work for a few years now and was excited to see behind the curtain at one of their private homes. today barabara has been kind enough to welcome us into her california home, which is full of her beautiful collections of glass, arts & craft pottery and natural ‘curiosities’. i hope you’ll enjoy barbara’s home as much as i did. be sure to click “read more” at the bottom of the post to see additional, full-sized images of barbara’s home. click here for more about barbara, and here for more on all the bells and whistles.

[image above: I love my glass orbs (on my coffee table and in the bedroom) by Brittt Neubacher from Tend Living]


CLICK HERE for additional, full-sized images of barbara’s home after the jump!

Bette's Bags

I spend too much time viewing your blog when I should be working! Thanks for all the loveliness! Now to my sewing machine!


Barbara has exquisite taste. What a talented young lady!


Lovely house. Is your sofa from Urban Outfitters? Is it comfortable? Thanks!


The color combination of green dark wood and white is so fresh and yet cozy kind of like a earthly womb . . . is that weird to say? I love it and would really enjoy living in a space like that

Thank you so much for sharing!


Agreed, those owls are awesome! Would be great to know where they’re from…


wow! so many dark colors…but still so light and lovely! i love the glassware collection…beautiful!


thank you for all the compliments ;-) the owls are a thrift store score. i was so excited when i found them since i had fallen in love with them after seeing them used in an interior by jonathan adler. xoxo.


love everything about your home! can you tell me what color you used for your bedroom walls?


Where is the big white faceted rock thing from?


I have the exact same avocado green walls and have recently been trying to decide if I was tired of them. No way-they are fresh and so welcoming! Green rules.


Gorgeous collection of carafes… i am soothed by only watching this house on a screen, i can imagine how peaceful it must be to live in it!


Whoa, owls and glass orbs. I think I’m so excited that I can’t even hide it. Simply divine!


Wow, that green desk is amazing! What kind of desk is it, and where is it from??


Looks great… Wondering where you found that pot that the mother in laws tounge is sitting in. Quite nice.

Soft Spoken

Those owls are very cute, but I especially like the circular accents throughout the house. The glass orbs, spherical jars, and the round Chinese hanging lanterns all tie in very well and make a very comforting interior.


hi friends,
to answer some of your questions… couch is from urban. it is comfortable enough ;-) faceted vase is by frank gehry from tiffany & co (bought by my mother with a note that said “not everything has to be thrift store”) the desk is from a vintage shop. it is from a california designer from the 60’s but i can’t remember the name. the pot and dresser are also thrift. the dresser was a mess when i got it so i spent some time refinishing and now it looks great. and, i happen to find a matching smaller version at the same store a few months later. yay! you can find the pots new from gainy pottery-

thanks for the support! xoxo.

Jenn Juckett

fantastic! The place looks phenom! Love you Babs. xoxo JJ


I would love to know the brand and color of the bedroom walls (and the living room!). THANKS! z


Every space Barbara creates is like a gift to your soul. We all need some of that, don’t you think? Go Babs!


beautiful home. i’m wondering if you could tell us where the bed is from.

Mary Rex

Barbara~I just heard the owls a few nights ago. hooo-hoo-hoo. they were right above me in my yard. They look like such happy spirits in your home.
elizabeth – To me that lovely white rock looks like a paper over wire creation… like a Noguchi lamp shade. ? Barbara.


trying to find the paint chip for the bedroom. i know it’s ralph lauren and i think it’s called “cafe on the riviera”. the living room is sherwin-williams “verdant”.
abs- i made the bed at my studio ;-)


what are the names of the colours on the walls both the one in the room and the one with the couch cause those are the exact colors we want for our new bedroom?


Great pics! I am especially interested in the glass panels in the diningroom behind the table. Are those glass…or plexi…or what? They are just marvelous!


love it. thank you for the paint names… am off to Ralph now. The color will look perfect in my living room. YAY.


Lovely lovely lovely… I had an opportunity to photograph Babs apt. The light, color, and objects made my job easy. Such a welcoming and comfortable place. Top notch!


I love this. It’s modern yet lacks the stiffness that most Danish modern design carries. The use of green paint and plants bring a tropical feeling to the room without the use of bright neon colors.


i love how i got bored so i started typing my familys name in google and then this comes up! barbie your so talented and i love your house! and i wanna come visit soon :) haha you’ll probably never read this but i felt like leaving a comment. when i get my own house (in like ten years) i deff want you furnishing it!