A quick trip to Ferdinand always cheers me up. Even before I lived in Portland I made sure to get a visit in when I was out this way. It’s just a fun place to be!

Diane, the owner, has curated the most delightful and light-hearted goodies into her casual and easy-to-browse little spot on the East End. And it’s always changing. Diane says: “You have to see it to believe it.” It’s so true. These days she says that she is doing a lot more creating than worrying about selling. When I visited Ferdinand last week we talked about how if you’re in the moment and just making stuff that you enjoy the rest will work itself out. Diane has many local followers here in town who stop in to browse her vintage clothing and sweet little handmade goods. I think she makes people happy; I know she makes me happy.

On my recent visit I was drawn to the little box of copper bobby pins as well as a few short runs of silkscreened tees and tanks. Diane had just made the tees and tanks. Her inspiration: just going out and having a drink and a dance. What could be more simple than that?

I asked Diane for her “favorite inexpensive treasures” and here is her list:

Friggin’ Love Cards = $4 + Heart Card Packs = $12

Hoop Earrings = $4 and up

Potholders = $6 or 2 for $10

Tees = $24

[Click here for a Sneak Peek of Diane’s Home]



I need those note cards. “I friggin’ love you” is captivating and awesome. Also hearting the heart tank.


Hi, all.
Thanks for reading the guest blog this week. I think Diane is going to have some of these items on her website soon but if not you could just give her a ring and she’ll send them to you. I can say that tees and tanks are so charming and really comfy in person. Cheers, MAV

Diane Toepfer

Hello everybody! Maria asked me to get this stuff online by the time her post came out but I have been goofing off since it is finally spring! I’ll get it together this week.
Sorry! and thanks for looking.