sneak peek: alan the gallant {lourdes}


the third in our series of alan the gallant sneak peeks comes from lourdes santin, communications advisor. lourdes attributes her sense of style to her mother who always took great care in how both she and the home she grew up in looked, and being surrounded by beautiful things. the home was ever evolving (both her parents are cuban, and apparently that is a common practice in the culture to keep everything fresh, updated and moving). then having worked in manhattan and now barcelona rubbed off on her aesthetic as well – adding to her knowlege of history and contemporary design. she reflects on her home as well as her work saying, “it’s more about finding our own style rather than following fashion trends.” thanks so much, lourdes! click here to see more images from lourdes’s wonderful home. -anne

[above: Taraxacum lamp by Achilles Castiglioni adds an unexpected element. There are two of these lamps in this area. The lighting can be regulated so I either have total sunshine with all 120 bulbs going at once or dimmed for a very funky ambient vibe.]

I call this the green lounge–it’s funkier, a bit sleek and sexy–it’s for listening to music and for having friends over.  The low slung green sofa is the Wall model by Living Divani and is upholstered in mohair. The low and long coffee table is the Romeo model by Zanotta and the two floor lamps are the classic Toio lamps.  The two shelves are by Cappellini and I use as a mood board of sorts—I change it around for inspiration!

This is my studio which doubles up as a guest bedroom.  The sofa is a day bed and was made to measure and upholstered with a men’s suiting fabric–ideal for snuggling up and watching TV.  The accent pillows were purchased in London.  The wall mounted reading lamp is model 265.  And yes, here’s Hudson…by the way…he is part of Sir Alan’s entourage…just check him out on our website.

My bedroom featuring Topo Choco on the headboard adding interest and texture.  Side tables are Saarinen classics. The lamps are the classic Paretisis and hang alongside a chair found in a local flea market.  The pillows are from Zara home and Corium, a local Barcelona store featuring beautiful home accessories from all over the globe.  The colors are soothing and the overall feel very cozy.

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I also take inspiration from the work of David Hicks fabrics, Achilles Castiglioni’s lighting, John Pawson’s architecture, contemporary classics and from many of my travels. I wanted a home with heart and soul–layers of interest, texture and color. I did not purposely set out to find one particular style. What I did want was something that expressed who I am and where I have come from, my moods, my interests and all those things I love to have around me. Somewhere that seems as if I’ve lived here for ages, yet with a sense of the unexpected. I never take the flat for granted; coming through the front door still inspires me. The journey to get here has been a long one and my home gives me an enormous sense of accomplishment. It really is my favourite place! . . . I believe having a sense of style is about simplicity and elegance, being confident and natural and having fun with it.

Anonymously Chic

the pendant lamps and mismatched chairs in the first photo are wonderful! i also enjoy the stacks of books randomly placed…great home!


I’m sure this was planned, but all three sneak peaks today have the “Topo Choco” wall paper. Anyone else find this strange?


ahhh, I see. thanks for clearing that up:) Lovely homes!!


oooooooooo….. i’m totally going to TRY to make that pillow above. looks like a white bouquet of peonies.


argh! that pillow with the flowers…please please can i buy that online?
thank you!


The coriam website doesn’t seem to work. I don’t speak Spanish. Any idea how to order that flower pillow?? Thanks.


I am going to make the pillow too. I got the fabric today and that will be tomorrow’s project.