diy wednesdays: wallpapered tv trays

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve eaten our fair share of meals off of TV trays. We love them for their casual convenience, but do our best to stash them out of sight when company comes around. These, on the other hand, cleaned up so nice with so little effort, we think it’s about time to organize our first TV dinner party.

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*This project is an excerpt from Lauren and Derek’s new book, Wallpaper Projects: More Than 50 Craft Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art.

Folding TV tray
Wallpaper scraps
Clear contact paper

Spray paint (Optional)
Metal ruler
X-Acto knife
Spray adhesive
Bone folder or burnishing tool


1. Spruce up an old tray with a coat of two of spray paint. Set it aside to dry.

2. Measure the dimensions of the tray top, and draw the measurement on the back side of your wallpaper with a pencil and ruler.

3. Cut out the piece of wallpaper with an X-Acto knife, using a metal ruler as your guide.

4. Apply a layer of spray adhesive to the back side of the wallpaper.

5. Carefully set the paper in place on your tray top, and use a bone folder or burnishing tool to smooth out any bubbles.

6. To protect and seal the wallpaper, measure and cut out a piece of clear contact paper the same size as your tray top.

7. Peel off the backing and place the contact paper over the wallpaper. Smooth out any bubbles with a bone folder or burnishing tool.


I’ve been looking for metal TV trays like you have pictured, any suggestions as to where to get them?


These are fabulous. I am going to my first garage sale of the season this weekend. I’ll be on the lookout for some TV trays.


I always love the patterns of wallpaper and fabric shown in these type of examples. Where do you find them? Are there any good online resources out there.

Keirsten Giles

What a great idea–I was actually thinking TV trays would be a handy way to display my wares at the farmers market–this would make them extra special, and then no need to drape it with anything. Thanks!


lovely, simple project. am wondering, however, where one buys/acquires cool wallpaper scraps such as the ones used in your project. any tips?


But is there no end to sticking paper on things? To crocheting things? Somethings are what they are. I respect that thingness.

Perhaps I am simply behind the times.


Great idea! I would love to know where both pillows are from too!


I love them! Great idea and that print is one of my favorites. Casa Pinka papered her fridge in it and it looks awesome!


Thanks! This is what I need! I’m sick of using those dodgy “Stable tables” from the eighties (not kidding). I always make sure they’re hidden if I’m expecting visitors.

Jessica Jones

I’m in love with this! Maybe I need to doctor up my own TV trays, which are completely not exciting. Thanks for the inspiration, guys!


I agree with neaner and Lauren and I’m in the fabric business but have still not found a resource for small amounts of hip wallpaper. I’m dieing to do the inside of my black, glass doored china cabinet and don’t want to purchase a double roll and the cool w-paper cos. won’t even respond to the question. Help !!

Tanna Paradis

Given the scarcity of TV trays, try lining a wooden or lucite tray to get a similar effect.


I think they’re cute but I do agree with LPC…. sometimes it’s good to respect an object’s “thingness” !


i’m late to the discussion, but if there’s anybody in the dc area that would like to try this, my FIL just tried to give some old tv tray tables away to salvation army – and they wouldn’t take them! (perhaps this is why nobody can find them?) they’re not in the greatest shape, but would prob clean up real nice like these pretty wallpapered ones! email me at mog1980 *at* aol *dot* com if interested?


If you live in OZ – GoLo has wooden foldaway TV-tray tables at the moment for $16.99. I snagged one the other day and am about to decoupage away (as it isn’t metal I have to go about this a bit differently)


Responding to Lauren and Suzanne, a great place to start looking for small bits of cool wallpaper is in wallpaper sample books. Often paint/wallpaper stores will either give away old books of discontinued wallpaper (they are often happy to be rid of them) or will sell the books for cheap! Just ask with a big smile on your face.

Good luck!


Home Depot has wallpaper samples for about a buck 50 with no shipping charge. Pretty cute stuff especially if you’re looking for vintage like i was.(:


Where or where is that wallpaper from? I’m dying to know! Please, please, oh pretty please let us know!