before & after: susan’s wallpaper doors

next week i’ll be posting a special wallpaper-themed interview, so i’ve got wallpaper on the brain. so i was excited to see this before & after entry from IT tech slash “crafty momma” susan edwards.

susan found this beautiful yellow flocked wallpaper in the attic of a local wallpaper store in oklahoma city. she originally went in looking for black and white paper, but came out with this fantastic vintage print instead. she bought two rolls for $25 each and decided to use it to recover the closet doors in her studio. this is such a fun and easy way to make a big change in your space and i love the way it adds a big splash of yellow to susan’s pink studio. thanks so much to susan for sharing.

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I like the vintage print on the paper but i think it gets too loud with the pink wall and the green drawers… Anyway it’s just an opinion. :)


ha! We found a section of that exact same flocked paper in blue while doing our bathroom renovation. It’s from the 60s, if you are wondering.


amazing how that wallpaper makes that hideous pink actually acceptable.

Soft Spoken

I’ve actually never seen anyone put wallpaper on doors, what a neat idea. It’s such a great way to spruce up a closet.


I love the pink, green and yellow together! They’re such fun and bright colors!


I love, love, love the vintage twist this add to the colorful palette! I don’t think the pink is hideous – it’s a warm neutral.


I love the wallpaper! What a great find a brilliant way to use it. I think it looks great with the pink!


The pink reminds me of a tampon ad. But the combination of green, white and yellow is nice.


I’ve been wanting to do this but my boyfriend complained that they would peel…we have several cabinet doors vs the sliding doors. Now I say “what do men know?” and I’m going for it. Thanks for the inspiration!


Thanks to all the nice comments!!!
It was my first time to wallpaper anything and I was so excited to get started I skipped the whole boring prep stage. Not a good idea! I had to use a tube of E-6000 to get the edges to stick, but hey, it looks good right. ;)
Cara – make sure you prep the doors before you begin.


That’s a great idea! Is there any way to achieve such a thing in a rental (without having to buy new doors when you leave)? I would love a splash of color in my very off-white apartment.


I think those closet doors look awesome with the pink walls. I never heard of wallpapering doors but that is a cool idea.


I’d love to do maps, but i really hate that type of door…maybe i’m just lazy :)


Brilliant colour combination, makes me happy just looking at it


Crystal, you could try fabric and a staple gun. Works well on walls, too, and comes down easily when it’s time to move.

killer keith

That pink! Whew! Looks great! You are so creative crafty momma!


I love wallpaper, but I have a feeling in abour 5-9 years, we will all be spending countless hours taking it off…

I wonder if the newer wallpaper is easier to peel off, god I hope so, or my bedroom is screwed.

I just wallpapered my living, and dinningroom in grasscloth…it was ridiculously expensive, but its beautiful. At least grasscloth is timeless and ages beautifully.

susan edwards

You are right hrhkat, I’ll be sick of it in about a year, I’m sure, but that what’s nice about inexpensive makeovers. You can change it, and it’s no big deal.

I’m sure I’ll probably redo my studio 5 times in the next 9 years while you are still enjoying your “ridiculously expensive” grasscloth.

laura lee

As soon as I saw the design I said to myself, “That’s flocked!” Sure enough it was:) I remember something very similar to this pattern in a house I grew up in during the 70s (in Oklahoma!) Nice to see it come back around.