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sneak peek: tess darrow of egg press

by anne

for today’s sneak peeks we’re venturing to portland, oregon. first up: tess darrow, lead designer and owner of egg press (celebrating 10 years of fine printing this year). her 1950s style ranch home has it’s own built in charm, but tess’s style really brings it to life. and after our mini “heat” wave here on the east coast this weekend, all i know i know is that i’d really kill to have her porch right now. click here to see additional images, and don’t forget to check out the greatest new cards from egg press here. [thanks, tess!]anne

[above: We knew when we bought the house that it was a bit dark, but in some places the darkness feels cozy, so in here we put in the mahogany paneling. ]


The graphic green and black painting was something our older son, Rye did when he was 2, and we have a canvas waiting for younger brother Chet. The Boston Terrier portrait was something I commissioned a 10-year old girl to do of our late dog, Pearl, after I’d seen another of her paintings at a county fair.


We have a very small back yard, so we use our covered patio a lot. It’s right off the kitchen, and functions as an extra dining room. The chairs are Eames fiberglass, kind of institutional. The bear on the was carved by our neighbor.

The long sofa came with the house and we had it reupholstered in a sturdy Knoll fabric. The bent plywood chairs came from a second hand shop in central Washington, and are said to be from the Walla Walla State Penitentiary waiting rooms.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Tess’ sneak peek after the jump!…

We haven’t done much to the kitchen, but it’s always been last on the list.




Silhouettes of our sons that my husband painted when they were each about one. And the dog was a gift, the artist is Jennifer Muskopf.

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  • What a lovely home, each piece seems to have meaning and purpose. I love it that a young girl was commissioned to do the dog artwork, it is quite nice.

  • Stunning architecture and decor. I love how she embraces the fifties charm, and makes it relevant for today. I’m jealous!

  • I love Egg Press stuff, so no surprise that this home is something I am entirely jealous of! Very inspirational. And in addition to the real vintage furniture pictured that I am on the hunt for, I love that the Ikea pieces worked in are ones that I have. hehe :)

  • wow–what a beautiful home. the portrait of pearl really is impressive, considering the artist was 10 years old! i also love the silhouettes–my boyfriend (a woodworker) may be getting a call to bring home some interesting things from the scrap bin for some similar pieces. thanks for sharing your great home!

  • Ahhh, Tess! I look around at my own house and I am openly weeping….your house looks great. My favorite is the design/work room. Nothing but good stuff coming out of there. Happy day!

  • Tess Darrow has an iron grip on style! That house is retro but without being musty and obsessional – it’ modern too. I love that she commissioned a little girl to paint something for her – awesome!

  • I love the kitchen the way it is! Which neighborhood is your house in? I’m in Portland, and it seems like all of the ranches that I like are in SW or outer NE/SE.

  • love your home! please tell me what’s growing in the raised planter on your porch – we just put one in, and that looks like the perfect thing to plant in it … thanks!

  • thanks for sharing this! so wonderful and fun to see – we are house hunting in portland and would love to know what neighborhood your house is
    located in (you are pretty much living in our dream house!)

  • To Stacey: Thanks! The neighborhood is Concordia, in NE Portland. It’s a little pocket of ranch houses all built at once that are North of Fernhill Park, and I know of one coming up for sale…

  • This house looks like it is wonderful to live in. And the portraits (kids and dogs) are so sweet.

    I like the current kitchen too!

  • is that a built-in planter in your family room? I have one in my mid-century ranch and cannot seem to get the plants to thrive or my 1 year old twins out of the dirt. Any suggestions?

  • What a lovely sneak peak. I’m totally in love with your covered patio and also smitten with the lovely portrait of your sweet pooch, Pearl.

    Happy 10th Anniversary, from a longtime fan and buyer! Egg Press has certainly set the tone for many great lines.

  • Wow. I love everything, so many great details…even love the kitchen. My sister-in-law’s parents had that same dog wallpaper in their basement bar/lounge area!

  • Hi, I’m also interested in having a painting done of my dog and I was wondering if you would be willing to share the contact information for the artist that did the painting of your dog? Thanks.

  • to Hayne: the plant in the built-in planter is horse tail, and it grows with little light. To keep our younger son out of it, we covered the dirt with large (orange sized) rocks….gives space for new plants to come through, but is hard to get to the dirt.

  • I agree with the others – leave kitchen as is. What a beautiful home! I love the starburst clock. Where did you find yours? (if you don’t mind my asking) Also love the cacti collection! Thankyou for sharing.

  • P.S. again. I found the answer to my own question. The oven is made by Fisher & Paykel and is available from Lowes.

  • that’s the sexiest wood paneling (first photo) ever. and i love the oven in the brick wall. it looks like they lifted that shot right off the set of Mad Men. i’m digging the fifties charm of it as-is, but also think that brick wall would look really cool with some kind of mural starring the oven. fun diy, perhaps.

  • the first picture is great, and i love your lighting! its awesome that your home is so interesting.

  • I just purchased some dining chairs very similar to yours, with that same back rest shape. I was trying to track down the designer. Do you know who it is?

  • the kitchen is amazing! i love the wood and orange counter/backsplash! and the dog painting the little girl did is awesome! i love that.

  • The kitchen is fabulous. Best “inanimate” part of the whole place. Love your home!