weeder’s digest: paris edition

Scenes: Parisian flower stalls and cemeteries.

Eric and I are scouting around in Paris this week, stopping to snoop around in all the flower stalls and trekking though cemeteries. Nothing like a little death and flowers in the afternoon. Or apéritifs and oysters at the Ritz in the afternoon. Or shoe shopping in the afternoon. Thanks to D*Sponge for bankrolling the whole trip – Grace truly knows how to keep her writers and weeders happy.* Of particular note: potted anemones, ranuncula the size of oranges, a mimosa tree, and miniature potted hydrangea – which would make such good wedding favors/table decorations. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. -SR

*Not confirmed


CLICK HERE for over 20 more photos from Sarah’s trip to Paris after the jump below (just click on each thumbnail to view them full-size)

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Pretty …. except what is UP with the centres of those ranunculus?! Looks like there’s something growing out the middle … ewwww!


I love all of these paris photos! I want some of these flowers growing in my yard, but being in the mid west, I am not sure if they would like it here. :-)


gorgeous stuff! and resounding proof that we should all label our flowers in euroscript for added sexiness.


These beauties are incredible!! My sister and I visited Paris last year and we freaked out staring at these flowers, because they’ re most pretty rare in our tropical Brazil. Thanks D*S for make my day, once more!
*tip: most of these flowers are in Claire Basler’s paitings (she’s also french), you can see them on her website.


Oh, this is the best inspiration for my upcoming wedding…and my finace and I are going to Paris for our honeymooon. This makes me so excited!


Yes, we do have beautiful flowers and flower shops in Paris (;o), with spring coming everybody is buying new plants and pots! The winter was so cold, a lot of plants froze.
Lindsay, I think it’s because the ranunculus are not quite ripe (can I say ripe for flowers?); they’ll turn ok later.


Oh, I love the oxalis! I’ve only seen them with pink flowers, the yellow ones are a fantastic combination!

Nina B

What do I need to do to get a trip to Paris (or anywhere, really) bankrolled by D*S??

Fifi Flowers

Ooooooh… I sooooo must contact the owners of these photos… They are marvelous… I would love to paint them! Thank you for sharing!