diy project: tiffany’s faux bois diy

trendy or not, i will always have a soft spot for faux-bois. used sparingly, the look of wood grain is so chic and can be applied simply with tools like these. so i was instantly smitten with this faux bois diy project sent in by tiffany melanson of the other tiffany. tiffany admits she’s never been good at throwing things away, so rather than pitch a boring brown desk organizer, she decided to give it an upgrade with a leftover strips of wrapping paper, some paint, and some mod podge glue. i think the result is so cute and fun and it reminds me to rethink some of the boring pieces we have sitting out in our hallway storage area. maybe its time to break out my wood grain wrapping paper, too…

CLICK HERE for tiffany’s instructions after the jump and click here for her full post about the project. thanks, tiffany!

Tiffany’s Faux Bois Desk Organizer (via The Other Tiffany)

What You’ll Need:

1. Desk organizer
2. Paint and paint brush
3. Wood grain gift wrap (like this)
4. Mod Podge and foam brush to apply
5. Primer
6. Scissors


1. Prime the interior of your desk organizer, applying a thin, even coat with a paint brush. [I added this step because it always makes paint look nicer)]

2. When primer is dry, apply a coat of paint (in your color choice) to the interior of the desk organizer, being careful to apply thin coats so it doesn’t drip or pool at the bottom of the organizer.

3. Cut strips of gift wrap to fit the exterior of the desk organizer

4. Apply gift wrap to the exterior of the desk organizer using thin coats of Mod Podge. Let dry and you’re done!


I have a number of items that could benefit from this treatment. So cute!


I have a magazine rack weakness, so I’m definitely up for this project. Thanks for sharing!


I have a question…I have some faux-wood (aka laminate/plastic junk) items that are begging to have this awesome faux bois treatment. Do I need to do anything to the surface first to make everything stick?