sneak peek: katarina andersson

today’s final peek belongs to katarina andersson, who is a co-owner and designer at HAPPYsthlm. katarina lives with husband frank and daughter liv in a beautiful 18th century home in central stockholm. built in 1750, katarina’s home originally functioned as a wood workshop until 1990, giving it its industrial feel. i’m totally envious of katarina’s 16 foot ceilings, but there’s something in each room to enjoy. want to see larger versions of these photos? just click “read more” below to see additional and full-sized images of katarina’s home.

[image above: The ink drawing is made by my good friend Ylva Sanner, beside it hangs an old educational poster, showing the cross section of a pigeon. The marten I thought was extremely cute when I was a child so I found a place for it in my home.The cabinets are from IKEA.]


[image above: The book cabinets we found outside a school in Stockholm. The log on top of the cabinets is from the garden outside the apartment, we used it as a cage for our turtles when we kept them outside on the lawn in the summer. The tea pot is from the Finnish porcelain company Arabia, the trivets in cast iron I always keep on the table as a decoration and is from HAPPYsthlm.]

[image above: In the green bike basket from Design House Stockholm we keep toys, slippers and other necessary things. The quilt I found in my mother’s summerhouse. The casket was used by my grandparents when they moved back to Finland again after several years in Africa in the 1920s.]

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[image above: The small birdhouse outside our window. The park is a wonderful oasis where we spend a lot of time, we even have an own small garden in the back yard where we grow our own flowers and vegetables.]

[image above, left to right: Different small items I collected from my grandparents, family and friends. Right- My wonderful hand printed sketchbook by the German designer Birgit Morgenstern]

[image above: Different small items I collected from my grandparents, family and friends]

Lara Ellis

A pretty house and good sense of color, but the cross section of the dead bird poster and taxidermy put this set firmly into the do-not-like pile.

Sarah Landwehr

I love the old school cabinets, the mix of old and new, the fact that the marten has been with her since childhood, and, I have to say,the pigeon poster to me is gorgeous and amazing and won me over immediately.


that cross section is my favorite part! so interesting and serene.

Bethany Rose Hildenbrandi

I like so much but I am totally thrown off by the taxidermy and the poster…bummer!


What’s wrong with a little taxidermy?!

I love it all, so envious of those beautiful found cabinets. So many lovely little details – those decanters are rather wonderful.


Lovely home and design esthetics. My favorite things are the elephant and the black casket from your grandparents in Findland.


I love everything about this home!! It is so peaceful and calming but has great personality…just the right balance! You can tell this is a place where happy people live! Thanks for sharing!

Rene Wheaton

I loved the poster… the muted colors of it are a thing of beauty and the subject exceedingly interesting… love the whole look


Those bookshelves are very beautiful – this home seems so relaxed and has so much personality.


Nothing wrong with a little taxidermy :) And the cross-section of the bird is a beautiful study of nature. Your home is so cozy!! Love the elephant and the Finnish tea pot. Thank you for sharing!


I love this! Every time I click on Design sponge I get rather get inspired to clear out all the clutter so I can start helping my home to look fresh, warm, and unique.

I do like how they made the book shelves look orderly with the glass doors that close. They really help tie it all together and make it work. Plus it help keeps the dust off the books.

And as lovely as the room is we must not forget to give credit to the photographer as well. It is the duo talent of the photographer and designer that we are able to enjoy and be inspired!

Thanks to all involved!!!


Thank you for all the comments!
The sofa is a classic IKEA model “Karlanda” that is unfortunately not in production anymore.
The decanters are by the Swedish glass artist Erik Höglund, who made very colourful and playful glass collections in the 50-80s.

estelle Pickersgill

If things ever get all “Day after tomorrow” in NY, then a poster like that might just come in handy. Good eating pidgeons are and NY has plenty enough for everyone. :)
Lovely home, full of warmth and a sense of humour.


First time that a no-wooden floor appears on this blog! How could you? ;)


Hate the cross section of the duck. While the colors are nice, this house is too cluttered for my taste.


I love that pigeon cross section poster!! I didn’t get the whole educational poster thing when I first saw them as decorational a few years ago but now I really think they are a fantastic object to work with. I really like this one because the colors are gorgeous. Most colors I’ve seen on a edu. poster :D