sneak peek: brad dufton & kendra amin-dufton

today’s first sneak peek belongs to brad dufton of color theory and his wife, kendra. along with his business partner jeremy, brad runs a full-service concierge design firm (specializing in painting, color consultations and interior styling). brad and jeremy have worked on many beautiful homes, including the boston home brad shares with his wife kendra, who is a visual manager for anthropologie (where she oversees window displays and merchandising). i was instantly smitten with the beautiful paint work on the home’s molding, but there’s plenty to love here. i’ll let brad do the talking so i hope you’ll enjoy brad and kendra’s home. be sure to click “read more” at the bottom of the post for additional, full-sized images. [thanks to brad and kendra for sharing their home with us!]

ps: click here to check out brad’s chair makeover from last week!

[Kendra and I were killing time waiting for friend by viewing a random open house, and wouldn’t you know it, it would end up being our next home! The 1st second Kendra and I laid our eyes on the original detail and charm of this place, we had an immediate desire to live here. Now keep in mind we just bought a 439 sq ft condo 6 months prior, but it didn’t matter to us, we HAD to live here. So we put the shoebox that we lived in on the market, actually made a small profit, and
were able to buy our dream home! Kendra has worked for Anthropologie as the Apparel Dept. Manager for the past 3 years, and her responsibilities mostly include merchandising and window displays and ensuring that every item has the correct volume on the floor at all times. She really has a knack for putting amazing outfits together, and it shows in her work. Her personality is mostly reflected in our bedroom, very sererine and tranquil, yet creative. Where as the living room would reflect my personality, not so sure what that says about me.]

[The Brownstone itself was built in 1899, originally for a prestigious doctor and his family. Our unit is on the parlor level, and what used to be the formal living and formal dining rooms, separated by sliding pocket doors, is now our entire home. The ceilings are at least 13′ high, the windows themselves are 10′ high (a very dramatic presence), the cherry hardwood floors are also original and have their 100 year old nails, all impressively in a perfect straight row running horizontally.]


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I have to admit this is not my style, but at the same time it’s beautiful. So many details and unconventional mixes!

The Bean

I’m having serious door and molding envy. Do you think they would notice if I just moved in with them?


I always get scared of using black in my own apartment, but it looks so amazing here!

French Furniture

There are so many beautiful original features in this house. And the way it has been furnished looks great. The colour schemes are fantastic.


I giggled when I scrolled through the pix and saw that your gorgeous gray kitties match the gorgeous gray colors of your home! Although probably unintentional, taking color from nature… I love it!


A departure from the usual MCM/Danish Modern/vintage looks seen on D*S, but a welcome one. I love the paint choices!

Brad Dufton of colorTHEORY

Hello All,

I just wanted to quickly say thank you for such positive and appreciated remarks towards our home.

As for our cats, we have 4, all adopted from our local shelter, in which YES, we did pick them based on their colors to match our home, BUT mainly chosen on their personalities.

The color in our main living/dining area
is called “Twilight Slate” by Pittsburgh Paint, and is actually a deep blue color – hence Twilight.

Again thank you, and Kendra and I wish you all the very best.


I think the apartment is really gorgeous, except I’m not a fan of the bedroom. Looks a little odd in comparison to the rest of the house.

Jane Flanagan

I officially have a new favourite house tour. I love the artwork over the mantlepiece. The entire house is both soothing and glamorous. I bet it’s gorgeous in the evenings too!


I just put up that deerhead on my wall yesterday! I love the black walls.


Calm, yet dramatic– love it!

Can you share the wall color in the bedroom, and how you did the wall art over your bed please?

Ms. Peacock

I just NEED to live in a home that mimics such beautiful architectural detail. The superb use of “non-color” just adds to the drama and elegance and is well balanced with the light-flooding “to-die-for” windows. Also I just love the peaceful tree painted on the bedroom wall. NICE ;^]


Where did you get the sideboard/tv console? I absolutely love it.

small clever rooms

Oh. I’d like the entire living room transplanted to my dream home. And that houndstooth blanket! Where did that come from?


Brad and Kendra are as beautiful as their home. Brad has always had a natural instinct for color and design. He was picking out his own clothes and matching everything from the age of three.
I am very proud to call Brad my son, and Kendra my beautiful daughter-in-law.


I actually love this even though its not my style. The floors are fantastic and one can never have too much gray! Where is the sectional from?

erin lang norris

love it!

can i ask who the artwork above the fireplace is by?

your home looks so cozy. i’d love to hang out there! a really cool story about how you found the place, too!


love love LOVE the grey [and I’m painting my bedroom grey with white trim tomorrow. …already planned, but your design is one of many that reinforce my love of the grey/white/yellow color palette!]

I, too, love the painting? screenprint? artwork above the fireplace and would love some details about it and the artist.


This post is SO great! It is so refreshing to see a home that is so unique. Glamorous and mature but full of personality – LOVE IT!


I’ve been looking for a lounge chair for over a year and couldn’t find the one I truly like till today! Your living room has a light colored lounge chair that kind of remind me of Poul Kjærholm’s lounge chair… Beautiful!!! Could you kindly tell me the name? Thanx.


LOVE the drama. very inspiring!
and those floors are to die for.

the only change i would make is to paint out the trim all white and lose the little black stripes. just a pet peeve.


I really like the little lamp by the bed. It’s adorable. Well, everything is amazing, but that’s one thing that caught my eye.


just beautiful. i’m in love with the molding and the accents. what a lovely home to live in. and mom writing a comment is so cute ;)


Beautiful work on your home, it’s warm and cozy and makes what could have been an architecturally intimidating abode into a personable, elegant domain.

My BF asked me: Where did you get your stovetop range and kitchen appliances from? He digs the small size.

Brad Dufton of colorTHEORY

Hello again,

Wow! Kendra & I are so excited and
appreciative for all of these kind and
descriptive comments. Thank you!

Let’s answer some questions:

1) t.v. console & living room chair are from BoConcept.

2) the “art work” above the fireplace is actually a framed clock, & from Anthropologie.

3) the houndstooth blanket is
from Urban Outfitters.

4) above our bed, is m 1st wall mural attempt. after seeing a wall decal for sale for $300! I figured I could save $300 & just paint the cherry blossom branch myself. (we’re so happy w/ the

5) The “saucer” pendant lamp is by George Nelson, and the “drum” pendant lamp above the dining table is from Anthropologie.

Take everyone!

-brad & kendra

Amy Hoff

I love everything about the space to be I find it to be magical and enchanting! I love the clock grouping and actually had dreamed of one as well. The painted deerhead adds some fun and lightings things up!


Wow! I am definitely not grown up enough to live in that home. Tres fancy!


very dramatic home. the handpainted black cherry blossoms mural (above the bed) is the most beautiful and original feature. spots of red (colour), warm wood (floors, stools) and the texture of the statuary (bedroom) give a needed break from the seriousness of the gray, black and white colour scheme and the slickness of some of the expensive items in this tall majestic space.


I love it all except the picture obscuring the mural over the bed. I think it’s hung a little high and seems crammed between the candlesticks. But otherwise, I think it’s fabulous. The doors alone are amazing.


I’m not sure of which I’m more jealous – the wonderful apartment or the job of Kendra :-) Splendid design work on your home!


is the deer head bust real (and if so bleached), or mademade?

kelli lewis

i have been searching for a stag head such as yours but am having trouble finding one….do you mind sharing were you found yours at? gosh, i sure would appreciate it! what a beautiful, unique home….very lovely.


This home makes me so happy!!!
I cannot list all the things that I love about it as it would be endless!!! A fusion of peices quirky, old, new, glam and rustic…this has been so well done!
Oh and I love the kitties, every interior needs one – good for the soul!!! :-)

Mark T.

I love that the sophistication and glamour of this apartment doesn’t hide the personality and fun of the people who live here.

Can you tell me about the wallpaper surrounding the fireplace?


The style of the lounge has combined everything i love into it. My favourite feature is the repitition of the white cuckoo clocks above the TV unit! Very creative and fun!


love your whole place! i keep saying our next bed should be a platform bed; the night table attachment is super cool. where’d you get the bed/table?


I love the combination between dark and light color, and between classic and modern furniture. you put them together in a great ambience. really lovely place…:)


Love the putty-grey walls, and the white trim helps to brighten it up. They seem like a cute couple full of style!