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diy project: kate’s tin message board

by Grace Bonney

my boyfriend and i are compulsive list and note makers, and every day when i try to clean up i find myself picking up scattered pieces of paper strewn all over the house. this magnetic message board provides a spot for our random notes and to do lists, as well a spot for our extra key for the front door (which has to be locked from the inside to close…you gotta love those wonky old apartment quirks). if you don’t like spray paint, you can decorate these tins with anything you please: paper, fabric, acrylic paint, you name it! good luck! – kate (click here and here for more tin projects from kate)

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What You’ll Need:
1. altoids tins
2. spray paint (white primer, plus any colors you want)
3. epoxy (i like to get the epoxy with the quickest set time, usually 60 second is available at hardware stores)
4. pliers
5. drill with small drill bit
6. drop cloth or surface for spray painting
7. strong magnets
8. strong magnet with handle


1. clean the altoids tins and pull off the tops.
2. push all of the metal flaps into the inside of the tin using the pliers. this is to flatten the sides as best you can.
3. take two tins and drill a small hole in the top right corner of one tin, and the top left corner of the other tin with a small drill bit. these will be you outermost tins and will be the ones you nail into the wall to secure the organizer.
4. spray all of the altoids tins with white primer in a well ventilated place (outside is best). let them dry.
5. spray the tins with a second coat of primer to cover all visible writing. let dry.
6. spray paint tins with your desired colors. these should only need one even coat. let dry.
7. if you are making the key holder tin, spray paint the mighty magnet with the handle with primer, then with the color matching the tin.
8. arrange your tins together in the order you want.
9. mix your epoxy and spread a thin layer on the sides of the first two tins you will connect. let them dry.
10. continue to connect the tins with epoxy between each tin.
11. when all the tins are glued to each other and dry, place your mighty magnet handle into the open tin, and place other magnets on the other tins. your organizer is now ready to hang with tiny nails or screws.


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