sneak peek: jack and lulu


when it comes to the home, i’ve long since been obsessed with great chairs thanks to my dad, who when i was a kid would randomly buy great designer chairs just because the mood struck him. i’ve since gained an appreciation of those chairs over the years, so i’m completely loving the collection of fabulous chairs spread out around the pelam (north of manhattan), new york home of julie murphy, the founder/designer behind jack and lulu. click “read more” below for additional, full-sized images of this home and and here for all of our fantastic sneak peeks. [thanks, julie!] -anne

[above: We picked up this pair of gold chairs at an antique warehouse. The story goes that the chairs were made in France and shipped to Egypt where they sat in the window of a regal hotel for a hundred years. You can tell because the tapestries on the fronts are completely faded, but are quite vivid on the back. The leather ottoman is by John Derian, handmade in Morocco]

My studio. Vintage office chairs. Vintage Jonathan Adler vase. Reproduction map of Paris. Painting on windowsill is one I painted from a series of Paris.

Our bedroom, and our dog, Van Gogh. A collection of various paintings and drawings above the bed. One piece we love is the silkscreen that looks a bit like sea anemone, by Raymond Pettibon. You can find it online here.

The painting in the background is a Chinese Ancestor painting. We placed it at one end of the table so he appears to be be sitting at the head of the table. Oil cans were collected at flea markets over the years. Chairs are from DWR.

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Our son Ellis’ room. The gondola hanging above the bed really works and is available at Miller’s Toy Store.  Bunk bed is from IKEA, red pillows from IKEA and the sharky pillow is Hable Construction.

Our daughter Sadie’s room. The beds are tiny! Perfect size for a 2 year old. They have little heart cut-outs in the headboard. Vintage Babar prints, limited edition Jack and Lulu “Westie” print above bed. The goose is a night-light, from one of our favorite stores in Brooklyn, Pomme.

This is where we spend a lot of time with the kids. The Eiffel tower chairs were an anniversary gift Tom and I gave each other, and are available at Modernica.

This is a corner of our son Ellis’ room. Vintage Eames Chair. My husband Tom, illustrated one of the books shown on the shelves above, “The Juggling Pug”. You can find that and several of the titles seen here at our favorite children’s book store in New York, Books of Wonder...This is the entry hall in our house. We painted the stripes on the wall over a weekend.

A favorite spot in our house is the breakfast nook. I love this bowl. Looks like a giant latte bowl. Handmade in Belgium, available at John Derian.  The painting is an ebay find that oddly looks like it could be a portrait of our son Ellis, or my husband as a child.

This is a detail of our entry hall. I found a book called “All About Your Canary” at a flea market and framed the pages.


those canaries are very, very nice

(looking for a vintage book on birds already.. I think we have one somewhere on the shelve)


I love the bedroom and the little breakfast nook is so quaint. The little lights make it feel like a small cafe at night.


Love the colors of the living room walls and the breakfast nook. What are they, please?


oh ma gosh….. love all of the kelly green details everywhere…. especially the big vintage tissue paper decorations… very cool…… love the boy’s room too – simple, bright, and fun !


I love the map of paris! Any chance you could share where you found it? Thanks!


Wow, gorgeous pieces, but a bit too much for my taste, at least in some of the photos shown. The little boy’s room really strikes me as sophisticated in an age-appropriate way, and I covet those canary prints. I thought they might be by Charley Harper, but I guess it’s just a similar Modern style. That’s a great find, and it looks great as a grouping!


oh my… what a wonderful home, your children will be so pleased to have had thier ‘tiny people’ memories made in such a gorgeous space!


The “additional” photos seem to be the ones from the Pink Dot Press sneak peek (which were lovely!). Are there more from the Jack and Lulu sneak peek?


What is the name of the great green color in the studio? So clear.


i love that studio shot! where did you get that narrow table/desk (that’s against the window sill)? is it a console table? I need one in my studio!!!

Bethany Rose Hildenbrandi

I am slightly obsessed! The dining room chairs! Every color choice in your living room! The xmas lights on the shelf…I just love it all!


any info on the silver 4-poster bed in the master bedroom? we’re looking for a similar style that’s off the floor, but not as high as most 4-poster beds are. any help?

Suzanne Barbero

Love the whole place. Wish I could keep things so spare and beautiful!


Your home is so charming. I LOVE the shelf displaying the children’s books (those are some great covers!), the painted portrait next to the table, and the bird drawings. Van Gogh is a very lucky dog to be living in this space.


great sneak peak, thanks for sharing! I LOVE your nook — how did you make it? Did you build it in or is it a bench of somekind… I’m trying to make something like this in my new apartment!


Can you tell us where your bed is from? Been looking for just that — lovely home!


The house looks so warm and charming that you can feel the warmth of the family. This house and the family would be wonderful to visit.

Jack and Lulu

You can find the coffee table at Wisteria (online) and the Paris map is actually a sheet of giftwrap by Cavallini.


i have the same westie dog and gondola ski lift, which we bought at jackson hole ski area gift shop


What a delightful home! I love the gold chairs in the living room, and I wonder if you’d mind sharing the name of the paint color on your living room walls. It’s gorgeous.


Lovely mix of old and new. I was wondering where the brackets are from in the dining area and also the console in the hallway and as I also painted grey stripes in ours what colour did you use there. I have to second what Debbie said about it being one of my fave peeks.

Jack and Lulu

Wall color in living room (and stripes in hall) are Benj.Moore River Gorge Grey. Nickel-plated bed is Pottery Barn.
Brackets in nook are an ebay find.


I love your night tables! Functional but beautiful – where did you find them?


I absolutely heart this home. It feels soooo personal and warm and quirky. Great use of color too…there’s a lot of it, but it doesn’t feel like overkill. Love!!


love the elegance of the master and the whimsy of the kids’ bedrooms~!

Ana Thompson

Love the vintage Eames chairs, they look exactly like the chairs we use to sit in at our local curling rink when i was a child 40 yrs ago……… neat to see them again!! I gasped when i saw it!! I lived in a small mining town in NW Ontario in Canada. A small community just north of Lake Superior. I very curious as to where I could find one!! Love your style. You’ve created a lovely home for yourselves as well as your children……..job well done!! :)


I love this home!!!
Where did you get this cute red car?

Robin Parker

Oh man, I had some cable cars like the ones in Ellis’ room when I was really young. There’s a blast from the past ;-)


Hello. Can someone please tell me where to find a print of the Paris map?


LOOOOOVE this house. Came back via the kids best of. wow.

I’d like to find those gondolas but the web site doesn’t have a specific list.


Beautiful! Julie, where did you find the slightly convex round mirror in your bedroom?