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sneak peek: david alhadeff of the future perfect

by anne

when i first moved to brooklyn in 2003, i was fresh out of college, new to the borough and looking for a place or a group of people with whom i could connect. so during my first summer in town, i would spend my afternoons walking from my apartment in greenpoint down to williamsburg to window shop and look at manhattan from across the water. one of the first stores i went into belonged to dave alhadeff. his shop, the future perfect, was new to the city (just like me) and was full of beautiful, thought-provoking, cutting-edge products from local designers. i’d never seen work like that before and found myself walking back to the future perfect every other day just to peek in the window.

whether dave was putting on a show of incredible brooklyn ceramicists or supporting local student designers, it was clear that he was more than a champion of the brooklyn design scene, but rather one of its most important leaders. over the years dave has branched out to discover and support designers across the globe, but he’s always stayed true to brooklyn. the area may have changed and gained greater notoriety, but for me, contemporary brooklyn design will always be indebted to the support and attention it received because of dave’s shop. so needless to say, i’ve been dying to see the space that dave calls home for years. he’s a busy man so i was thrilled to finally have the chance to showcase his gorgeous home on d*s today. photographer jonny valiant took these lovely photos of dave’s home, so a big thank you goes out to him for sharing his work here. i’ll let the photos of dave’s home do the rest of the talking so many, many thanks to dave and jonny for sharing this space with us today. if you’d like to visit dave’s shop, the future perfect, or his newest store, a&g merch, just follow these links to get directions. and as always, if you’d like to see full-sized versions of these images, click here to check out dave’s set on flickr.



CLICK HERE for the rest of Dave’s incredible sneak peek after the jump!







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  • Amazing! If this were my place, i would maybe edit down some of the collections on display and rotate them out seasonally, but the space looks great nonetheless.

  • this is my ideal home. absolutely incredible. i particularly love the rugs. thanks for sharing!

  • I love, Grace! (To answer your reply question to my previous comment) Maybe I just like stuff and color and art.
    I’m def. not a minimalist!

    • elizabeth

      i know what you mean- the three alan the gallant peeks are lovely, but the last two of the day were a bit more d*s in terms of decoration ;)


  • It’s great to see a “classic” loft space that hasn’t been renovated to high-heaven. Don’t get me wrong – many of those renovations are gorgeous, but this place looks like home to me.

    Also, I have a pendant lamp almost identical to the one over Dave’s glass-top table! Mine is smoky grey/brown and it has a permanent place on my Top 5 Favorite Things list.

  • You know, this place is cluttered and LIVED in! I love it. This may not be an aspirational space, but all of its wonderful parts offer inspiration. I particularly love the dining room.

  • There’s something oddly very appealing about this house’s interior! Maybe because it’s so itself and is doing its own thing?

  • i have never considered pink to be an ideal color for a wall, till right now. it goes so well with everything in the space.

    my favorites are the crochet blanket and the wall of pinned images.

  • I see Chuck Close…love him!
    I would never choose the pink, but I like it.

  • This is such a NYC apartment… funky collection of stuff in an apartment that undoubtedly costs $1500/mo or more, with the water pipes & electrical just hanging out on the walls. Reminds me fondly of my UWS vintage unit, but I have to say I like the prices & overall niceness of Chicago more. But that makes me want to go back to BK for a visit & Rubelad.

  • that lopped-off faceted corner at top left in the first photo is such a great detail – i love it, and the whole place. just what i would have expected dave’s apartment to look like.

    my now-husband and i had the same sort of experience with the future perfect, grace: we lived in this weird sublet on north 7th in the summer of ’03 and would make breakfast-at-tiffany’s-ish pilgrimages to dave’s store. it’s still my favorite store in nyc.

  • I usually only like pink in small doses, but that paint color is awesome. I like the wallpaper(s) in the kitchen too.

  • I live here in NYC and this is the ultimate brooklyn based bohemian-artsy interior that shows great taste! clutter can be comforting and this place is very homey! I agree with Elizabeth, finally a exciting sneak peak! thank you grace ;-)

  • yay! my couch is from merch and i love it to death. i’d buy everything in there if i could.

  • pigs, penguins, pillows, paper, and the eclectic mix of chairs; priceless. Grandma’s crochet a real treat, I miss those. I have one somewhere, must find.



  • You know… I scrolled through the pictures before I came back to the top and read what you’d written… my first thought was that even though the bedroom was pink, there was a certain masculinity about it. It was cool to have my impression confirmed when I learned that the owner of this space was a man. As one of your commenters stated: his use of pink is balsy! :-) I liked the space… I liked how he used his space and I liked the eclectic nature of his “stuff”.
    Thanks for sharing…
    Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

  • I adore the furniture! (I’m biased because the bedside table is a friend’s design) But the chairs and tables are to die for!! Eclectic without feeling dusty, I like.

  • i love this…. i am normally impressed with the homes featured in sneak peeks, but this home i could actually do AND live in! I might need to go out and get some pink paint!!!! weeeeeeee! Thank you for sharing.

  • my favorite thing about this space is the spontaneity, things seem to be placed here and there very randomly.. yet upon closer observation there is apparent intent. altogether it is has an affect of surprising character.

  • Hi. I always value the homes as places where we really LIVE. the most homes we can see lately in mags are decorated and equal each other . I like your very much because is a living home, a true space. from Madrid, Spain congratulations. You can see a sample of my work in the link.

  • I love a home that seems lived in. It looks like the space is thoroughly enjoyed, and each area is utilized, instead of being sterile and posed. I love it. It feels welcoming.

  • It’s like a working studio that you live in all the time. A sign of someone with a very lively and intricate thought process. It is raw and honest, with no artiface. Even the flowers in the vase seem to be growing and making a point.

  • I love that this place is comfortable and approachable. It’s an interesting mix of things he loves–not stuffy or overly formal. Hooray for living in Brooklyn.

    • jax

      i couldn’t find it on the selby and dave told me it hadn’t been published online before…can you find it on the selby anywhere?


  • There certainly is a lot of personality in this home, which I admire a lot. For me it would be a bit too messy/loud, I couldn’t relax in that space.

  • I don’t live anywhere near brooklyn, but i’ve been to williamsburg to visit a friend and I loved it there… i can totally appreciate the sense of identity you must feel waking up in your pink apartment with all the cozy details.

  • This place has been getting a lot of press. But I think it looks like that store exploded and blew bric-a-brac all over this apartment. There are some jazzy objects and what-not, but there’s little dicipline or thoughtful composition. Overall, I think it’s kind of a gimick.

  • peter

    where else has this home been? i haven’t seen it anywhere and wondered about this comment and the one about the selby- i couldn’t find dave’s house online, did a miss a magazine piece he didn’t mention?


  • i saw this in vogue living australia last month or so, but didnt buy the magazine. im so glad i can see them permanately because i love the design! too bad you dont have any photos with alhadeff

  • Hi Grace – I think it was in Australian ‘Vogue Living’ a few months back (Nov/Dec 08). Either way – it’s a great sneak peak – I’ve pinched it today!


  • Wooh! This sneak peek really shows personality! love the fact that the cables and the pipes are out in the open. and that it doesn’t look so tidied up :)

  • i am in love with this.
    i love cosy things so i love how much stuff is around in this house.

  • This place is beautiful and original. The design is very freeing. You don’t have to have a perfect space and yet it can still be fabulous.

    It was also featured in New York Magazine about a year ago.

  • oh man. Where in the world can i get that AWESOME BOWL thats on the dining table???? Does anyone know the artist/designer???

  • did anyone notice that one of the kitchen table chairs is actually a converted dolly?!?!!?!?
    SO BRILLIANT! i would totally make my flatmate push me around in it.

  • In the fourth photo – where can I get/see that rug! It looks like an ostridge fighting a dragon. I just want to see more!

  • amazing, so quintessentially williamsburg loft while still being utterly unique. i lived in williamsburg in 2006 and remember similar experiences with the future perfect and daydreaming somehow unearthing a raw gem of a loft like this one…but even in 2006, i think i was waaaaay too late.