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diy wednesdays: envelope book

by the curiosity shoppe

tax time is fast approaching, which means many of us are busy kicking ourselves (once again) for our lack of financial organization. every year we swear we’re going to keep track of all our expenses and hold on to every receipt. well, it’s our belief that if you create a system that is simple and aesthetically pleasing, you can trick yourself into forming smart money-managing habits. we recently picked up a box of airmail envelopes from the dollar store and transformed them into this handy receipt organizer using a hole punch and some binder rings.

happy organizing!
derek & lauren

CLICK HERE for the full instructions after the jump!


here’s what you’ll need

-26 envelopes
-3 binder rings
-small hole punch

1. punch 3 holes along the bottom of one of the envelopes and use that envelope as a template when punching the rest, so the holes line up when they’re all stacked together.


2. insert binder rings into the holes.

3. label the envelopes, a-z. (we file our receipts alphabetically after entering our expenses into our bookkeeping program, but you can also label them by expense category if you prefer.)

4. file! file! file!

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