mr. and mrs.

good morning! i’m back in brooklyn today, writing as a married woman! our wedding went off without a hitch last weekend and we spent the last two days cruising around charleston enjoying beautiful weather, the smell of marsh (which i love), and incredible southern food. i ate more biscuits, okra, and shrimp than i can even remember so i’d say it was a successful trip. i just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the kind emails, notes, tweets and comments we received over the past week or so. i’m just now diving into them all and i can’t tell you how much we both appreciate your kind thoughts. thank you. (also, thank you to everyone who came out to our SCAD panel last week!)

our wedding is going to be featured in an upcoming issue of martha stewart weddings so unfortunately i won’t be able to share photos right away, but after seeing the photos they took the morning of the wedding i know they’ll be worth the wait (for me at least).

i’m still catching up on emails and work this morning but i’ll be back in a sec with diy projects and a beautiful sneak peek! also, katie runnels has another great home tour on the d*s guest blog this morning- click here to check it out!


thought of you often on your wedding weekend. Followed your tweets too. I thought it was funny that I was going to new york while you were on your way to Savannah which is where I was coming fro


Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you that I even came from utter lurksville to say this. Greets from Croatia!


Martha Stewart Weddings?? Not that you hadn’t known about it for a while…but you must be thrilled….! Congratulations on such a beautiful day. :)


enjoy the beginning of your new life together! you look wonderful in the photo booth.


Enjoy your new life together! The photo booth pics are so cute!!!


Ooh, how exciting! ‘Love the photo booth photos and I can’t wait to see the issue!

E to the M

Congratulations! I loved reading the story of how you two met. I wish you many, mnay happy years together.


Congrats, Grace! So glad to hear that everything went wonderfully. Love the photo booth pics – they are so cute.

Victoria Everman

Hooray – I am delight to hear that it all went so well. Following your tweets on the day of was very exciting :)

Congrats on being married AND making it into MS Weddings – drool!


Congratulations on your wedding!! I have been reading your blog since January and you are trully inspiring. I have done more projects to my little hole in the wall than I ever except I would or could. I thank you and enjoy your wonderfully written blog. Keep up the great work.
Darla from the Great White North – Alberta Canada


so excited to see your photos! i’m sure they will be fantastic. Many congrats to you and your hubby…married life is bliss!

Bethany Rose Hildenbrandi

Martha Stewart Weddings!!?? Oh, exciting – I can’t wait to see it! Congrats!!


and i just knew some fab magazine would be covering your wedding, so we wouldn’t get to see pics right away. sad (but awesome)
LOVE the b&w photo booth pics!

erin :: the olive notes

Oh Congrats! I love your blog and don’t know if I’ve ever commented. But it’s amazing how you’ve kept it up so well even with all the craziness of a wedding! :)


Another Phish couple – love it! Checking out the summer shows? Best wishes.


Funniest thing – I’m reading the NYT wedding page and see this face I ‘recognize’ (odd since I live in OH) and it was you! Congrats – NYT and Martha –wow!! May your happiness grow everyday.


Congrats! and please let us know when the Martha Stewart issue comes out with your wedding in it. I want to grab that one up for sure.


The New York Times and Martha? You are one lucky girl! I was so excited to see your wedding on Sunday that I squealed. It’s always exciting to find someone you “know” although I had a hard time explaining to my husband why it was so exciting. Congratulations! Being married is so much fun.


Hoorah!!Congrats to you both!! Can’t wait to see the pics. Best wishes for your new life together!


Congratulations to you both! I look forward to seeing/reading more about your amazing day. xo Victoria

Colleen P.

That is a darling story about how you met. Congratulations!


Yay! I’m excited to see pictures from your wedding. I’m currently planning a wedding for mid-November and I’ve hit a wall and am looking for some creative inspiration beyond the generic cookie cutter stuff. Knowing the magazine biz I may just have to wait and compare after the fact!

InkSpot Workshop

Hip Hip Hooray Hipsters! Welcome to the club – I really enjoyed readint the NY Times article they did on how you met, super cute. Enjoy the marriage ride.


Congrats to you both! And have fun using the words “my husband.” It still makes me smile when I say it.


congrats! marriage is the most wonderful thing ever! can’t wait to see your photos.


book-by-its-cover, a regular stop, apologized for missing posts…she was at a savannah wedding!

charming photos…congratulations.


congratulations! photo booth pictures are adorable and i can’t wait to see the others!


c o n g r a t s ! & i’m also very jealous that you’re all done with! & without a hitch. mine is in 4 weeks and i also have an old fashioned b&w photobooth :)


Congratulations to you and AC! I can’t wait to see the pictures in Martha Stewart Weddings.


Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the photos in MS Weddings.


Congratulations to the lucky couple! Can’t wait to see your wedding photos!

Claire Bock

Congrats on the wedding! Can’t wait to see your photos in Martha Stewart! The photo booth pics are beautiful.


Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your wedding photos in Martha Stewart Weddings!


hurray!! the loveliest wedding ever!! welcome to the special circle of married people — enjoy each other! xoxo


congratulations mr. and mrs! I loved following your tweets leading up to the wedding day – so much excitement! I can’t wait to see the photos!

best wishes to you both!


Congratulations – I am sure your wedding photos will be beyond inspirational


Oh Congratulations Grace! Isn’t wonderful to be a MRS. I had no idea getting married would be so much fun.


And I simply can’t wait to see the photos… perhaps I can persuade Victoria for a little sneak peak. (if she took any)


I am SO EXCITED to see your wedding in MS Weddings. SO FUN. Please post when it hits the stands! Congratulations to you and ac!


congratulations, LOVING those photobooth pics, how cute are you guys?!!? looking forward to seeing more of your big happy day x


Congratulations!! Love those photo booth pics and can’t wait to read and see more in Martha Stewart! You guys make the perfect couple.

amy m.

Congratulations Grace!!! Such cute photos! and i can’t wait to see the Martha article! <3 <3


I saw your wedding announcement in the Times and was 1. excited to “know” someone in the wedding announcements section (I read your blog regularly and so feel like I “know” you) and 2. delighted by how un-New York Times wedding announcement-ish yours was and 3. completely endeared to you for joining a group of women who love Phish! Congratulations on your wedding!


congrats grace! i’m so looking forward to seeing the photos in MS! keep us posted :)


Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for the both of you and can’t wait to see the pictures in Martha Stewart.


HUGE congrats Grace and AC – I’m sure it was the best wedding ever! Can hardly wait to see it in the magazine!


Congrats Grace! Hubby and I were in Savannah this past weekend too, for the Sidewalk Arts Festival, and thought of you. We stayed at the Dresser Palmer House and overheard another guest chatting about being there for his niece’s wedding mentioning that “she’s really into all kinds of design and from NYC”, so I assume that was you! It was certainly a wonderful weekend for a wedding. How fitting that you should be featured in MS Weddings!


I’m happy you’re keeping your name. Savannah sounds like a lovely place to get married. Best wishes!

Bridget hodson

Congrats Grace! Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog. It is often the only constant in my ever changing world these days. I love just knowing it’s there. Clearly, you work very hard and it shows. We appreciate it! Yay … Phish 09!!!


Congrats! Being in the NYT reminds me of when Charlotte and Harry from sex and the city were taking their announcement photos-how cute! Cant wait for the pictures!


So very happy for you and your honey, Grace. You are such an inspiration! You have truly made your dreams come true!


Congratulations to you both! My brother got married on the same day so I missed all your tweets. But I got all caught up today. Can’t wait to see the photos!



and joel baden of the yale divinity school? he was a professor of mine and is AMAZING.

Asha Hossain

So happy for you guys! Congrats Grace and AC. Wishing you a long life of love, humor and happiness together. xo Asha (p.s. saw some of Amy’s pics and the wedding, and both of you, looked so beautiful!)


Wow martha stewart, your wedding must have been perfect if Martha is going to have it in her magazine…Martha doesnt have anything that isnt practically perfect in ever way. Its probably the biggest wedding honor to have a Martha Stewarts magazine covering your wedding…
If you just happen to go on her show, make sure you tell her she needs more craft projects because I havent attempted a new martha craft and messed it up in almost a month!


Congratulations Grace!!!!
Maybe I’ll ask your for some tips: I’m engaged and actually trying to make it happen for the end of august (everybody tells me I’ll never manage to prepare a wedding within just 4 months)…



yes! that is too funny that you had him- he’s aaron’s oldest friend and we were so thrilled to have him marry us :)



Hey Grace !

just dropping by the say Congrats on your wedding and want to wish you all the best in your new exciting chapter !


thank you everyone for your kind comments- aaron and i are so appreciative. thank you, thank you, thank you.

xo, g + a


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!! THIS IS SO WONDERFUL!!!! as a reader who doesn’t know you personally but admires you truly, I wish you all happiness in your married life, Grace! it seems you were born for each other and it’s sure to be a wonderful shared life! for all your help for young/new designers and artists and for making the world a little prettier, nicer and easier for everyday, thank you! :)


Congratulations Grace! You make such a pretty bride! Looking forward to the photos — in Martha Stewart magazine, too — wow! To a lifetime of married bliss!


Congratulations, Grace! Just read the story of how you and Aaron met… very cute! Looks like that 2nd meal was worth it! ;)

Gina Dudics

Congratulations, Grace. I can’t wait to see your photos in Martha Stewart! xo


your wedding sounded so lovely! orleans is one of my favorite squares in savannah :) congrats again!



I wish you both the best, and I can’t wait to see the photos! I’m so happy for you. <3

If I had a flute of champagne, I would want to make a toast!

Janet Moran

oh happy day!!! So glad to hear it was a wonderful wedding. I can’t wait to see the pictures, what a treat to be in Martha Stewart.

wide open spaces

gorgeous! so very thrilled for you both. don’t be on here posting too much and miss all those newlywed kisses.


Eeee, i can’t believe I missed this announcement! Congrats!! I can’t wait to see the MS issue — let us know when it hits the stands :)

Down and Out Chic

congrats! if your wedding is anything like these photos, i’m sure it was beautiful and creative. martha stewart wedding!? that’s awesome!

samantha hahn

grace, i’m so happy for you. i love the photo booth pictures. you two look delightful. congratulations….this is such a wonderful time…enjoy every single moment! xoxoxoxoxooooooooooooooo.


CONGRATS to you both! Very much looking forward to the MSW issue. Enjoy this blissful time!


Congratulations, Grace! Looking forward to seeing the photos of your wedding. :)


congrats grace! i’m so glad that everything turned out amazing!


I was wondering when the pictures are going to be featured in the MSW issue? Anybody knows?