bklyn designs 09: eskayel and matthew fairbank

bklyn designs is coming up on may 8th and i’m starting to get excited about some of the newer companies showing this year. two of the designers i’m excited about seeing in person are shanan campanaro of eskayel studio and furniture designer matthew fairbank.

eskayel creates bold graphic wallpapers that seem to burst with color on the wall. i’ve seen these installed in a store before and they’re even more intricate and beautiful in person. i’m of course drawn to the pink colorways right now but shanan also does wonders with blues. click here to see more of her work.

i’m also loving this writing desk from matthew fairbank. solid, sophisticated and with just the right amount of ornamentation, it’s the sort of desk that i hope i can one day own when we live in a regular house (not an apt. with floors on a 12 degree slant). click here for more information on matthew’s work.


Lucy Gazelle

Kudos to Matthew for a gorgeous, modern desk design. Would love to surprise my hubby with this one.


Simple, clean, elegant and funtional. . .and lots of leg room.
I like this desk much


oooh! a card catalog desk, how smart. I agree, it is a must have. The size is perfect if you have a perfectly large office. thanks for sharing! Dd