matte stephens + mia carruthers + tgif

i’m still fighting with my laptop (current score: laptop 3, grace 0) so unfortunately i can’t get things to load quickly enough to do a weekly wrap up today, but i promise next week everything will be back together. man, i’m glad it’s friday.

i wanted to wrap things up with these new prints and felted characters from matte stephens (click here, here and here for a look at matt’s house) and a video from my new favorite singer/songwriter- mia carruthers from mtv’s taking the stage. yes, it’s directed by nick lachey and no, it’s not design-related, but after 3 days of computer hell i need a little stress-relieving music. hope you all have a wonderful weekend and i’ll see you on monday- from a new computer. xo, d*s.

Kelli Lewis

Relax this weekend, Grace! You deserve it!

(and if you are at all considering a Mac — I highly recommend, but don’t want to be pushy — I’d be glad to offer any advice! They are wonderful machines and as you are brilliant in the design arena, I think one would make you happy.)



Thanks for the link to the Matte Stephens Etsy shop; I love felted wool critters, and what fabulous work!


I wish it were possible for etsy to have a wedding registry. If I could, I would put his work on it.

Anne Bryant

Great links Grace—I love Matte’s illustration, it’s neat to see them as stuffed critters. And one other redeeming quality about Nick Lachey is that he’s a Cincinnati kid like me and proud of his home town. :)

Sam D

Where can I buy digital copies of Mia music! It was balm to a terrible week… thx.

kate Endle

I just bought Matte’s larger owl- it’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E! So silky soft, too. He’s done such a great job translating his 2D work to 3D work. Way to go Matte!

Beth H

OOOOH ! I’m a huge Matte Stephens fan – love everything he makes. Good luck sortin’ our your computer, Grace! That stuff is never fun.

kitty maer

Wow. Those prints incorporate all the elements of what I loved about my ’60s childhood books (passed down by my 9 year older sister.) I think I may have to get the New Orleans print to remind me of my favorite city.

And those felt dolls! Matt is a great talent.


My daughter and Mia were best buddies in elementary school. The show is silly, but Mia’s talent is for real. The boyfriend breakup was scripted – they broke up a couple weeks before and Brian had to go back and redo it! We’ve been listening to Mia’s music for quite some time. This is the break she needs! Thanks for posting about her.


Oh Matte! I’ve always loved his art. Now there are felted sculptures to love too?! So if we can get Amanda Visell and Matte Stephens together, the whole world will be full of rooster schoolbuses and evil poopicorns. Why did I ever grow up?

lydia nichols

i’ve always liked matte’s work. a throw back to the fifties/sixties, but with a very modern feel. lovely use of gouache!


the 2nd print makes me think of th beginning of 101 dalmations when pongo is looking for a “lady friend” :)


I saw some of Matt Stephens original work at a gallery over the weekend and I love it! It’s even better in person.


Matte Stephens is fantastic. There’s something really French-storybook about his illustrations.


Un gran ilustrador, para mi un gran descubrimiento. Felicidades por este blog tan interesante y agradable. Lo sigo a diario. Un saludo desde España.