diy project: gold leaf rocks

i’ve always had a soft spot for rock art. there’s something about it that reminds of of summer camp west virginia and drawing with paint on river rocks. so when kate did a linocut stamp project with rocks the other week i started looking around for great rock-related projects. one of the projects i loved came from claire chauvin, a photography teacher in texas. her gold leaf river rock project is elevates rock-art to a whole new level and sure beats the painted rocks i made when i was younger. this would be such a fun way to personalize a tabletop, give a quirky gift to a friend (monogrammed?), or just spend an afternoon making something pretty for your home.

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions.

[ps: emergency wedding project help– does anyone know a place in manhattan where i can buy fabric for an ink jet printer? i need to print on some asap for a wedding project and the place i ordered from just told me they’re back-ordered. ack!] (found some at city quilter near ac’s office! thanks twitter friends and everyone here!)



hi… you might just want to try ironing some butcher paper to cotton or canvas and feeding that directly into your printer (be sure to trim the butcher paper/cloth sandwich edges after ironing, so they are even). i do this all the time and it works great. feel free to email me if you need add’l instructions… good luck with your project!


follow up to earlier post:
you can buy butcher paper in the grocery store (it has wax on just one side; do not use wax paper, which has wax on both sides). also, once printed, the butcher paper can be easily removed from your printed fabric :)


These are gorgeous! I also painted rocks at summer camp every year and now have a soft spot for anything rock-related. I’ll have to try this out!


Oh, this is a project I will definitely be doing! I love the mix of an earthy rock and fancy gold leaf. Nice find.


You have fulfilled my love and devotion to beach stones and also how to incorporate them as tasteful wedding decor. Thank you!


FYI, that gold line has got to be inspired by nature artist Andy Goldsworthy, except that he would line up rocks with existing mineral seams to get this effect.
I guess it’s a different effect, but to me, having seen his work, this version seems a little faked.



if you read the post on her site you’ll see mention of andy goldsworthy- i don’t think she’s trying to pull one over on anybody. i think any version that’s not his is going to technically be “faked” but i’m a fan of projects inspired by artists. i don’t think it’s necessarily someone copying or faking something, just creating their own version, like she has here.


Candy Spender

this really fulfills my love of odd juxtapositions, I love it, and I don’t think its anything like Andy Goldsworthy. Except if one accepts that all good stuff feeds us all on some level.


Would you recommend something to cover the rocks so that they’re maybe a little more durable and to make sure the gold leaf stays put for a while?


I LOVE this idea! It’s a pity that I haven’t got any wedding in view, otherwise I would suggest it as a “casual” gift for the guests (I’m thinking about rocks decorated with the initials of the bride and the groom).


I love these! Smaller rocks would make wonderful necklaces and pebbles for earrings – oh, the gears are turning with tons of ideas!


This is it. After months of looking at diy’s projects with fear and desire, I will make this one.
Wish me luck!!!


these are gorgeous and will so be used (in pewter) for my wedding! :)


These are so beautiful! Unfortunately, the link isn’t working anymore :(


Inga if you type in gold lead rocks on Google etc it will come up with a link.. it’s poop something.. you’ll find it there. I think they’ve just moved it :)