custom portraits by ashley g

when it comes to couple-dom, i’m not normally a fan of gushyness and having lots of coupley photos and memorabilia around my home. but i do love a well-placed item or two, especially if they’re a bit non-traditional. so i’m loving these custom portraits by ashley g. ashley recently started accepting custom orders for individuals, couples, families and even pets in two sizes: 8″x10″ and 13″x19″. with each order you’ll receive a link to an “ashley g color palette” that lets you choose your four favorite colors to be incorporated into the portrait, with final pieces mailed to the recipient 3 weeks later (earlier turn-around times are available, email ashley to discuss). i think these fun, colorful portraits would be a great unexpected anniversary, wedding, or birthday gifts. want to see more examples? just click here, here and here. if you’d like to place an order or receive information on pricing, just shoot ashley an email right here.

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i love that she’s doing this now! i’m a lucky gal, though, as her bearded guy and the girl with bangs actually do look like my husband and me!

The Other Tiffany

Ashley’s work is so much fun. I own one of her pieces and plan to add more to my collection. I’ll have to check with the hubs about this idea!


Glad these are illustrations and not photos–not the most attractive characters!


Would Ashley or somebody who has bought mind giving some idea of the pricing? Thanks!


Ha, nice! This would be a fun alternative to the standard engagement/wedding announcement pic! One question though….what if my guy doesn’t have ANY facial hair????

Ashley G

thanks so much guys and Grace! And no worries about no facial hair. I promise I’ve done tons without : )


i heart ashley g’s work! i just ordered a few prints from her etsy shop last week and am anxiously awaiting their arrival…
Sara: the prints at least are incredibly affordable – especially considering the strength of her work; haven’t purchased any originals yet though…


oooh!!! they are SO gorgeous!!! PERFECT anniversay present for sure! i think i’ll surprise my babe!


Sara, I was disappointed to find that they’re $200+… especially after seeing the pricing of her etsy shop. :\


liz, one of the things to consider in the pricing is you’re getting a one of a kind, commissioned portrait. In my opinion, $200 is a steal.


Just got my custom portrait from Ashley and surprised my bf for our anniversary. I am sooooo in love with it. (Thinking it would also make an amazing save the date, fingers crossed.)

Debra Hovel

Oooooh Ashley! I just received the portrait of Ricardo and me. It’s a surprise for our wedding anniversary and I know he will love it! Debra Hovel


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