sneak peek: helen palmer

i’m posting three great biz ladies posts today, but i didn’t want anyone not interested in business advice to get bored, so i wanted to share a special tuesday sneak peek from photographer helen palmer this afternoon. based in liverpool, helen specializes in fine art, travel and interior photography. whenever i see a photographer with a great eye for light, it makes me wonder about their home- and thankfully helen was willing to share her space with us. there are full-sized (and many additional) images of helen’s home after the jump so be sure to click “read more” below. looking for more sneak peeks? click here to check out our archive of over 250 homes and studios. you can find helen’s photography website right here, her blog right here, and her photography shop right here. thanks, helen!


CLICK HERE to see the rest of helen’s peek after the jump, as well as additional, full-sized images.



Could anyone tell me where to find the same or similar bed linens as the ones in any of the pictures? Thanks!


sweet. i’m dying to know where she got the organic shaped mirror above the mantle. would she mind sharing? :)


I’m with Elizabeth, where are the bed linens from? I love the yellow one in the top picture!!

Helen Palmer

Thanks for all your lovely comments! The mirror was a car boot sale find. I’ve seen similar styles but never that shape again.

The bed linen in the top picture was made out of some old sheets that belonged to my Grandma. But the ones in the second picture are from ikea!


I’m using this home for my inspiration for ‘curing’ my home. it’s not cluttered but shows off the heart of a house well.


This actually may be my favorite thus far.
Oh, and how do you dry flowers and hang them up like that? How long will they last?


what a refreshingly sunny and beautiful space. There is so much warmth in it. You can tell that its lived in, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. The flower motif is done just right, coherent but not exhaustingly theme-y.


Helen Palmer

Its easy to dry flowers like that. Just hang them upside down when they are starting to give up. Those have been there for months and are still fine.

The vase on the fireplace was a gift, but the stamp on the bottom says its a Kim Parker design.


I love that her home is warm, inviting and lively, without slavishly adhering to regurgitated design trends. It’s very personal and creative.


any idea where the white pillow with brightly embroidered patterns on it is from? It’s show on the bed in the 3rd picture down and the red chair on the 7th down. I recently bought a similar looking duvet cover but the shams were sold out so I’m on the hunt to find something similar. Thanks!


I LOVE the mirror w/ the wooden frame or backing against the light green wall. Can anyone tell me where I can find it? (I’m in San Diego)



Wow, I’d love to live here. The light is incredible as is the feeling of space. I love all the little bright touches.


it’s lovely. full of interesting detail. love the owls that keep popping up here and there.


I am interested in the “rush” that seems to be created by the photos. of people wanting to buy the stuff in the photos. Rather than say, being inspired by the design and the effect and using the things they already have, people seem to want to ” own the look ” by actually owning what is in the photos. I am totally inspired but I know that this look cannot be achieved easily. It is so individual and probably from the designer’s long term collecting. Maybe that is why it seems to create this intense reaction – it would be too hard to copy.

Nina's Apartment

Like ‘French Furniture’ I also love the sun-shaped clock above the fire place. Now I would say this, because I have a bit of a clock-addiction, but it just looks perfect there. Great vintage feel throughout.

Jenn P.

Cristin, I believe those embroidered pillows are from IKEA, believe it or not! I have wanted to pick one up as well…


This is such a cool and cozy home, I love it a lot! Especially all the beautiful mirrors!

Crystal C.

Does anyone know the name of the painting above the bed in the first picture?


Thought I should answer some of your questions! I can’t remember the name of the aqua paint, sorry but its from Dulux.

The mirror as mentioned earlier is a car boot sale find. The pillow and the red chair are both from Ikea.

I would love to know the name of the painting too. I found it in a vintage furniture shop called Retro on Lark Lane in Liverpool and it has no markings on it.

I love owls and have a lot in my collection!

I think that answers everything! Thanks again for all your comments! x


Wow I gotta get to ikea, they are really stepping up their game these day! Thanks so much ;)


I *adore* the bed in middle photo – the one with the pink poppy!! Would LOVE to know where it came from… is it vintage?? What a lovely home!


You can get similar beds from Tesco Direct or Benson for Beds. They are both UK based. Thanks.


This totally reaffirms the chicness of siamese cats, I love LOVE love it all, fabulous!


Oh my gosh please tell me who makes that clock above the fireplace. It’s perfect and meets all my needs!!!! Thank you so much.
(Under Sneak Peek; Helen Palmer)


i love the paint color that is above your fireplace….please, what is it?


I was wondering if it would be possible to see a photo of the white, wrought iron bed with the yellow bedding in its entirety? I love it so much!