santino rice + spartan home

by Grace Bonney

this morning i thought i’d start with two things i love: beautifully styled product photography and santino rice. i’ll start with the first, because right now i’m silly over these gorgeously shot photos from the new spartan home e-shop. alyson fox kindly sent over a reminder about their recent e-upgrade and i’ve spent the better part of the morning drooling over wonderfully simple, but beautiful, plates, bowls, glasses and small accessories like the vintage mesh rose earrings below. care to join me in the swoon-fest? click here to check them out.


and, last but not least- today is a big day. not only because we have 2 city guides and 2 biz ladies posts, but because julie wolfson has a guest blog post (and video!) with santino rice of project runway today! santino was and will always be my favorite designer to ever grace the project runway catwalk and i’m so thrilled to see him shopping in little tokyo with julie for the d*s guest blog today. if that wasn’t enough, julie’s also shopping with project runway designer kit pistol later this week (stay tuned for that). it’s project runway madness, and i love it. click here to check it out. [all photos of santino and julie by tom andrews]


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  • thanks for this – how fitting, considering i just finished rewatching the first seasons of PW :) And Santino is one of my ALL time faves for sure.

  • Those plates are divine. I don’t have the money for them or a place to keep/show them, but I’m thinking of ignoring both of those reasons. By the way, great post over at Modish Biz last week.

  • Spartan is my favorite store in Austin. Currie, the owner, has flawless taste. I adore everything in there, plus the prices are great (hardly marked up). I got the Vers iPod player (seen above) for the same price as anywhere else. I recently bought this rustic set of wine glasses for only $16ish dollars, then saw the same ones for $35 in hill country.

  • On the project runway note, I went to a store when I was visiting San Diego called Goga… The owner (Goga) will be on the upcoming season of PR. So cool! She was very nice, and I had so much fun playing dress up in her beautiful store!