sneak peek: toni brogan

today i’m leaving early to go for my first wedding dress fitting (while ac is out of town for his bachelor party) so i wanted to share this beautiful sneak peek from toni brogan of catskill kiwi to make up for the shorter posts (sorry!). yesterday toni shared her beautiful before & after plaid chair with us, and today she’s sharing her beautiful upstate new york home. originally from new zealand, toni lived in nyc for 16 years and now works as a freelancer, allowing her to enjoy having a home and garden outside of the hustle and bustle of the city. i love all of the beautiful ebay finds in her home, but just about everything is lovely and makes me long for a bigger space and a garden to call my own. click here to read toni’s blog- thanks toni for sharing your home with us!

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Oh my, what a loverly view! I would never miss a meal at home if I had that to look at while I ate!


You can get a lot for a little in upstate! Thats why I love it. Very very beautiful home. I adore that hanging rack and the tea set!

Green Key

Toni, I love your home! Light, spacious, personal. Can you tell me where your sofa comes from? I really like its simplicity – and it looks quite comfy!


I’d still love to know where those horse pillows are from. They are so awesome!


Hi Green Key, the sofa is actually from Ikea its Lillburg, it pulls out to become a sleeper and you can store blankets under the cushions…. very handy!

Green Key

I just found the answer to my question about your sofa on your blog: Ikea! Wow. So reasonably priced.


I just love those glass candlesticks! Any idea where I could get my hands on some?


your home is amazing. i am in awe and inspired by the wood assemblage piece with the perfect amount of green in it. where did you find this piece?



your home is so beeuuuuteeefuuuul! i love the minimalism and airiness. would you mind telling me where you got that collection of glass candle holders?


Hi there Nique and Lindsay the candlesticks all came from CB2 and they are priced between 3.99 – 5.99!!! so go pick up a bunch they look really fabulous grouped together!


Hi Lisa, the wood piece which I absolutely love is done by my good friend and unbelievably talented artist Mike Sanzone, he has a show on right now in NYC, but check out the link under my “arty stuff” blog for images and contact.


I love how bright and liveable it all looks. Where did you find your beautiful coffee table?


Hi Natalie, the coffee table I’ve had kicking around for years…it was a thrift find, but I think you can pick these up pretty easy on ebay…. search danish slat coffee table.


I feel better just “looking” out your window! I, too, am delighted by your bird collection. Where did you find the fabulous linens w/ birds?


WOW! flicking through these piccies there was a special unexplainable element that i could relate to! It wasnt until i came accross the kiwiana that I realised why! Your taste is exquisite. Another Kiwi doing wonderful things.


Just wonderfull, never been interested in living at the countryside, but I’ve may have changed my mind:)


A Fisher Stove! Haven’t seen one in a long time. We had one in our first home. Remembering cozy…


Ooooh neat, my parents have that same Fisher woodstove, it is so cute.

David Magid

Wow, that’s my ex-boyfriend’s old vacation house! We fixed parts of it up together, but it looks a lot better than when he sold it! i miss it up there….especially the views and the wild turkeys that could be found in the fields.


WOW- this is my old house…i bought it in 2000 and sold it in 2005-i’m so glad that it’s being loved and cared for – it looks really beautiful and i’m so happy to see it’s progression!
I miss it terribly up there- it’s a really beautiful place in the world!
Thank you…

Jennie Hartwick

Delightful, all of it. The black bird pillow sings.


I am absolutely floored over the wooden collage. I cannot get this image out of my mind. Is there a way to see an even larger version of this photo in order the see the detail in the artwork?