sneak peek: kevin corn

i wanted to share another sneak peek this morning, courtesy of interior designer, kevin corn. based in los angeles, kevin designs interiors as well as a line of screenprinted pillows that utilize vintage fabrics. kevin’s home in silverlake was originally a condo in 1973, but was bought and “flipped” by the previous owners. when kevin purchased it in 2004 he knew he wanted to make it his own by bringing in american arts and crafts, shaker and mennonite pieces he’d collected over the years. kevin’s previous career in the creative services division of polo ralph lauren seems to shine through strongly here with a sense of clean, modern american design. thank you to kevin for sharing his home with us and thank you to photographer jim mchugh for sharing his photographs. click here for full-sized images of kevin’s home on flickr and here to see kevin’s work online.


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would love to know where you got all the amazing frames…


Very nice, love the treatment on the bedroom walls and the panoramic pictures collage. I guess no kids live in this house…


Oooh I LOVE the idea of the stacked photo frames on two shelves…I have a far better chance of selling that idea to my landlord than I do a wall full of individual frames with individual holes! :D


cork floors…pocket doors…no moldings…grass cloth on the walls…pale blue in the bedroom….will you marry me?


How do you get your curtains to hang so perfectly? I just hung my new CB “Renee” curtains last night and it’s, well it doesn’t look like that. Ironing? A super-secret bunching technique?

Susan Gist Taylor

oh, if only my house could be so calm, bright and inviting. Unfortunately i’m a pack-rat in a 60’s ranch with two cats & a husband. Love the Union Jack pillow in the bedroom, is it custom?


The lighting in this home is just wonderful. I would love to see the exterior of the home to understand how the windows are situated.


LOVE the night tables as well! I’ve been searching for ones exactly like this for months – anyone know where to find them?


Thank you so much! The photos are a collection that I’ve been working on for about 6 years now-and actually they all came from thrift stores and antique shops. I did put new custom gallery frames on them….


The nightstands are from a second hand shop in LA-I had them painted with what looks like an auto-body finish. I’m thinking of reproducing them…


The Union Jack Pillow is an art pillow from the Rug Company. Theyhave stores in NYC and LA. It is a needle point with small pins that are copies of their rugs!


Oh my goodness! So many LOVELY details. More! More! More! It just makes me want to see more photos! The white + wood bookshelves, what is that coffee table made from, where is the bed frame from, is that cork on the floor, what does the kitchen look like? More! More! More!


ditto what everyone else said — love the frames and the shelves of frames and the bedroom and the bathroom. I was surprised at how undecorated the kitchen was — I like it but I’m having a hard time seeing how it fits in with the rest of the home — a sharp contrast. But lovely!


this is great! Beautiful and very cozy. Would love to know the source for the white round table and also the tile in the bathroom.


What a beautiful cozy home. Would love to know the source for the round white table and also the bathroom shower tiles.


I love the panoramic photos! I think the scale in photography can do wonders for a wall or room. Check out the ones from 3KOI Photography if you like panoramic stuff.

Elizabeth Greene

Beautiful! Can you tell me who did the “Keep Calm and Carry On” print?


Is that a real kangaroo paw plant on the table?

Where did you get it from? great placement!


I have been looking and looking for bedside tables and *boom* there’s exactly what I wan in Kevin’s room – can I please know where they are from?

Beautiful home – thanks for sharing it!


so gorgeous! but i must say, i do not understand this “karate chopped” pillow trend.


thanks for the sneak peek kevin. It is truly delightful to see such amzingly designed homes. everything looks so perfect


Many of the pieces in my home are custom, but a lot are finds from second hand shops, given a new life and look with paint and new hardware. The bed is custom, but something similar is available at Williams Sonoma home. The book case is a piece I designed and had made-easy to do. The night stands-these could be reproduced too. Feel free to contact me with questions!


i was almost completely head over heels for this sneek peek (the american flag, the panoramic photos, the glass lamp base and the layered photos in black frames) until i saw the keep calm and carry on poster — does everyone have to have one of these in their homes these days?


Love this place! Great sense of style and space. The American Flag never looked so good! Lay off the harsh words on the “keep calm” poster people! It’s chic and serves as a great mantra in daily life. So what if it’s too trendy? If you love something, so what if it’s overexposed? Just keep calm and carry on haters.


we are blessed in los angeles to have kevin corn among our top design luminaries. Hear Kevin speak on March 26th at the Dan Marty Design Panel on Signature Style.
B380- Pacific Design Center


Oh, @Celeste! I was hoping we’d get through the comments on this nice sneak peak without the ubiquitous slam of the Keep Calm poster. It makes me think there really IS still a pressing need for these.


This is my dream living space. I especially love the collage of framed photos in the first picture. What a beautiful and inspiration home!

Paulus Leonardi

loved the bedroom….so calming, especially the wallpaper, it’s a wallpaper isn’t? definately a dream house


I love this home. I keep coming back to look this AMAZING place!!!!!!!!


i looooove the dining area! those chairs are so nice!