diy projects: craftynest

to say that craftynest is a wealth of fantastic diy projects would be a massive, massive understatement. monica ewing, formerly a designer for sunset magazine, now runs a fantastic blog called craftynest where she shares some really spectacular diy projects. there were too many to even pick a favorite so i thought i’d share a few of my favs in honor of diy day. just click the links below each image to read monica’s step-by-step instructions. thanks monica and jess!

diy project (above): paper silhouettes (love these!)

diy project: bamboo veneer flowers + ikea lack table

diy project: modular bookshelf

diy project: hemp pendant lamps


I LOVE that ikea table makeover! And I own one of those tables, haha, so I see a project in my future.


I love the wallpaper in the pendant lamp picture! Anyone know where it’s from?


Is there info on the blue and orange flowers that are intermixed with the silhouettes? They are stunning.


That modular bookshelf will be my next project! So practical and inexpensive! ugh. I love it.


I love the flowers in the top pic– any idea where there might be instructions on how to make them?


the modular bookshelf is a great idea, i’m looking to put a few together here in my space. Those white filing boxes are very good. I have a few of those in different sizes from ikea. they screw together. . .

Bethany Rose Hildenbrandi

I love all of these ideas. They are so cute! I would never think to use those drawers like that. What a fantastic idea!


Thanks for posting – totally excited to bookmark Crafty Nest – the bookshelf is awesome!


The wallpaper is from Target. Unfortunately, it’s now sold out. Heika bought the flowers at Bombay Kids (now out of business). She saw similar—but not as cute—ones at Hobby Lobby. She’s already thinking up a way to make some herself, though…


Oops! Forgot to say thanks to Grace for posting this and thanks to all of you for your sweet comments. Love ya all!


I can’t seem to get Craftynest to work….wordpress comes up trying to get me to sign up for my own blog and none of the links will work….is it just me???


it’s not just you, Cyn! I can’t get it to work, either.


Yep. Very frustrating day. Craftynest is back up now, with no explanation from my host.


New info: Heika just saw similar —and just as cute— metal flowers at Hobby Lobby for $17 each.