sneak peek: katrina markoff


not only does katrina markoff run grace’s favorite chocolate company – vosges haut chocolat – she also happens to have a fantastic home. the chicago based chocolatier chooses every ingredient that goes into her confectionery artistry (that she learned at le cordon bleu in france!). her cooking has taken her around the world, and clearly many of those travels have made their way into the fabric of her home. her signature vosges truffles have a “east meets west” theme that also seems to be true of her wonderful home, making it a warm and welcoming place. sorry for the poor quality of the photographs, but  click here to see these images and more in their original size. stay tuned for two more sneak peeks coming up! [thanks, katrina!] -anne






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Anne @ The City Sage

Ooh—it comes as no surprise that the mind behind those fab chocolates also has a gorgeous home.

And the pillows on her couch—I’ve seen them in other photo shoots too. Any word on where they’re from and where I can snag some? They FABULOUS!

anita Dore

I love it all! So refreshingly different! I would love to know the color of the bedroom walls – would you mind sharing that?

album covers as a backsplash is brilliant, by the way!


yes, would you please share the gorgeous bedroom paint color? thanks.

Every room screams ‘well traveled’ Its lovely.


oh the lighting in the first pic over the table is so pretty, please tell me where you got those!
great job, unexpected choices which work very well together.

Karen Lawler

I would like to know where the Katrina lighting fixtures are from? Please let me know.


oohh – love it! I also would like to know where the lamps in the 1st pic come from – so great!


DREAM HOME! this is gorgeous, too bad the photos aren’t as high quality as other features. the indian motif is fabulous.


How artfully, casually, elegantly, perfectly Bohemian…so beautiful!


wow! so many wonderful objects that must have interesting stories behind them…


Coincidentally, I had my first bar of Vosges bacon chocolate this weekend. RUN to find this in your own town! I’m not even a follower of the bacon craze of the last few years but I have to admit this stuff is incredible.


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So much character, love the turquoise bedroom, love that things are not orderly and simply love that lived in look!!!!!!!!!!!

Beyond Gorgeosity

I’d love to know more about the lacquered navy blue sideboard/credenza with the nickel hardware………looks like Tommi Parzinger meets Mumbai!


i suppose i am the only one who thinks this house isn’t so wonderful. it’s borderline tacky, and come one, what is with that sunburst thing over the mantel? It looks like it was taken straight off of Montezuma’s head himself. Vosges is great product, but the house could be better, a lot better


lovely – so refreshing to see something not Eames or mid-century Danish for a change. all of the deep, jewel tones are really beautiful.


A home with tons of character showing – refreshing indeed.


This strikes me as incredibly overdone and, as someone else commented, borderline tacky, taking the concept of “exoticism” to condescending new lows.


First off all I love her chocolates and they sell like crazy in my shop. While her design style is not for me. I still think because home decorating is such a personal thing and is a way that we express ourselves, I don’t think it is something to judge. You take from it what you like or might find useful for yourself and what yo don’t care for you ignore. That is what is so great about this blog because it provides us with a wide spectrum of design ideas.


the last pic with the pictures along the counter top is great. your lighting is also pretty unique


This is an exceptional home, exceptional in that it is really quite different from a lot of the other sneak peeks. She has talent and some beautiful pieces of furniture. But this one begs better photography and a narrative. What about that dog?

Lucy Canada

Amazing spaces! The light fixtures are unbeliavable! Where are they from?


what a dreamy home! this house reminds me of the kind of person i want to be. and i love the vinyls on the backsplash! such a good idea, i wonder if that will work in my new place!