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under $100: pets!

by Grace Bonney

today d*s is going to the dogs…and cats…and birds. when i opened up the call for under $100 topics last week dozens of you emailed and requested a pet roundup so i thought i’d focus my first weekly under $100 column on pets! i’ve always felt that pet roundups skew unfairly towards dogs so i’ve tried to include cat and bird products as much as possible (go cats!). i’m still searching for stylish fish products, but they tend to skew a little on the expensive side because of the cost of glass containers, etc. (and that plastic wall pod doesn’t seem to be super humane). so, i’ve rounded up over 55 of my favorite affordable pet designs on the market- i hope you enjoy them as much as i did! be sure to click “read more” below because the roundup continues well after the jump…

[image above, clockwise from top left: charlybox dog “canteen” $51, jonathan adler dog bowl $50, ikea krona dog toy $4.99 (king for the day!), wall mounted bird house $68, cat treats $10.20 (cute re-usable bag), french sailor sweater $90-$95 (how cute is this?), mini kittypod $98, dog trainer $22-$30, holden design pet feeder $94 (for small size), kitty catnip kracker $18, stick catnip toy $12, claw cat scratcher $85]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ‘vintage’ collar $24-$28, pet basket $5.99, cat mat $55, terracotta bird house $68, pet dish $85 (comes in clear and many other colors), good dog foot mat $7.50- $13 (also in bed form, $40-$80), hepper wave pet bed $85, striped kitty treat jar $42, hippie hound collar $20-$22, deep dish logo bowl $32-$38, happy cat bowl $28 (love this!), basset hound catnip toy $8, eco-twist dog toy $9.50 and up, cat tree $90, gingham kitty collar with bell $24 (this would be so pretty with turk’s green eyes)]

CLICK HERE for the rest of the guide (29 more products!) after the jump…

[image above, clockwise from top left: swiss dot cat collarsa $11, acrylic water dish $85 (in black or clear), disco dot leash bag $16, wall flower scratcher $35-$42, fatboy doggy boy bed $99 and up, tigrito cat bowl $76.50 (on sale at unica home), krona pet bed $69.99, green flower ribbon harness $46, twins food and water bowl $90, reknitz dog sweaters (made with reclaimed fibers) $38 each and SO cute, fatboy cat bag $99, mint flavored ‘tug’ dog chew toys $20, rocky mountain high organic catnip $6]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ikea cat scratching post $89.99, pet food bowl $4.99, amusement park dog collar $20, hemp dog collars $32, organic hemp catnip toys $5.50 each or $10 for both, hepper nest ped bed $95, kitty grocery pack $15, peanut bird feeder $83.30, pet bowl $0.99, amusement park leash $26 (i love this pattern)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: bow wow beds at etsy $44, polka dot dog bed cover $29.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: kitty ping pong balls $9 (my cats love to play with these in an empty bath tub), leather handled grooming brush $28, holden designs single pet feeder $79 (for ‘all the single kitties, all the single kitties‘)]

[image above: retro modern pet beds by likekittysville $69]

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  • What a fun gathering of pet goodies. I love my pets (dogs and cats) and I love that there is great design out there for them. I’m going to check out some of the cat scratchers!

  • This are truly some of the most awesome… no THE most awesome pet products I’ve ever seen gathered in one tidy little package.
    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  • I’m laughing because I too have re-worked the lyrics to “Put a Ring on It” to “If you like it then you shoulda put a treat on it” and sung it in my dog’s voice. I guess pet owners are just universally weird. :)

    • sara- you should seen the dog accessories on the phish tour. when i worked for their bass player i went to the limestone festival and sat in too many tents to count while watching girls knit little collars and sweaters out of hemp. ah, those were the days. ;)


  • These are great, but I wanted to say something regarding the plastic wall pod. It’s not humane for goldfish or other types of fish that need a lot of swimming room, but is designed for betta fish, which in the wild can live in small puddles with little oxygen in the water (clearly this is not the ideal situation, but still). The wall pods themselves actually have quite a bit of room for the fish to move around. Bettas also don’t do as well in traditional tanks with filters because they can’t handle a strong current.

  • Beautiful round up, Grace! I also have to give a shout out to Bridget at TeenyTinyCollars on Etsy. Her designs are exquisite and/or adorable and the metal buckles are just perfection- my dog is wearing a custom martingale collar she designed right now! To add icing on that cake, she regularly donates portions of her proceeds to various animal welfare causes! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6230257

  • Thanks for the great pet products. I don’t have kids yet, so I treat my dog and cat like they are my children. I live in Austin, Texas and if you are looking for an awesome place to find unique pet products, go to http://www.dogadillo.com. They are a local store and support local artists.

  • These are awesome products. I really like the Charley Box! Now if I could just get my dogs to keep clothes on I’d be dressing them up as well.

  • This is so awesome! and such strange timing too; you must have read my mind. I was searching your website the other day for some cute pet supplies, and couldn’t find anything. But here it is! Thanks a lot :)

  • What a great blog! There’s isn’t a product listed that I don’t LOVE! I am a spoiler of my two dogs and love looking for new ideas! Thanks.

  • Great list! I bought a cute dog collar and a squid chew toy from George in SF (you link to their stick catnip toy above) – I loved their shop! I live in DC and get asked every week where I found the dog collar.

  • Beautiful stuff! I think my cats would enjoy terrorizing a mini basset hound in revenge for all the terrorizing they usually get from her! LOL. Great list.

  • O what a great grouping of pet goodies!
    The recyled sweaters are so cool..I made one(not as nice)for my boston terrier pup from the cuff of a man’s sweater..she was tiny!

  • All this stuff is so cute! it really helps having all this in one place. I also just saw that cool dog house the eiCrate’s price went down to $100.