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diy project: linocut stamped stones

by Grace Bonney

the second diy using paint was inspired by an artist grace has featured before on d*s. i was deeply taken with the crochet pebbles from resurrection fern, but sadly i cannot wield a crochet hook with any skill whatsoever. i decided to fake it and create a linocut stamp with an abstract crochet pattern that i can use over and over again on various surfaces. these stones have many uses around the house, but would also make a great wedding favor or a simple gift for a friend. happy crafting! kate

CLICK HERE for the full project instructions and more images after the jump..


What You’ll Need:
1. pebbles of various sizes (hint: you can get free samples of really nice stones from soil and stone dealers, or you can buy a bag of hundreds for around 30 dollars for larger projects.)
2. acrylic paint
3. linocut stamp kit including linoleum and cutting tool (ask for these in art or craft stores, or if you know what the tools are you can purchase them separately at art supply stores.)
4. small foam roller
5. marker


1. clean all pebbles thoroughly and let dry.

2. draw or trace the image you want onto the piece of linoleum or rubber.

3. using the cutting tools, carefully carve out around the places where you want the image to show up. you are essentially cutting around the part you want to be stamped on the stone.


4. roll a layer of paint onto the stamp. make sure that there aren’t any excess pieces of linoleum sticking out the catch the paint. if only your desired stamp image has paint on it, you are good to go.

5. gently press the stamp onto the pebble face. while using one hand to hold the stamp in place, use the other to press down on all areas of the stamp to make sure it hits the stone’s surface.

6. carefully pull the stamp off the top of the stone. let the stone dry.

7. repeat on all stones.

8. wash your stamp when finished so that you can reuse it.



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