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sneak peek: enormous champion

by anne

grace and i were both instantly smitten when the sneak peek from jordan provost (photographer and letterpress printer) and jason wong (graphic designer) of enormous champion arrived in our inbox. enormous champion was officially started last may as an avenue for creative collaboration between the couple. their crown heights, brooklyn home is clearly an extension of this wonderful collaboration. stay tuned for some new wooden pieces, tea towels and gift wrap in their collection, but for now enjoy their gorgeous sneak peek. and don’t forget to CLICK HERE for the full peek and additional images. [thanks jason and jordan!] anne

[above: Our dining room. The dining room set was given to us by Jason’s parents. Coincidentally, the same year (1972) that Jason’s parent’s bought their dining room set in California, my parents bought the exact same one in New Jersey. We had the chairs recovered in Maharam Paul Smith fabric. Print on the back wall is by Margaret Kilgallen. Painting on the left wall is by Seonna Hong.]

We got the sideboard on ebay. Photograph is by one of my favorite photographers, Seydou Keita.

Gink-go’s favorite spot in winter, as close to the radiator as she can get. Over the summer, we painted all of our radiators a shiny off white enamel- a vast improvement over the 100 year old dull iron that was exposed before. Above Gink-go is a silk screen print that we did based on one of our card designs.

Our apartment is not big, when coming from a house perspective, but I guess it isn’t tiny for a NYC apartment either. Prior to this, we lived in a studio in another part of Brooklyn- so we are chuffed to actually have halls and more than 4 walls! The coffee table is from a great shop in Dallas which we found driving across country 2 years ago. We fell in love with it- the longest table I’ve come across- 99 inches! The saw on the wall was painted by a friend- Neil O’Brien and inspired one of our card designs. The two chairs were both found on the street. We had the grey one recovered in Eames fabric, which, if you ever find yourself in Zeeland, Michigan, there is an amazing factory outlet, housed in the original Herman Miller offices and factory. They have many of the patterns for $15 yard! The Lego castle on the bookshelves from 1978 is a love of Jason’s and was given to him by my sister which was hers when she was young.

Cabinets and counter tops are from Ikea. In the bottom left of the photo is a coal safe- one of the pre-war details that we love. (We now use it for gardening supplies.). The insulated coffee pot was found in a flea market in Germany.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Enormous Champion sneak peek (and full-sized images) after the jump!


This small section of countertop is pretty much useless for cooking anything other than toast, so it has become a place for plants, bowls of fruit, and music.enormchampeek7
Close up view of living room- Factory Records cassette boxes for New Order & Joy Division. We adore the label and the packaging. Eames mini elephant.

Our version of the hallway console table (but with more storage). Our keys and mail get dropped here. I used to have this dresser (and the one in our bedroom) in my bedroom as a child. Thank goodness for the 70’s love of Danish Modern. The painting is by Amy Rathbone.

These built-in babies were just what the doctor ordered to two folks who love to collect things.

bedroom by enormouschampion.
Our twirly cat, Pia, loves the mellow light in the bedroom. We painted it with an ‘under the ocean’ shade of blue. Photographs on left wall are mine from a trip to Ecuador. Print above bed is a German biology teaching print.

Our office pretty much just comprises of our desk (and shared computer). It is located in the corner of our dining room. designs and inspiration taped to the wall using removable tape- (they change frequently).

Lego: Jason’s guilty pleasure. Vintage cameras: mine. 2 silk screened prints by the late Charley Harper. Morning sunlight comes in brightly here… Buddhas and figures collected while traveling.  Portable typewriter, for travelers of yore.

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  • wonderful! i must say, this is the aesthetic to which i aspire- a showcase of the collections and artwork and design you love, without looking cluttered. i love all the shades of gray, blue, and green on your walls. thanks for giving a shout out to my favorite hometown furniture shop, too! best. sneak-peak. ever.

  • What a great place, and lovely anecdotes to accompany it! Would you mind sharing the name of the paint colour in the dining room (the darker grey above the sideboard)?

  • I am a sucker for knickknacks. I also love the colors they used in contrast with the white trim on the walls.

  • I already knew that I loved Enormous Champion, but I’m doubly smitten now that I’ve seen their collection of Factory Records cassette boxes. Be still my heart!!

  • What’s the great paint color in the living room? I’ve been looking for the perfect shade and you have found it!

  • Love it! I live in the area; it’s true, you can really get a lot of space in this part of Brooklyn. I would have so much fun going through all the knickknacks and toys.

  • Beautiful! The paint color in the kitchen is exactly what I’ve been searching for. Do you recall the name/brand?

  • I audibly gasped when I scrolled through these photos. I am just… in love with basically every last bit of every element. Loving the bedroom color. What color is that, officially?

    I agree with some of the others on this. My favorite sneak peek so far. Ever ever ever.

  • Really lovely. Love the danish modern furniture. Love the ‘Love’ poster. I know a WHOLE lot of guys who could take cues from you in how toys can be integrated into space in a sophisticated manner. I’d typically expect Star Wars toys to be displayed 40 Year Old Virgin style with lots of action figures + collector pez dispensers still in the original packaging, etc. It is not often that you would see an AT-AT displayed under lovely artwork and amidst such beautiful display of books and cameras…bravo.

  • I totally covet those Girard dolls, and the Factory boxes. Ok, maybe the whole dining room also.

  • The living room paint is Benjamin Moore: Hazelwood. The dining room paint is called Iron Mountain. I think that the kitchen color is called Sweet Caroline. And lastly, the bedroom is called Polaris Blue. They are both Benjamin Moore colors as well.

  • The globe came from a fantastic 1/2 shop 1/2 gallery in Manhattan called, Partners & Spade. (co-founded by Andy Spade). They have a rotating collection, but they are working with some globe collector helping him to sell off his collection, so they have a bunch.

  • The clock came from a shop in Brooklyn, but that was probably 5 years ago. You can buy it at Unica Home online. It was designed by Kouji Iwasaki for Kikkerland.

  • What are the green things growing out of the big book on the 99inch coffee table? Did you turn a coffee table book into a planter? The home is absolutely lovely.

  • Barbara- Funny you asked that- the green things are actually a tiny forest made of LEGO trees… just sitting on top of the book. But, the table did come with a removable teak planter box (which sits on top & can slide along table). We removed it in the photo because the plants had taken ill and didn’t look so appealing….)

  • erica-

    the print is one that we designed and silk screened.- you can go to our site (enormouschampion.com) for more info about the edition…
    thanks for liking it!

  • Jason and Jordan have an amazing way of combining very comforting and homey touches with street art and a sophisticated color palette–it’s the trifecta of great taste!

  • WOW! I love everything about it, especially your color choices. I might need to try some of those in our house– I especially like Iron Mountain. Good job!

  • Wonderful sneak peek! I think your long table is a bench designed by Norwegian architect Torbjørn Afdal, the producer is Bruksbo. Very much coveted in Norway.

  • Since you are a photographer, did you take the photos of your apt? If so, they are really beautiful.

  • I have to say, I’m dying to steal that apartment. Every picture I looked at was like “ok, no, THAT is my favourite paint colour!” The kitchen is the exact right green, and the panelling around the walls everywhere? I need it.

  • You have a gorgeous home, and I was so pleased to see your cat’s name–my cat is named Ginkgo.

  • Aww, lovely home and even lovelier kitties! I’ve got a heat-seeker/radiator lover and a twirly one, too! Gink-go and Pia are such lovely names for kitties!

  • Is that a “Keep Calm” tea towel in the kitchen? That poster keeps popping up everywhere, but I kind of like the kitchen towel.

  • Absolutely gorgeous. Can you provide more information/background/history on the Margaret Kilgallen print. without question, that print deserves to be the focal point in the dining room. Beautiful.

  • Too wonderful! The screen print needs to be in our little love nest. The cute round, white table beside that chair is making me so envious…actually the whole home is. ;)

  • Beautiful home! And I agree with everyone else, the colors are amazing, especially the dining room. You are both gifted designers!

  • One of the best sneak peeks yet! I L.O.V.E the color on their dining room wall! Wish I had the guts to put it on my walls. Loving the poster too.

  • What a beautiful home. I love how you’ve integrated the boy toys in the decor too. My husband has a ton and was oohing and ahhing yours. I’ll have to bring his up from the garage now. :)

  • Wow! I love your apartment. Just my cup of tea.
    Just wondering, for what reason did you decide to move to Crown Heights, and how are you finding it? It’s not often we see sneak peeks outside of Park Slope, the Heights, Williamsburg and the like.

  • So fun to see your place! Now that my kids are older I want to start re-doing our house…..Oh, and I want your sideboard, love that!

  • Love the long coffee table you have there, the sofa and the sideboard you have.

    I also liked you kitchen color can you tell me which shade of green did you use for the walls. Lovely shade.

  • wow. The colors in the photo “our love is here to stay” are just beautiful. The books and kitty add such a perfect element. Did you take the photographs? I’m bookmarking this!

  • inspiring – love the colours, your attention to little details and I will definetly exhibit my typewriter when we get a bigger place.

  • Hey J & Jordan,
    Your place looks totally fly!
    Gingko & Pia are too cute in their new digs!!
    Congrats on your new home :)

  • so lovely!
    I *need* that LOVE poster!
    and “Sweet Caroline”… what a great name for a lovely shade of green in the kitchen. That’s the exact green I’ve been looking for!
    Thank you for an awesome sneak peek. Ever.

  • Lovely home. I’ll have to show my brother that he can take his lego and Star Wars things out of the basement and display them as art.

    Thank you for this peek inside your life.

  • A relative in SF has that same M. Kilgallen print – it is a spectacular piece!

    This is one of my favorite peeks…can’t stop poring over the pictures. Lovely, real, fun place.

  • My husband is actually from the town of Zeeland, Michigan, so on our next visit to his hometown, we will have to stop by that Herman Miller factory you mention!

    (And by the way, he was very proud to have his little town mentioned here, so thank you. :D )

  • great apartment..my parents had the same diningroom set..from a scandinavian store(before the existence of IKEA for newlyweds)called Scan. think the wooden bird on the dresser is Scanlike..I remember the wooden monkey..

  • Where did you find a SEYDOU KEITA print??
    He’s one of my all time favorites, and I can’t seem to find anyone reprinting his photographs.

  • Anneli- thanks so much for the tip about out table/bench…. I knew it was a bench but had no idea who the designer was or even that it is Norwegian. you are definitely right about it.

  • The black hole stormtrooper pillow was a gift to Jason from some friends…. It was made by a company called THOR, but I am not sure if they still exist…

  • I have the same Drexel dresser.
    Where is your couch from? It is very simple and clean looking, just what I need. Gorgeous place!

  • Hey there, I’m curious about the red/various colors graphic piece in photo #14 above the 2 easy chairs. Can you tell me who the artist is and where you found it? Thanks!

  • WOW… J & J, you guys have done a fantastic job. Just BEAUTIFUL!!! We are speechless… LOL.

  • Grace – perhaps then a study should be done about why people in Crown Heights have such fabulous taste, that other sneak peek’s gorgeous, too!

  • you guys have an AMAZING home! i love your dining set.
    where did you guys get the Margaret Kilgallen print?

  • The Kilgallen print was bought about 8 or 9 years ago from Paulson Press.

    They have told me in the past that they do buy their own pieces back… so check in once in a while with them to see if they have any Kilgallen pieces for sale.

  • I love this home. Just a ton of personality. And I have the exact same coffee table in a shorter version–an accidental purchase on eBay.

  • Hey j&j how u guys doing? Por-por showed me this website and just by seeing it, it brings back memories… my favs are the tie fighter pilot pillow on the sofa and that our love is her to stay poster… Can’t wait to see u guys again!

  • love…want… I am so envious of the Margaret Killgallen print – she is my favourite artist and as a printmaker I am hugely impressed with everything at Paulson Press. Are those Barry McGee and Margaret Kilgallen vinyl figures? Amazing.

  • yes- Tokion put out the McGee and Kilgallen figures as part of their Neo Graffiti 3-D series about 8 or 9 years ago.

  • Julie & Julia- I just noticed that you both made the same comment- but I forgot to respond- yes, I shot the photos of our apartment for ds*.

    thanks anne & grace!

  • So cool..It reminds me of a combination of my grandmother’s apartment in Denmark, and a summer cottage I would love to spend the week in. So Scandinavian; great colors.

  • Gorgeous and creative living space! and absolutely adore Pia and Ging-ko. Cats are not only love made visible, they are living art. ;)

  • your home is beautiful!

    do you have any more information on the herman miller outlet store in zeeland? i’m having trouble locating it and would love to check it out.

  • thanks for the compliments. gink-go and pia are the true champions.

    the herman miller outlet is located at 455 west washington in zeeland. it’s run by a company called office outlet who handles the inventory. they have a monthly drawing on their site to buy items at super low prices. ask for a tour and you can see the chair graveyard with loads of anomalies as well as dj dupree’s old office. geeky stuff if you’re into it.

  • I could get lost in that house for a few hours and never get bored of looking at things….proof that ‘things’ don’t equal clutter. Awesome!

  • My bedroom is Iron Mountain! It’s the most beautiful, complex and sophisticated color. My room used have this awful feeling like, “am I in a dorm room or am I in a nursury?”- it was light blue. But once we pained it Iron Mountain it transformed into a tranquil space that I adore.

  • Such a fantastic house. I could move in tomorrow and not change a single glass bottle placement. Really inspirational. So much stuff but it looks so open and airy.

  • I live IN Zeeland, MI and never knew about the outlet at Herman Miller. I drive by everyday. I’m definately checking it out. You’d be surprised, I would think living in Zeeland there would be more of their pieces around, but sadly there isn’t. It gets scooped up so quickly!

  • Hey, love your home. What do you know about the artist that did your “Revolver” painting near your doorway built-ins? We have painting of three Lenins with the caption “Running from Russian” and I think it’s the same guy.