before and after

before & after: kc and sara’s table (and wedding!)

by Grace Bonney

newlyweds kc and sara giessen refurbished this donated dining table in such a fun and playful way i couldn’t resist sharing. they took a standard wooden table, the kind i remember growing up with in so many different houses, and painted on this fun plate and silverware pattern. i love simple projects like this where the end result is something so clever and whimsical. thanks to kc and sara for sharing!

[have a before & after you’d like to share on d*s? just shoot me an email right here with your images]


also, since i have a new martha post up today (wedding photo advice anyone?), i couldn’t resist sharing these gorgeous shots from kc and sara’s wedding. i can only hope that our wedding looks half as beautiful as theirs did. that wooden backdrop with the chandelier? wow. seriously? wow. [all of the gorgeous photos were taken by the talented kyle hale]

[custom salsa jars]

[save the date]

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  • First of all, VERY cool wedding photos. I love that the style is so offbeat but still beautiful.

    Second, haha great table! Now you’ll never mix up which utensil goes where, eh? :P

  • Wow! This table has left a smile on my face. This is one of the coolest projects i’ve seen in a while. Genius!

  • That table is so neat. I have a pedestal table in need of refinishing… Hmmm… It’s got me thinking! Thanks for the idea. Oh, and very cool photos!

  • Maybe I’m just a cynical old married lady, but that last photo is a bit too precious to take. Cool table, though.

  • lovvvvved the wedding photos, especially the cowboy boots with the wedding dress… super super cool!
    And thank God the bridesmaids didn’t have the same dress… YES! :)

    But I didn’t like the table at all, sorry… nor the color (I do love greens) nor the stencil…

  • Cool table! My wheels are turning as to how to do a similar concept on a kids’ craft table! Before and After is my favorite!

  • Beautiful couple and wedding, and I was so surprised by the table! Before I scrolled down to see the pic I expected something a bit cheesy (sorry), but instead they came up with something modern and unique and so interesting!!

  • oh my gosh, i want that TABLE!!! also, we used Story Motion STudios for our wedding in DC and the photos were gorgeous!! totally adorable couple that makes it professional looking and perfect :) http://www.storymotion.com

  • i LOVE that table! i’m restoring a beautiful old oak table at the moment – i just don’t know if i have the confidence to give something like this a go.

  • what beautiful pictures!! I love the wooden backdrop – it feels like a great J.Crew or Kate Spade shoot….amazing.

  • Love that table! it’s a cool idea!
    If you get a chance; stop by my blog on the 25th, I am having a make-over party and I am sure there are going to be a lot of great before and afters! Jen

  • @V: I’m glad Im not the only one who is bummed by the table painting. As for the wedding well the people are very cute and happy, and I’m glad for them, and I love the wood and save the date cards, but as for the grou shots, and I agree it feels like a J.Crew or Kate Spade catalogue but that catalogue feeling creeps me out a bit. Sorry. I just find both of these things much too studied for my tastes.

    • late night confession: sometimes i wish i could live in a jcrew catalog.

      all those colors and people with perfect straight brown hair. so fancy and new england-y. i know it’s not real, but i think this wedding is the genuine, real-life version of my jcrew dream.


  • i dont know how anyone could say anything bad about the table, or the wedding concepts or photos! everything about their wedding is amazing! kyle hale shot my wedding too, and when i saw this wedding he shot later, i was jealous i didnt do the creative engagement photo shoot too! AMAZZINNNNGGG

  • I made a table like that before like in 1999. Everybody hated it. I guess times have changed. Wish I have picture to show you guys but I had to redo the whole thing. Cool wedding pictures….

  • I loved all these shots…so creative and gets you thinking of the great possibilities. I’m bummed over the negativity posted on here…if they get tired of the table, they can repaint it, strip it, etc. Creativity is to be explored, not quashed. And I loved the Save The Date….much better than the boring ones you usually get…

  • Definitely unique.

    Can you share your process on painting the table? I don’t get how to go about this and actually make the table safe to eat off of and keep the paint from rubbing off.

  • Is it just me, but what is this mad rush to cover everything up with crazy patterns. How long will it be before you get sick of it, and wished you’d gone back to classic style. I’m a floral-phobic, can’t stand it, and most patterns are awful. I keep thinking todays after will be tomorrow’s before.

  • When I read the comments that mentioned that they were bummed about the table being painted it made me think. Hmmmmm but if it wasn’t painted in this unique and stylish way it would have been just an ordinary table. I commend the creativity put into table and think it’s nothing but amazing when someone thinks outside the box! Well Done KC&Sarah!
    As for the Wedding, I didn’t get teh feeling it was staged or that it was out of a catalog but that it was just brilliant and unique. People who don’t agree are just jealous that they didn’t think of the idea first! :)