world’s smallest postal service

by Grace Bonney

ok, so this has probably already made the blog rounds, but i received a teeny tiny letter from lauren and derek at the curiosity shoppe last night and my mind is officially blown.

the ‘world’s smallest postal service‘ is a project run by lea redmond of leafcutter designs. basically, lea offers a teeny tiny transcription service via her roaming post offices (based in the san francisco bay area) and an online shop. if you’re lucky enough to see her in person, you can write a letter and have it turned into a ‘world’s smallest letter’, which is transcribed on a miniature desk in the tiniest of script, sealed with a teeny tiny wax seal (she uses a tiny birthday cake candle to melt it!) with the sender’s initials pressed into it. the kicker? it’s packaged with a tiny magnifying glass in a glassine envelope that allows the reader to read their message in miniature form.

i have been staring at my message all morning, almost too bowled over to even touch it it’s so cute. i cannot think of a cuter way to say hello to someone and i’m already dreaming up all the teeny tiny ways to use lea’s service. our wedding is one month from today, so maybe i’ll send everyone teeny tiny thank yous after the big day? click here for more information, to view lea’s post office calendar, or place an order online (click here to watch lea in action!). [thank you to lauren and derek for the idea and for the sweet (tiny) note]


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  • I sent one of these to Mr. Unreliable for Valentines Day, he was freaked out by the tiny, tiny writing, but he loved it nonetheless! :D

  • Got my husband one for Valentine’s Day and it was beautiful!!! I recommend one for ANY occasion.

    The owner is a wonderful person with a great vision of spreading love.

    The ordering system is a bit tricky so confirm your order through an email to ensure it gets processed.

  • I had read about this wonderful thing in a magazine months before traveling to San Francisco. We walked into a little boutique in the mission and found the World’s Smallest Post office. Spreading the most clever and cute love in the world!

  • I love this even more every time I see it! I would love to send these to special people one day! P.S. I couldn’t get the link for the interview with Nathan to work. It said “You do not have permission to preview drafts.”

  • oh, man–i’m kicking myself for not sending one of these when i saw her at a shop in berkeley last december. honestly, i just had no clue what she was doing! had i realized i would have sent tons of them!

  • Don’t they say the sweetest sound to someone’s ears is the sound of his/her own name – well, I saw this post and the photo of the little note with my initials on it and I think it just had the same effect….but for my eyes! It was like I received a little note just for me – I would love to have a wax stamp like this one!

  • Those are the cutest things ever! But then again, anythign that is made teeny tiny is just way too cute!

  • Lea Redmond’s tiny letters are as much a joy to send as to receive… and so little paper gets used in the process!

  • Does anyone know how big these letters are? Is that blurred-out letter more or less actual size? Having a penny or something in the picture would have given us a better idea of the scale. In any case: Very cute!

    • dantelle

      sorry, i didn’t think to put something like a penny in the shot. that would have been smart ;)

      the letter is so tiny it’s about the size of a penny. it fits on the tip of my index finger, on the first joint. teeny tiny.


  • This is such a sweet, lovely idea. I am completely in love with the old-fashioned seal in the perfect lipstick red color.