ma petite boutique

this is a bit of a departure from what i normally post, but i was completely taken with french artist barbara berrada‘s work. barbara creates beautiful clothing, toys and decorations for children and their rooms and i find myself wanting to either reverse my age back to 10 or suddenly find myself living in france with a small child that needed to be dressed up and have their room designed. each of these pieces is so sweet and thoughtful- i just love them. sometimes words fail me and this is a perfect example- i think barbara’s work has such a cohesive look and feel to it- down to the styling of the shots. i’m hooked. click here to see more of her work online, and here to read her beautifully shot blog.

ps: click here to check out guy’s fantastic guest blog post on british ceramicists today!



I want that first dress for my daughter. Right now. And those finger puppets are darling and perfect!

Caitlin Kelch

Somewhere between my youth with a stylish hungarian god grandmother and daydreams in high school french class – i definitely dreamed of Barbara Barrada! Great discovery and sooo inspirational. Thanks Grace & BB!

Katie Runnels

Darling!! NOw I just need a wee one to lavish! xo


I used to have a velvetine doggy just like velvet only it was supposed to be a pin cushion. I couldn’t bear that he would be used for such awful torment so I rescued him and brought him home to sleep with me on my pillow. I think Violette would be a lovely female companion for him. ;)


I love the cream and red outfit and the orange polka-dot shirt. Why are such gender-neutral children’s clothes so hard to find in the U.S.?