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diy project: gold leaf rocks

by Grace Bonney

i’ve always had a soft spot for rock art. there’s something about it that reminds of of summer camp west virginia and drawing with paint on river rocks. so when kate did a linocut stamp project with rocks the other week i started looking around for great rock-related projects. one of the projects i loved came from claire chauvin, a photography teacher in texas. her gold leaf river rock project is elevates rock-art to a whole new level and sure beats the painted rocks i made when i was younger. this would be such a fun way to personalize a tabletop, give a quirky gift to a friend (monogrammed?), or just spend an afternoon making something pretty for your home.

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions.

[ps: emergency wedding project help– does anyone know a place in manhattan where i can buy fabric for an ink jet printer? i need to print on some asap for a wedding project and the place i ordered from just told me they’re back-ordered. ack!] (found some at city quilter near ac’s office! thanks twitter friends and everyone here!)


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