before & after: mod green pod sofa

this beautiful before & after belongs to nancy of mod green pod. nancy shared her gorgeous austin home on d*s in 2007, so i was excited to see a little furniture update. nancy worked with lizzie and amanda at spruce austin to update her “junk shop” victorian sofa with mod green pod’s modern aspire print. lizzie and amanda reattached the victorian horsehair (a structural material that also acts as a natural air conditioner) and then hand-tied the original metal springs. they topped the springs with US-grown organic cotton batting (not easy to find!) and covered the final piece in cotton canvas ‘aspire’ fabric. i love that nancy tried to keep the piece (and process) as green as possible- she even blogged about the process right here. i think the final result is a sofa anyone would be lucky to have in their home. great work nancy, lizzie and amanda! want to see more of nancy’s home? click here for her sneak peek.

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Anna @ D16


Okay, I need to learn how to reupholster stuff. This is just so fabulous! I love the contrast between the sofa and the Eames coffee table, too.

Sophie S

I love the greyish blue and white colour combo of the new fabric – the whole piece just looks so fresh and those pink cushions really make it sing.

Reminds me a bit of Ely Kishimoto’s fashion prints and makes me too want to learn upholstery – good upholstery is such an investment purchase…


okay, that’s it – I am hitting the thrift shops this weekend for a couch to recover.

nancy Mims

Anna: if you are in the Austin area, we’ll be collaborating with Spruce on a green upholstery class at the end of April!

Miss B.

I am SERIOUSLY addicted to the before & after and DIY on this site. I wish I had more time and room for everything I want to try out. This was seriously amazing! Thank you!


Love the shape of the sofa & the fabric! I live in Austin & was wondering what kind of price range is involved in having Spruce recover a sofa? Thanks!


that is the same couch from Domino that I’ve been secretly longing for!


Love this! I have a sofa that I’m gonna sew a new slipcover for and this fabric is on my wish list now!!
I used to live in Austin, so I’m also partial to supporting the locals.

And!! the color palette in this room is totally lovely.

Thanks for the inspiration!


excellent job. great piece work for the arms, must of been a bear to get all the piping right. not my first choice on fabric pattern but I like that it refers back to the original stripe pattern. And the fuchsia and red pillows do make it SING. The part I love the best though is how the sofa works with the three tables and lamp – and I love the interaction of the lamp base with the other white table. Great eye! Very inspiring -so glad you shared this before&after.


I am on the hunt for a sofa like this… Thanks for another awesome before & after. The upholstery is super cool!


I love this re-vamp!

I have been dying to learn how to reupholster, well done!


Beautiful sofa! I love the color combination of the upholstery with the pillows. Plus, fantastic upholstery, love the pattern.


This is the perfect example of vintage with a modern flair. I see this piece at home in ANY home. Beautiful.


i’m so obsessed with making-over old furniture! it’s incredible what paint and fabric can do!


remove the cushions, this is really not needed.

Anna @ D16

Nancy, I wish I could attend, but I’m in New York! I will definitely have to look for local classes. :)


Oh my – I would have never envisioned how lovely that sofa could be! Wonderful job!

Mary Kate McDevitt

I’m freaking out over this couch! A lil’ exaggeration but that fabric is lovely!

becky z-dub

this is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


I just noticed how many comments you’ve been getting lately! I just want to say congratulations!

Gunnel Humphreys

Nancy, you’re awesome. Your mom told me about design sponge. The fabric is
so fresh. I have a sofa that came with a slip cover. Great idea. AND you have my surfboard table !!


Wow… lovely and what a difference.

We love to use your fabric for Slipcovers.