polaroid peek: helen friel’s london flat

this unique sneak peek comes to us from designer helen friel and her flat mates nicky starr, flo and rachel. i just loved the way helen’s polaroid pictures came out and thought they gave her space such a light, airy feel.

helen shares her flat with three roommates, who’ve helped decorate the space with pieces they’ve found mostly in charity/thrift shops and left on the streets of london. helen describes their best find as, “an original london county council clock” but is still mourning the loss of a “plastic duck that was in the same skip- and had gone by the time we went back for it”. their apartment at the top of streatham hill was an instant favorite with the girls because of its turret on the roof and the views of london sunsets they get from inside. thanks so much to helen, nicky, flo and rachel for sharing their space with us- it’s always fun to see where young artists call home. be sure to click “read more” below to see additional, full-sized images after the jump.




I love the photographs on the walls. I also love the mood that the polaroids convey, that benign decay.I am not crazy about the flat or the christmas light strung up on the wall over the clock. This kind of design sensitivity seems messy and depressing to me. Others I am sure will love it. It is just a matter of taste.


Looks lovely! I’m partial to butterflies myself. And a bed by the window is so inviting, seems like the perfect place to read, rest, read some more and then just think.


Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous home. The butterflies, flowers, and natural light bring nature right inside.


love the feel of the polaroid photos. What a great flat. However–beginning to think there is a Where’s Waldo conspiracy going on here–must ever home feature a Keep Calm print?

Ame Kay

Why does everyone always say they “love” this and that? Really, do you truly “love” what you are posting about? Think of another word people.


Where oh, where can I find a tablecloth like the one on the second picture?


I LOVE the flat…keep it up! LOVE is a universal word…