sneak peek: the mountain label


i love when the boundaries of art and life seem to blur, which is totally the case with the home of artist christopher bettig of the mountain label. one look at the LA home of this frenchman (who grew up in nyc and ct and studied at mica), and i was instantly reminded of his work – with its fresh, whimsical feel. i also love how it’s a mini gallery to show off his favorite artists. click here for more, full-sized images and here for all our wonderful sneak peeks. [merci, christopher!] -anne

[above: Huntergatherer head made by Todd St. John & Gary Benzel, a vintage Eames shell chair on a reproduction rocker base, a Thomas Campbell painting & cluster of misc things… ]

view of the living room via the office… a Nelson bench knock off is our coffee table which also doubles as our dinning table (sad, I know), our old FLOR carpet, a large Jonathan Adler lion a gift from my friend Angelo , IKEA desk, another vintage Eames shell chair and a quilt on the couch from our favorite store in Melbourne called Douglas & Hope . We have a lot of natural light from the giant corner windows and we didn’t want to lose that so we added some pretty sheer curtains… for a little more privacy I cut strips of contact paper and stuck them to the bottom half of those windows.

part of the living room and the office… with a vintage Peter Hvidt couch, Vintage Eames chairs and WWII leg brace, Cody Hudson paintings , 2 limited screen prints by me, Herman Miller elephant clock & bubble lamp, a barely visible vintage Poul Henningsen pendant lamp in the kitchen, Alexander Girard dolls, Derrick Hodgson figure , Kaws toys , Margaret Kilgallen Tokion toy, a small Jim Houser hand painted figure , misc things from trips to India, Japan, and Australia as well as a lot of art books…

Herman Miller bubble lamp in the corner, a large painting by me, a little quilt we got in Melbourne from our favorite store ever called Douglas & Hope & Cindy’s new keyboard

some of my favorites… two Alexander Girard dolls, one little Derek Hodgson figure , and the tallest one I made. . . The giant awesome slab of wood was a gift from Cindy from one of our favorite home stores in LA called OK , the wood figure was designed by me, the bird is a gift from my friend Rachel Robertson, the little stuffed creature I can’t remember but I know I got it in Vancouver as a gift for Cindy, the pine cone is from when we went to Big Bear… they were largest ones I’ve ever seen.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Christopher’s sneak peek after the jump!


the hallway to our awesome pink bathroom & our to our bedroom.. the little nook thing has a piece from my friend Rachel, and on the wall is a piece from my friend Yusuke.

way too much going on here, but our place is really small and I don’t have room for all my books or art. This is my little Eames corner , vintage shell chair & base, WWII Eames leg brace & Eames small bookcase (which I think is actually a reproduction). Some Kaws toys , a Margaret Kilgallen and a Jim Houser are all on top of the bookcase. Over the door is a door hanging we got in India last October, and to the right of the door is an Irana Douer print that she did for our friends at Poketo.

the top of the overloaded bedroom bookcase… 2 Huntergatherer prints & a 3d wood mini head , 2 Phil Frost pieces (both were some drawings he made for me when I met him a while back), 1 piece from Barry Mcgee (which he painted for me when I helped him install some work at his show at the LA gallery Roberts & Tilton in 2004), a Brendan Monroe piece I bought at Giant Robot 2, a laser etched wood figure of mine, and a bunch of other misc little things….

Another overloaded bookcase this one from Ikea & then Cindy’s guitar. the bookcase has a bunch of random stuff on it like James Jarvis toys, shoes I did for Converse, some of our favorite magazines, non-art books, vintage clock, a box of postcards/letters etc. The door knob hanger is from a hotel in Singapore that we stayed at… It has the most amazing 70’s illustrations ever. I had to have it!


my favorite piece of art I own, such a bummer that most of the art I own is stored away. Cody Hudson tryptic from 2004.

I love all the color in your home.

Where are the cool wooden pendant lamps from!


I love all the light in the apartment, the furniture, and the little things everywhere. It’s so personalized. Love Christopher’s work too.

Helen X.

Lovely lovely place!

Is that desk in the living room really from IKEA?! I’ve been looking for something like that! But didn’t see anything similar from IKEA Canada….. *sad*……

Sarah S.

I’ve also been looking for a desk exactly like this one. (And from Canada and checked Ikea with no luck). Does anyone know what model this one is?


I love all your little collections. I have been eyeing those kristian vedel birds for some time and now have to buy one after seeing them in your displays!


this is so adorable. i have that identical dark red tile in my tiny 1948 bathroom. all dark red (no pink). and it goes allll the way up to the ceiling on some walls. but it’s too pretty (at least that’s what i think on some days) to get rid of. so i finally made peace with it by adding rather elaborate floral wallpaper that features the dark red color, plus the compliment to the color, to calm everything down. still can’t decide if i triumphed or surrendered, though. living with that ceramic tile is a challenge!

kate Endle

Love the little collection piles. Thanks for the intro to Cody Hudson, too. What a fresh sneak peek.


I adore your painting (..the perfectly colored pyramids above the bed).

Sarah White

I agree…LOVE the desk but can’t find anything like it at IKEA.


Wow! All I can say is wow! Normally the pine wood thing isn’t my thing but this is awesome! The bits of colour here and there – gosh!


Where is that nice keyboard from? Mine is all black plastic and it looks terrible in my apartment.



The desk is the Ikea Motiv desk. I’ve been looking for one, but it’s discontinued.


Someone please tell me where those cute wooden pendant lamps are from! They’re adorable and I’d love to use them in one of my projects!


How could they discontinue a desk like that? I vaguely remember it. It looks perfect. I love those lights too!!


Chris and Cindy have the cutest apartment! Everytime we go over to their house, we never want to leave!

christopher bettig

T H A N K S !
thanks a lot everyone… I’ll try and answer some of the questions..
1. the desk, yes it’s Ikea and I bought it like 5 years ago or so in Los Angeles, but I haven’t seen anything like it since, I think Bryan is correct in that it is discontinued.
2. the wooden pendant lamps are reproductions, but they are vintage reproductions that I bought in LA years ago at a shop that no longer exists… so I can’t help with that either..
3. and a special “thank you” to those that commented on the light, the art and just general awesome comments!



Really great taste all over the flat! And I have to say, the bathroom made me go “Oooohhhh”


I would also love to know where the wooden pendant lamps are from. I love them!
I absolutely love the vintage tile in the bathroom too. It works so well with all the splashes of color throughout the house.


I’m utterly in love with this place. I loveee the natural light, the color, the vintage Peter Hvidt couch… basically everything!


Christopher is awesome! I love his art work, and have been following it for a while. its amazing. I have to agree with Olivia, I like the natural light it has, it brings comfort to the space. And the art again …IS AMAZING!


so many things in this place are reminiscent of puffy clouds. no wonder the place seems so light and airy. la la lahhhhhh.


i am so bookmarking these for what will be my new home next year xD hihihi


I’m OBSESSED with your Eames bookshelf, but can’t seem to figure out anywhere to buy one. Do you have any information at all?