biz ladies 09: fresh from the oven- media kits

today’s third and final biz ladies post comes courtesy of the lovely ladies of bakeryerin and jaime. since we touched on PR and media kits earlier today, erin and jaime will be laying out, in detail, how to create the perfect media kit for your business.

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Fresh From The Oven: Media Kits

Hi, we’re BAKERY, but we bake businesses, not goods. We’re so excited to be a part of Biz Ladies here on Design*Sponge. On today’s menu? The Media Kit.

What is a media/press kit?

A media kit, or press kit as it is sometimes called, is a compilation of pertinent information and/or materials related to your business. Whether you run a website or blog, or you’re an artisan, your media kit may contain all sorts of goodies: readership statistics, press mentions, awards, product samples— you name it, your media kit should have it. The kit’s main purpose is to be distributed to members of the media for promotional use. Kits are typically created in bulk for (e)mailing, containing promotional items used to showcase your business. In other words, a media/press kit is your ticket to full bragging rights and privileges. Think of it as your handy dandy “Look at me!” document.

Media kits can be distributed electronically or via snail mail, depending on your type of business. Electronic media kits are typically used by online magazines, newspapers, blogs, and other periodicals. However, if you are an online-only business or offer electronic products, you may choose to have an electronic media kit as well. Interactive media kits seem to be a hot new phenomenon and have really picked up steam over the last few years [and hey! You’re saving trees!].

A physical media kit is necessary when you offer tangible items, such as a product or sample artwork. These hard copy media kits are normally sent out to magazines, web sites, TV shows, wholesalers, and others who may be interested in purchasing or showcasing your items.

So, now that you know what a media kit is all about, let’s talk about the ingredients of a good media kit. [Hint: no calories necessary!]

What goes in a media kit?

The best media kits follow some key items… get your apron ready!:
1. Introduction to Your Business [What do you do?]
2. Product/Service Benefits [Why is your business important?]
3. Demographics/Psychographics [Who is your business for?]
4. List of Available Product/Services [Where are your items for sale, and What, specifically, are they?]
5. Incoming Press [Who is talking about your business, and What are they saying?]
6. Call to Action [How can your product/service benefit the receiver of your media/press kit, and What do you need from them?]
7. Contact Information [How can you be reached?]

So, let’s walk you through this with a cute little example. Sally Dally is in need of a press kit for her handmade jewelry designed from trash can lids. Her media kit would entail the following:
1. Introduction to Your Business [Hi! I’m Sally Dally, and I make trash can lid jewelry!…]
2. Product/Service Benefits [My jewelry is important b/c it’s environmentally friendly and affordable, because trash can lids are free in my neighborhood!…]
3. Demographics/Psychographics [Angsty teens are driven toward my trash can lid jewelry because they worship Oscar the Grouch…]
4. List of Available Product/Services [I currently sell three different sizes, available through my website…]
5. Incoming Press [Oprah loves my jewelry! I was just featured in the May 2009 issue of O…]
6. Call to Action [I’d love for you to carry my jewelry; younger generations will flock to your shoppe…]
7. Contact Information [You can reach me at 555-5551 or…]

Now, Sally Dally will need to add a bit of flair, some sample images, copywriting, and she’s set to go! See how easy that was?

We know this is a lot of information for you to take in, so we’ve collected a few great media kits for you to peruse [I know; we’re such sweet little bakers!]:
Illiterate Magazine
JPG Magazine

Who needs one?

YOU DO! We believe that if you run a blog, website, or other small business, you will likely be in need of something. It’s up to you as to how extensive your kit needs to be.

More specifically, you might want to consider a media kit if you:

* are a publisher on or offline [this includes bloggers]
* own any website that sells ads
* are an artisan who is looking to get your work featured or sold
* are a designer who is looking for press or manufacturer
* a musician or in a band who is releasing new work
* a filmmaker whose film is ready to be released
* own a company who has a new product launch
* are opening a restaurant or shop

Not everyone needs a media kit. If you have a small, personal blog, you typically won’t need one. If you work with a large advertising network, they will likely put something together for you. However, the general rule of thumb is that if you want something from someone [i.e. you’re seeking advertisers, sponsors, or wholesale accounts], you are definitely in need of a pretty little press kit to entice whoever you’re approaching.

Final thoughts?

We’ll leave you with a few little food-for-thoughts to chew on [ha! Get it? Chew! Food! We’re bakers!]:

1. Make sure your media kit reflects your personality [the good parts, that is].
2. The press won’t know about you if you don’t tell them, so spread the word!
3. Add personal design touches to your media kit. Are you an artist? Use your media kit to tell a story about your work— the sky is the limit [actually, eight pages are typically the limit, but you know what we mean].

Happy Baking!

[Written by Jaime and Erin of BAKERY. Click here to visit the BAKERY blog, or visit Erin at Design for Mankind and Jaime at Design Milk.

  1. this is great information! i’ve seen the dfm media kit for work and it is great! very creative and informative.

  2. Julie says:

    This is so awesome! SO completely AWESOME.

  3. Honor says:

    This series is so awesomely helpful!! These posts are an invaluable source for practical advice and know-how. Thanks Erin & Jaime for this post, I know I’ll come back and read it again and again!

  4. lalala says:

    I’m about to start a blog and although I don’t know that it will turn into a business some day (would LOVE for it to!), I am not sure if I should wait until my blog has done well (hopefully it will!) and it’s even necessary for me to have a media kit or is it something I should be ready with in case someone were to approach me?

    PS: Thanks so much for the comprehensive crash course on media kits!

  5. the.mediatrix says:

    the link isn’t working now for some reason… :(

  6. the.mediatrix says:

    Of course, right after I submitted that it worked. This is great info, thank you!

  7. deanna says:

    Thank you for reading my mind and answering my questions. Very helpful!

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    This is a wealth of fantastic info, thank you!!!

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    this was amazingly wonderful. Thank you sooooo much!

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    Thanks for these features!

  11. thank you so much!~ it’s rather providential as i was just writing a press release earlier and used my notes from my Portland Biz Ladies meeting to write it!~
    now i can do even more. you all rock.

  12. BAKERY says:

    Hi Lalala! What’s the harm in having it now? I say get to work and get started— if nothing else, it will put you in the frame of mind for thinking of your blog as a potential business venture, and that’s always a good thing! ;)

    Good luck!
    And thanks everyone for the sweet comments!

  13. Diane says:

    You two couldn’t have picked a better time to start “baking” than now. I eat up every piece of advice you throw out, and I hope it will help me become more professional from the very start of my biz! Thanks so much

  14. Jamie says:

    great information guys!

  15. Wow. Ok, so I spent the weekend going through past articles and seriously, every single post is chock full of good info and has given me a lot of ideas for my small business, thank you so so so much for all this!!!

  16. Carolyn says:

    Love this post Jaime and Erin! You two are just wonderful and so creative :). The media kit examples are gorgeous!

  17. this is great! Very funny and helpful. thank you.

  18. Thankyou so much, fantastic and very useful info!

  19. Penney says:

    I love reading each n’ every word you all write! I need all the help I can get…It’s crucial reading for our businesses of any kind. Thank you so very much! They’re funny too!!

  20. Maria says:

    Wow-great information! Really appreciate your sharing;)

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    Concise, clear and very helpful! Thank you!

  22. maesa says:

    So in love with this Biz Ladies series – thanks so much for bringing big design concepts to my small town!

  23. Grace. You truly are a darling for posting about this advice!

    This is worth its weight in gold!

  24. Thank you! What a useful post. I’m excited for Erin and Jamie and their new venture, as they’re both talented chicas!

  25. this is great info, i am working on our new press kit as we speak. i am trying to figure out who my audience is for the kit (the press i suppose) and how that will effect what information goes into it. the ones you linked to are all selling advertising, which seems to demand a slightly different tone and different information. Another challenge is going to be the demographics piece- we don’t have a lot of data on our customers, and might need some help figuring out what data we should collect.

  26. oh. wow. thank you for this info. it is AWESOME. i am absolutely droooooling over that issuu website. who knew that even existed?! sheesh. okay. i’ve lots of work to do!!!

  27. becca.elpy says:

    that is extremely helpful! and perfectly timed. thanks!

  28. Thanks guys!!!!

    I made a media kit with your advice in hand:

    Issuu makes even my mediocre design skills look like the fabulous glossy pages of a magazine!!!

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  35. cathyswraps says:

    What’s an appropriate Subject: line when emailing media kits to someone who’s never heard of you before? Thanks.


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