Guest Blog by Jess Chamberlain of Sunset Magazine

Greetings from San Francisco! And happy almost-Earth-Day!

What an absolute privilege to join the yearbook of guest bloggers at Design*Sponge.

I’m a home & design writer for Sunset Magazine, as well as for our blog Home by Sunset. For those of you east-coasters not familiar: Sunset Magazine covers topics of home, garden, food, wine, and travel in the western 13 states, including Alaska and British Columbia. My favorite subjects center around sustainability and healthy living (yes I live in San Francisco; no I’m not a hippy), so it’s a real treat to be blogging during the week of Earth Day (if you haven’t already made your plans to start saving the planet on Wednesday, now would be good). :)

This week I’ll be sharing a few projects, products and resources for living lighter on the planet, as well as some interviews with eco-trail blazers who’ll be sharing sustainability tips, as well as their eco-confessions (making us all feel a teeny tiny better about our own). My posts here won’t be groundbreaking (gasp!); they’ll be achievable topics, and hopefully a little inspiring. (I.e. My car is not a hybrid but I have been seen stuffing large amounts of loose fruits and vegetables into my handbag at grocery store checkout in order to refuse paper and plastic.)

The best part of a blog is that it’s a sort of community event, but with people around the world, instead of just your city block. Here you have opportunity to comment, create conversation, debate, movements. So please, let’s “talk”. Tell me what you’re doing to live lighter on the planet, what eco-friendly products you love, how you make salads from a veggie patch in your own backyard.

[All Photographs by Thomas J. Story]



i’m excited about the Eat-Your-Garden Salad article!


I am so excited to read about Sunset magazine. Always looking for new places to get new ideas….

Thanks for sharing!


Sam @PrettyLovely


jess –

i just wanted to say i’ve really been all of enjoying your posts! thank you so much…