sneak peek: aun and su-lyn


aun and su-lyn are former journalists, each having spent a decade in the publishing industry (perhaps reflected best in the bookshelves completely devoted to cookbooks). in the course of writing about travel destinations, hotels and restaurants around the world, the duo’s love for great design and thoughtfully conceived interiors is self-described as an obsession. apart from running a food blog – chubby hubby – as a hobby, the couple now run a lifestyle consultancy that offers restaurant development and public relations services. their signapore home is truly remarkable, so don’t miss the full sneak peek, with additional images, after the jump. {thanks a million to aun and su-lyn, and to keiko for the incredible tip!} -anne

[above: Our golden retriever, Sascha loves the carpet we picked up in Istanbul from Gunes Oztarakci. We’ve always loved the iconic Eames recliner and were thrilled to finally be able to pick one up for our new home. ]

We were a little shocked that the bookshelves in this double-volume space just barely accommodate our cookbook collection. The red Double Octopus chandelier and lacquered black loveseat are both from Autoban, Istanbul’s hottest young design duo. The loveseat is a one-of-a-kind prototype they created for one of the House Cafés. The Piero Lissoni Frog chair is one of our earliest acquisitions. We originally had two, our younger dog Alix ate the leather base of one (which still hasn’t been repaired).

We ordered the Flexform Magister sofa without ever seeing it in real life. Thankfully, it turned out to be superduper comfortable and exactly what we’d hoped for. The white Arne Jacobson AJ Floor Lamp was another piece we’d lusted after for years. The black Pumpkin stool is another piece by Autoban.

We bought the dining lights, chairs and table before the house was even built. Obviously, they all come from different design schools and we weren’t sure they would actually fit well together. Fortunately, and despite their differences, they do seem to work well. The Carravagio lights are designed by Cecilie Manz and produced by Danish company Lightyears. The Pebble table is from Autoban and the French dining chairs are by Carmina.

We wanted our guest room to be a really hospitable, almost hotel-like, space. This is a close-up detail of the Armani Working Desk we placed in the room. On it is a tea set that we picked up at Design Republic in Shanghai, which in turn sits on a tray we found in Chiang-Mai, Thailand. We both love books and have placed fun reads all over the guest room. Pictured are A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, Mauz by Art Spiegelman, and a really gorgeous edition of Grimm’s fairy tales. The Chinois-style lamp is a vestige of our younger years. The red chair was a junk yard find we had reupholstered.

This is arguably our favourite room in the house. We designed the island to have dual cooking stations so that we can cookbook side-by-side. All the appliances are from Miele whose products we love both for their sexy good looks and their consistent, unparalleled performance. The counters are all clad in Silestone because we chose because it’s less porous, more stain resistant and more durable than Corian. We were thrilled to discover this cool, retro floor pattern when we visited our tile supplier.

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Our fourth-floor master bedroom is accessible via a hidden staircase in our home office. We painted the walls, floor and ceiling black. The molding on the walls is reminiscent of old French boudoirs that we both find charmingly romantic. The dual ceiling fan is a Duplo Dinamico from the Matthews Fan Company. The bed is from Poliform and the carpet is a vintage gabbeh from Aun’s bachelor days.

We love the antique French chair that Su-Lyn’s Turkish brother-in-law bought for her and that we had lovingly restored. It sits in front of a Carmina tray table in our master bedroom.

Our master bedroom opens up onto a small, very private terrace. We had the floors paved in red brick. The chairs and table were a gift from restaurateur friends. The effect, we find, is very Parisian, except of course for the very un-Parisian views.


jackie hoving

What a perfect mix of modern/antique and personal style. Thank you for the link to the chubby hubby blog, I will be checking it often!

Anna @ D16

Um, wow. What an incredibly well-thought-out space! So many amazing pieces here used together in ways I would never have thought of.


I love this home. I’d love to have a bookshelf like that one day…in fact a room like! Amazing. And, I love the richness of the bedroom. It’s a beautiful, private cave and my favorite feature is the private staircase.


This home is fabulous! Such a great mix of new and old that blends so well! Thank you!


So beautiful! Love the red touches. I would only change the bed spread or the mattress…?


the chair in the second photo from the top– anyone know who makes it? i first saw it in photos from a rex ray house tour, and here it is popping up again. i love it.


What is the type of flooring you have in the den, or the room with the tall bookcase? Is that cement or tile?


This is “The Best House Tour” ever. Thanks for posting this! I just love this beautiful home. Amazing collection of furniture and lovely colors. I cannot stop looking at the pictures.


I would like to know why these people are living in my house!
Oh sigh, its so good its making me depressed…. one day one day I’ll have my own place.


absolutely stunning! i love how secret and lush their bedroom is! swoon… how romantic!

Mrs Gorman

it’s not often I think I could live in a place lock stock and barrel but I would give this a go.

But why would anyone need two kitchenaid mixers?


DYING….this place is so dreamy. I can only hope I will have a place like that someday! Thanks for sharing!


i’m such a big fan of chubby hubby and am extremely surprised to see their home featured here! it’s a huge inspiration to see a Singaporean home built and designed this way. it’s clear from their blog that they have exquisite taste but seeing it all really blew me away – uh i’m in awe and really really inspired. thank you!!

jennifer in sf

Wow. They did an amazing job mixing different styles. Really, really great.


Hi! I love the space – it’s lovely! I’m currently working on the remodel and design of a garden apartment… I’m looking to source the very lights that are used in the bedroom – a wall mounted desk lamp if you will.. only on the cheap. Any suggestions??


what a beautiful space. they did an excellent job of making small-ish rooms look bright and airy. i love seeing interior design in unique spaces. love it!


this is my favorite sneak peek yet. Great sence of scale and balance here. And, like everyone else, I love those bookshelves.


I need more info on the last pic – the car is showing to the side. What is the layout here? It’s intriguing.


what an amazing place! definetly the boudoirs are really romantic and a hole black room never feel more sexy great! :D


Beautiful house! Love the kitchen with the island…. and the bedroom and the entry area (last photo). I guess I love everything!!


Coming from Singapore, I am so happy to see a Singaporean home here! Such an inspiration :) What a gorgeous home.

Jo in NZ

Lovely, lovely pieces – but the Autoban Pumpkin stool alone is US$2095. Yikes!


This is a beautiful and inspiring home. The shelves remind me of the Atlas system ( that I just bought and am waiting to be installed–I hope mine look as beautiful as these!

francine gardner

Really enjoyed looking at the photos of the house. Could move in to-morrow! I especially liked the industrial bookshelves and the entry stairway. The gray background color ties the whole house so beautifully


well, gorgeous! what a beautiful place so full of style and personality! it makes a statement!


WOW – My two favourite websites converging!! I love, love, love ChubbyHubby’s blog and Design*Sponge. Fabulous home, impeccable taste!


i am truly in awe of this space, and i especially love the mix of light and dark throughout. i am also envious of your bookshelves. exquisite. good taste!


i love the bedroom :) and i’m rarely, rarely drawn to dark rooms at that.

Susan Lim

hi , can someone advise where I can buy the matthew fan? (to be shipped to Singapore if can’t obtain locally?)



Such an amazing space! Feels like a very quick getaway from Singapore when you enter the house. =)) Well done!


Hi! am sooooo impressed by your gorgeous creation!!
am especially intrigued by your yellow chicken and egg paitning in the basement. may i plsplspls know where you sourced it fr??
thanks!! and enjoy your lovely home!